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Yes, she won't tell me what it is though. I already have a really nice watch so Im not sure what she would be getting me.
Apparently not.....
I've been alerted that I am supposed to give a nice gift to my soon to be wife at my wedding....(by her)... What would be a good gift to give her? Im trying to think of something timeless so handbag is out and it can't be a camera either. Can go up to $2000 but no higher.
Sent you an email today.
Great!.... Prices around $100 euro?
How does one order a Passagio Cravatte? The website is not user friendly.
Last drop... $350. 
Price cut down to $375
Brand New Never Worn Carmina's. I ordered them online and they dont fit. Im super sad about this but I've held on to them for about a year in hope that they would magically shrink....Well they didnt. Beautiful shoes. I have another pair and I love them. It is amazing how well they hold up.   Size 9. Remember this is European sizes.  I would say they are USA size 10's. I am a 9.5 and they are too...
Having a hard time deciding between the Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder and Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder ... Anyone have a suggestion on what they have or prefer. Thanks!
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