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#1 335. also 335 is sooo much more capable with only a tune you can add around 80hp and 100tq #2 c350 . e350 heavier with i believe same drive train #3 same series. new one probably coming out in late 12 for 13 but really idk for sure   not a fan of the new audi a4/s4 b8s?
generally you will start to see your abs at 8% bf BUT this depends on how developed your abdominal muscles already are (if they are bigger you will see them sooner) . So if you already dont have much fat on you do a mix of high rep exercises and youll need to throw in some lower rep, resistance exercises. Abs are just like any other muscle, i mean if you wanted your biceps to pop and get bigger you would use heavier weights and lower reps right, same with abs. . .Also...
Lacoste is my fav, then Boss Orange, Then Polo. . I got like 10 polo tee's for the gym at macys on sale for like 9 bucks a pop. Cant go wrong!
Have you ever taken a new mustang, basically any vette, the 3rd gen vipers, or the new cts Vs to a road corse? Or driven in them? Im positive you will be very impressed, the 5.0 is on par with the m3s and the others exceed. Also the vettes get better gas milage than the mighty m3. . . . . . . .As far as the camaro and challenger not my cup of tea at all. They got it right and made them look super retro and i suppose they are nice cars just not serious performers. Just to...
Lacoste, boss orange
ugghh 10oz of bison meat, "healthy" creamed spinach, & a MGD 64. . .Wish it was a filet with "real creamed spinach", red skin garlic mashed, & a Blue Moon
HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS HAHA. . .anything Rise Against? Paralyzer by Finger Eleven always does the trick for me as well 
My sub-c (which is currently my only watch now) in the market for either a Glashutte Original or a JLC The Breitlings's I used to have. Every one got stolen on a business trip :(
i know its typical but i always favored Louis Vuitton. . Tods has some cool card cases also in different colors
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