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 Nice suit and great fit mate. I wish my fit was this good with PJ but my weight just fluctuates too much. How are you finding the tie? I have the same but found it a bit too thick for summer, can't really tell from photos. Also I noticed that you seem to have quite long arms!
 No no, it's a very smart idea, if I can't find anything convenient I'll borrow mum's sewing machine and give it a go, +10 to bachelor eligibility Is it fathomable that I might actually wear these tees un-tucked and WITHOUT a collared shirt? 
Have you looked at Tom Ford ties? They are certainly not 'small' and they can have some pretty interesting designs+1 to Henry Carter PoW though
 I have not been keeping up with your posts so not sure whether your wedding is more formal or 'fun.' I wouldn't say PoW is boring though, I think it can look very sharp. Plus remember that old adage about not standing out more than the bride...
Hi gents, Very hard to do research on this subject without going from store to store so I thought to ask here. Does anyone know where to find 'shorter' plain T-shirts locally? Don't mind either crew or v-necks. I'm around 5"8 / 5"9 and just want basic tees that covers my torso but not my whole bum. I don't think I have a particularly short torso, just short-ish (also no exposed midriff jokes please :p)
  For straya, solid lead now
 That sounds very impressive but not sure about your logic
 This sounds about right - in my opinion in Sydney you don't even need winter suits.  Actually it seems sensible to limit yourself to these numbers at any given time, and only replace a suit when they wear out / no longer fit even with alterations, as you get older and your body inevitably changes. I'm finding it hard to follow my own advice though!!
 This?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercerised_cotton Agree with everyone you said by the way
 Thanks mate! We must have a similar waist. I get 32 trousers OTR but have a 30 APC New Standard.. it was pretty taxing to wear in.  Saw your tennis posts earlier... I want an All-Swiss Final but Federer has been a bit shaky
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