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Went to my lunch break spot and found a very interesting Bally mug, made in England. Anyone have any info:
Manufacturer's Rep here. 
Girlfriend is out in the field, she sends me this:       Looks vintage, any feedback on its authenticity?
Finally done with school and graduated! Back to thrifting... Recent finds: [[SPOILER]]
The one's on the left I beleive are air max 1's.  Perhaps 90's for the right. EDIT:Nevermind, they are the same shoe.  I believe they are 1's though.
Yeah we were not directly in the city, just in the general Boston vicinity. 
I am currently on spring break, and have thirfted every single day so far haha.. shout out to KenP as always for taking me around boston.  Everything is available!  [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for all of your help!
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