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I am a uk 5.5 as well. Hiro & Park last from meermin fit great and are available down to uk 5. 
I don't know, probably we should ask luxire about the price discrepancy...
No, no extra fees on the one shirt I ordered..
I also had the same problem with my last order on shipping to the US. Ordered the $99 micro blue gingham linen and had the price of the shirt listed as $199. Almost double the price. Never had that occur with any of my previous orders. 
Would definitely be interested in a Benjamin 34S suit! I'm sure there other small guys out there interested as well. You should seriously look into getting some pieces..
Is this still available? Looks great-
Interested in Malvern in brogue suede, size 7D -- can you send me a pm. Thanks
Sharp stuff.........only wish I could sew!
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