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Saw this old post on the Enzo thread, would you guys know what model / last this is (and whether it is still in production)? Definitely going to order one or two things!
Thanks Patrick,    I have spent the last hour searching for an Enzo version of a short boot, I guess a height somewhere in between the 3751 and a chukka (6/7 eyelets), and couldn't find anything. Have you ever seen anything in that height? I quite like the height of the button boots, but just want a laced version.   Also, can we have pull tabs added to the 3751?
What is the difference between the Janus and Hidro suedes?
Thanks Patrick, I'm actually thinking of doing a dual tone so darker (in my head) seems better
Trying to compare the dark brown museum calf to some of the other leathers. Would you say there is a difference in shade (darker or lighter) between the dark brown museum and the Ebano (dark brown) lama?     Thanks!
Nice Mad Men quote. Which is a show about people who have everything they want, but nothing they need
I recommend JM Weston and Septième Largeur in Paris.. beautiful shoes (and definitely more affordable than say John Lobb which I haven't been to). In NY, Carson Street Clothiers. Suit Supply is a great store to visit, great merchandising. Actually thought Leffot was a bit overrated but in my mind I thought it would be similar to Double Monk
Hey Nick, can you please comment on the fabrics for the 2 shirt jackets (the grey and army green) available on the Bloomingdales web-site? I was thinking of purchasing one that I could wear in Spring or a cool Summer's day.. or am I better off waiting for the summer collection? :)
I'm having trouble accessing the site from various networks (Australian).. has anyone else experienced an issue? Note: Apologies, kept going to the .co.uk domain
 I don't think so but the sharper taper gives it that appearance.
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