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   Alcohol can cover a lot of sins in the hands of a skillful wine manipulator.
I love cheap, good Bord. I've gone through almost two cases of 2010 Ch. Subilaux while waiting for my 2009 Ch Lannesan to mature. I found the Subilaux on a distributor deal my local wine shop had for 9.99 but I always taste a bottle before purchasing cases. They are also where I picked up the Lannesan futures. I used to buy a lot of petite Bordeaux back in the 1980s and Lannesan was one of the most consistent in good years. The prices doubled since the 1980s but that is...
Mario in Chestnut Hill is another option. The work he did for me was very good but expensive.
I've been with two that got bought out by bigger companies. The transition sucks and then it gets worse with the bureaucracy. I'm about ready to jump ship to another startup and I'm a lot older than you. The pay is better and the work is more interesting. Plus no more 1.5 percent pay increases. It is either zero of a lot more.
I was out to the Central Coast last week and have some Hansen Cabs and Zins coming in March. I want to see how they stand up after shipping to the St. Anne's Crossing wines I picked up last year in Sonoma. The St. Anne's wines were fabulous. Pictures when they get here.
I picked these up on eBay this weekend. Florsheim Royal Imperial Bit Loafer made in Italy. I think they will clean up great but they need some time with shoe trees. Not bad for $25.    
No, it isn't. You have to taste the wine to figure out if you like it or not. I kind of bounce in and out of here but most of the wine recommendations are very solid and cross all price ranges. Try a few of them to see if you like them or not. If you like them then try some of the other wines recommended by the same poster. Try some of the wines recommended by other posters. Keep trying wines. You can't get it from a book or ratings.
It is he only reason I need a black overcoat. I'd wear dark blue for other occasions. As you get older you go to more and more of them and a lot of them happen during the winter. The fabric is a 100% wool but little light for New England winters. The construction is pretty good. No obvious problems. Made in Guatemala. it is fine for the $99.00 I paid for it. I've only had it a little over a year and don't wear it every day.
They are just OK. I have a Full Length in black that I picked up for wakes and funerals last year. Not an extremely heavy coat but it works for what I bought it for.
I almost always have some Monte Antico around especially during the summer. Great will grilled meat served without sauces. I don't think they have bad years. I go throught at least a case a year.
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