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 EDIT:  Beat me to it! @drlivingston
 I believe they are the "Supertars". May be worth to just keep them. I know they're a comfortable shoe..
 I think this is the best line i've seen in the 4 years I've been browsing this thread hahahaha.
Dat SC doe. 
"Rive Gauche" are the magic words that the label should read right under where is says "YvesSaintLaurent"
As if I'd know better... this shit never turns up in my neck of the woods. But thanks for the verification lol
Could I get an authenticity approval? These are some striped trousers with side tabs. Quality seems to be there. Thanks fam.
There's some weirdness going on behind those who are buying haha
yeah, just old. Still worth it though!
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