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Balmain 2013 F/W Peacoat.       As you know, with Balmain it's $$$$$$$$$$ but I just got a nice little bonus, just hesitant about pulling the trigger, could get a full refund, its in my cart right now, but I'm just not sure.
Fuck Yeah Menswear for sure
Not interested in buying a full blow suit, but how do their slim shirts / non-suit pants fit?
Been looking for these for a while, hopefully under $300. Don't mind if they have been worn but obviously looking for shoes in good condition. Size US 10.
  Thank you, the length is fine, just seems that the leg opening is too much, I measured them before and they are an 8", most of my trousers are "7.5, so I'll definitely have them tapered over the weekend. 
I'll edit this post with a picture when I get back. By sway I mean when I take a step the front of pant will go forward and sort of come back and hit my ankle when I retract my step I've been thinking about getting it tapered but thought a hem might do a better job of preventing that.
Bought a pair of trousers which fit fine but seem to "sway" at the bottom when I'm walking, they're wool. Never been a fan of hemming but would a hem help them fall better?   They are 34 x 32 by the way.
  What color trousers do you think goes best with this SC? Was thinking charcoal but I'd figure going charcoal/charcoal combo in a different pattern/texture wouldnt work right.
  thanks to the both of you, much appreciated     EDIT: So it seems a navy SC is the most versatile.
Can anyone here provide a basic outline of sport coat color combinations, definitely trying to pick one out this weekend but I've never owned a proper sportcoat/blazer that didn't always match my trousers.
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