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Actually i take that back im NOT sorry only because some of the replies on this thread are just so damn funny lmao 
whooaaaaa forgive me for not searching 1st. lol
shit. really? sorry guys i should have done a search 1st before i posted
Just curious what do you guys think of Hugo Boss suits? I know that they are by no means the best but what else would you classify  them with? (more on the same lines with versace, raplh lauren or more like calvin). . Also I just love how the Boss 38R jam/sharp sweet/sharp suits fit me. They fit real snug in the chest,back,arm and have a nice drop in waist. For around the same price are there any other suits that fit similar i should be looking into? Also i have a small...
hmmm i think im going to go for the chrono im just so conflicted with colors. I really feel booth can go with everything . . You being almost 17mm thick it will fit under my cuff?
I hear ya and think of it like this. both the iwc and the tag use eta based movements(except for the 7 day portuguese), have croc/alligator straps, deployment clasp, and are very similar in style. So as long as going from an IWC to a Tag doesnt bother you (which it shouldnt) its a no brainer
Different strokes for different folks i suppose. I strongly disagree with the black rim blob thing, i think a 7k set of chrome rims just looks "ghetto" or gaudy. .Oh and ferrari and lambo as well as porsche and corvette dont have any ss or chrome trim on em from factory. ive never heard anyone comment on a black lamborghini murcielago as looking like a blob or not having discerning features      
i love the blacked out look. IMO on luxury cars it looks more sophisticated and on sports cars it looks sleek and menacing at the same time. Especially on a car like the z4 thats all ready very sleek looking it would look great. . My vette is currently fully tinted, blacked out lights, de-badged, and black rims
So I originally wanted to got for the iwc portuguese cause i just love the classic looks of it. After thinking it over i kinda personally dont want to spend that much on a watch that has a modified eta movement (jlc,zenith,ap,patek, along&sohne different story).. So after hunting around i stumbled upon the tag heuer heritage caliber 6 & 16. They have pretty much everything im looking for style wise, solid movements, seems like a bargain for what you get. The problem is...
Optimum Nutrition 100% gold standard. $45 for 5lbs. Taste pretty good, has high quality whey isolate in it along with bcaa's. 1 scoop - 24g protein, 120 calories, 1g fat, 3g carbs. . good stuff
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