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I know that this probably has been asked a thousand times, but I don't want to read through 63 pages. The Wolverine 1000 mile fits me perfect in 9D. Would that mean I should go for a 9,5D in this boot? I'd hate to have to pay for a return from Norway to USA:
Managua, Nicaragua.
Any good tips on best laced boots for less than 300 USD?
I have cleaned out various stains using vinegar with great succsess.
No, but then again I just spendt 5 weeks in Thailand training. You can certainly see/do as much as you can imagine in terms of sex there. But if you don't want to, you don't even neeed to see anything of the sextrade except the occausional bargirl. I have to say Bangkok at nigh is street theather with a high entertainment value thought. The country is clean enough for me, and I'm definately going back. And I laughed alot during the movie.
never seen this before
Quote: Originally Posted by nordicstyle I don't really have a budget, but if it's above $250 I'd have to think about it. Something available online with international shipping is preferred, but I guess "global" brands would be available in reatail stores here (although, probably quite expensive). Even just knowing what the thing is called would help, as I would be able to search for it online. I pack everything else in a small carry-on, but the suit...
Amsterdam Copenhagen And I would like to go to Prague.
Really, I mean really?!
Quote: Originally Posted by PrimusPilus My Dad's funeral was last week, it was about 25 F, very windy, and about 4" of snow. I wore a grey flannel suit, white shirt, black tie, dark grey cashmere shawl collar sweater, black wool topcoat and boots. Condolences.
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