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Went to my lunch break spot and found a very interesting Bally mug, made in England. Anyone have any info:
Manufacturer's Rep here. 
Girlfriend is out in the field, she sends me this:       Looks vintage, any feedback on its authenticity?
Finally done with school and graduated! Back to thrifting... Recent finds: [[SPOILER]]
The one's on the left I beleive are air max 1's.  Perhaps 90's for the right. EDIT:Nevermind, they are the same shoe.  I believe they are 1's though.
Yeah we were not directly in the city, just in the general Boston vicinity. 
I am currently on spring break, and have thirfted every single day so far haha.. shout out to KenP as always for taking me around boston.  Everything is available!  [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for all of your help!
I just need to know so I can put them up on the bay.  Could there be any other indicator besides the tag?
There are three pairs of trousers, all with yellow lining.  Two of which are Loro Piana Super 120's all season fabric, one is Zegna.  That is all I have.  What really sparked my thought to thinking that they were Corneliani was that I also found 2 pairs of PRL Corneliani trousers that appear to be the same size. 
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