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 Thanks, that is what I guessed but I have never seen it before
Just received the indigo cotton pea-coat from Gentry and I just have a question about the purpose of a hook and a clasp on each side of the jacket. It is situated inside around the waist. Does anyone else have one? Will take a photo when I get a chance. Thanks!
Has the fit / measurements changed across seasons for the G. Inglese shirts? What are the differences, if any? Thanks!    New season http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/hand-sewn-blue-graph-check-cotton-shirt-spread-collar.html   Old season http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/grey-stripe-chambray-shirt-spread-collar.html
 Was this made to measure or made to order? Just checking because you mentioned that it was 46/36R but then said it was MTM.
 Thanks mate, nice colours I guess I'll have to go and feel it in person
  Have to agree with Matt - "fashionable" sure - but only in that vague sense when people notice nice clothes and call you fashionableCertainly don't think the masses have heard of the brand or recognise the logo as anything significant
804 last, cola lama leather
Very good, thanks! Prices seems fairly reasonable - for either SGD or AUD.Any pictures of this babycalf, I have read a little about it, but hard to find actual pictures!
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