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Where can I buy these???  
Grammar ... 
*double post*
Someone said switch to barbells... this isn' t necessary, just get dumbells that have more capacity (wider version). I haven' t had problems with the ROM on wider dumbells.
Wow, aside from being a bad looking bag, it doesn't seem authentic.
What catches my eye most is the fit of the jeans... 2nd doesn't have a proper fit imo.  
Thank you for your reply Patek.   Hahaha, so true about this. I always thought some of those models looked ridiculously skinny on the Burberry site!   You have a good point with style vs. fashion. It's only been a little less than a year that I decided to empty my wardrobe and replace everything (I'm a young adult). Along the way I ofcourse noticed significant differences in the style and fit of certain brands and I'm not sure which way to go. A bit loose fitted ofcourse...
Thank you for the reply.   Sorry about the image, I have uploaded it to 2 places now, hope one of them works.   I already own a trenchcoat that goes as an overcoat, and it's large enough to fit over a jacket. That's not the purpose of this trenchcoat, it's meant as a 'trendy' coat over shirts and/or light knitwear on days that aren't so cold. This also means that the top button doesn't really need to be fastened.   It is supposed to be slim-fitted. Everything...
No one? Isn't this the right section? If so, where to place?
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