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So my friends going to europe for a couple weeks in april and is trying to find something stylish thats also very comfortable to walk around. What would you say is a stylish walking shoe that is comfy and looks half way decent to wear with jeans? I recommended asics or new balance but they werent cool enough lol
bought this a week ago
just bought this puppy today
those c&j suede monks just made up my mind i must have a pair of suede monks no later than this week end
Ahhh who am i kidding. . Im 24 who cares about the down side as long im getting laid 
generally girls that approach me first are going to be better looking/stylish. As far as "more compatible" idk. .More compatible in the sense that theyre more the type i fuck YES.. .More compatible that theyre the type i would date NO. Down side is a decent amount of the girls attracted to a well dressed guy (esp in nyc or hobokon) are either very superficial, stuck up, high maintenance, gold diggers, or just have shit for brains & are painful to have a conversation with...
Im also younger and get this all the time! I understand how it could be harder to approach someone whos good looking/well dressed so it just means that we have to take the initiative and make the first move. Naturally girls like guys who are in better shape, take care of them selves, and are well dressed so you should rarely get turned down. . . .I have been told im a pretentious prick numerous times thou     
Just dont. . . im from brooklyn . . listen to me dont dress like that
Holy fuck thats a huge collection! very impressive I especially like the Silvano Lattanzi's
x2 I actually thought it was one of the Tutima military watches this whole time    
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