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Is VAT taken out at checkout with Payal?
Those looks great. Thanks Ehkay. You seem to be very familiar with Paris in general, mind I ask what your favorite place for a meal is?
Any recs for restaurants in the 7th Rue? It can be anything. Will have already eaten at AT, Frenchie, and some local eateries that serve classic French. Just looking for a nice meal in that area.
Thanks for the responses guys. Would 7-10 days be enough to get it fully canvassed or would a longer visit (14 days?) be required? I appreciate the responses.
This is fantastic on all levels. What are the price ranges for Chris?
So, GBR, not even worth the attempt while there?
just found this thread... http://www.styleforum.net/t/306908/hong-kong-tailor-on-a-tight-schedule     Mods, feel free to shut this one down.
Is it possible to get a bespoke suit in HK if I arrive early in the morning on a Thursday and leave late at night on a Monday? I would be able to bring my own fabric and be able to have a fitting everyday (not sure if spots are open on Sunday though). My price range would be under $1250 for the quality.
Marksman, which tailors were you considering in the bay area?
Thanks for the advice. Is champagne better to give than wine? I ask because I don't know. 
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