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Bro for real your not going to be happy with a dd for $450. Spend alil extra and get one thats not a pos. . also check out and I got all my JL stuff from them, wayyyy cheaper than crutchfield 
ok so you said your after a small mid size car with decent performance right? Forget about the 5 series and e class then.A5 has less then impressive performance (the s5 aint bad), so that leaves the 3 series. If you go 335i the newer ones have a better seat of the pants feel due to a nice flat tq curve from the switch to a single turbo from twins in i believe 08. BUT the turbo 3 series are still plagued with fuel system gremlins. With that said for the best of all worlds...
almost mid night. lonnggg monday. .sipping blue label
Not big on sneakers but when i do wear em i stick to gucci's. either the ones pictures or same style in black 
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