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I know there are a lot of American, Canadian, and Asian members here who are experiencing a nice increase of purchasing power. Im definitely looking at picking up some Carminas!
Places to EAT - Juniper and Ivy, Underbelly for Ramen, Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano for Pizza, Alesmith for Beer (horny devil is my favorite beer from them), Georges on the Cove, Philss BBQ if you have two hours, In n Out, Mona Lisa for a sandwich or some cured meats, Bennecoto for Italian, The Butcher Shop for Prime Rib, Pappelecco for gelato.
Having a tough time deciding between the two. Not as much information for the Anova professional cooker but is $400 cheaper.
Yes, she won't tell me what it is though. I already have a really nice watch so Im not sure what she would be getting me.
Apparently not.....
I've been alerted that I am supposed to give a nice gift to my soon to be wife at my wedding....(by her)... What would be a good gift to give her? Im trying to think of something timeless so handbag is out and it can't be a camera either. Can go up to $2000 but no higher.
Sent you an email today.
Great!.... Prices around $100 euro?
How does one order a Passagio Cravatte? The website is not user friendly.
Last drop... $350. 
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