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 More of a suiting fabric imo..
 You can always just ask the bride and / or groom if they mind :)Black can be a bit garish during the day, looks a lot better at night
 haha I do see what you mean... In my head it looks great, but maybe that is a different shoe.
 Deco black Collcutt cutaway single strap monk on the DG70 last. With a medallion. Probably a wensum or dainite sole. I would wear it with jeans or tailored clothing. Speaking of which, does anyone know if I am allowed to change the last of the Deco styles in a MTO? :)
  It will be good to hear more about Zink & Sons ... can you comment on the quality / fit of your suit Wraith?
 My apologies  Just a light-hearted comment.
Good idea, although I'll be wearing my 'F Me' outfit instead.. no one but my date needs to see that. Also aren't you breaking your own rule by posting on this thread :p A bit smaller than that unfortunately.. thanks though!
 Tan sports jacketBrown cotton trousersSomething with dainite soles...and likely some Christian Kimber sneakers
 Nice suit and great fit mate. I wish my fit was this good with PJ but my weight just fluctuates too much. How are you finding the tie? I have the same but found it a bit too thick for summer, can't really tell from photos. Also I noticed that you seem to have quite long arms!
 No no, it's a very smart idea, if I can't find anything convenient I'll borrow mum's sewing machine and give it a go, +10 to bachelor eligibility Is it fathomable that I might actually wear these tees un-tucked and WITHOUT a collared shirt? 
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