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It's all about the sweet price point that no one can talk about..
 I can easily say I do both... and I suppose also in consideration of others' perception of me. 
 The test is for me always... do you still like it / feel comfortable once you are wearing it?
 It looks awfully similar to something that came out as ready to wear around the same time as the PJ Polos late last year.. I believe similar pricing @ the $200 mark. I think what PJ is wearing could be an airtex weave but not the same one as the shirt sold on the online shop... The SIC TECC weave (the online one) is dearer (maybe its to do with the workshop, not sure?) so getting it done MTM will be more expensive than the usual MTM shirt pricing... whatever that is . The...
 I wear the same size in EG 888 as in GG. But I am a standard width. The 888 feels slightly snugger though.I don't have the 606. 
 That's great - I have heard good things about this place but never got the chance to try as I stopped working in N.Syd. Please let us know how you go :)
 Ever heard of synthetic shoe trees? 
 They'll last longer as it will keep away the accrued dirt and sweat from your shoes that are worn without socks
 Very nice.. did you size down for the loafer? Also.. looking forward to the review? :p
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