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I wear wayfarers every day IMO they never go in or out & are a stand by. .I also dig oliver peoples 
Agreed, im not a fan of the new date window  
Haha ok some crappy phone picks. I officially named her "the poor Portuguese" lol    
My new acquisition. it hit alot of notes I was looking for deployment buckle, croc strap, size, over all look. .At $4,500msrp i guess its kinda like a poor mans Portuguese lol (crapy phone pics)    
IWC's new line of pilots seem to be promising idk to much about em other than they are all supposed to grow in size alil, no more eta movement all in house, should be in AD's some time in april, & also will have a nice hike in price. I heard the basic spitfire chrono will jump to around 10stacks 
i havent seen bally's stuff in person but hear its very nice and high quality.
yaa i didnt wanna get to nuts either lol. . (the stupid c6r skull was only for an event)  
road course or drag strip?    
same started with it, tried everything else, ended with it 
WOW even after taking in all the advice you guys gave me i still was unsure. so i get to the watch store and they are both on the counter in front of me (narrowed down to chrono's) and i still cant make up my mind. Even after trying them on numerous times i kept going back and fourth. .Soooo it came down to me texting a girl a met this past week end "BROWN OR BLUE", she said "huh" I repeated and she said "BROWN?". .I then literally closed my eyes and with eyes still...
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