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Really need their all white clean 90's to get back in stock.
I see this has turned into an episode of IASIP. In all seriousness, I'm surprised that SF members arent more interested in the supply chain of their 4 figure shoes. 
Quick question on exotic materials.... I've seen pictures of hippo, elephant, stingray, etc shoes by GG and others on the web. How are these sourced? Im not judging, more curious than anything.
Just my luck, out of town when its in the City. What are the freak odds of that?     TTown, thanks for the sizing help. I get very scared with sizing as Im an 8.5 in GG wigmore's but a 7.5 in EG Shannons.
How does sizing compare to Gaziano Girling? I'm a 8.5 UK in GG and wondering what size I might be for button boots in St. Crispin's. Ive never tried them on before and wont have an opportunity this year based on my travel schedule. Might blindly order.
  Love at first sight!!!  How long did it take to get these?
Thanks for the list. How far in advance does one need to book if they are going to go to one of the top 3 for New Years eve (calendar) dinner?
Email Max at GG for help on sizing. 
I just love food. As someone who lives in San Francisco, I am blessed with amazing food from all over the world. What are your 3 favorite restaurants to eat at regardless of price.    For example, my three favorite restaurants in San Francisco are: Ristorante Milano, Gary Danko, and Burma Superstar. I'm not mentioning those to steer the conversation, but to show my love for all kinds of cuisine.
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