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Hey Nick, can you please comment on the fabrics for the 2 shirt jackets (the grey and army green) available on the Bloomingdales web-site? I was thinking of purchasing one that I could wear in Spring or a cool Summer's day.. or am I better off waiting for the summer collection? :)
I'm having trouble accessing the site from various networks (Australian).. has anyone else experienced an issue? Note: Apologies, kept going to the .co.uk domain
 I don't think so but the sharper taper gives it that appearance.
Probably the implication that the person values appearance over substance, narcissistic, excessive, etc.And I would imagine most (Australians?) would not want to be seen that way, hence the overbearing discussion about the virtues of wearing pocket hankies
 I think having a pocket square (usu. a flimsy white thing that could pass as toilet paper) is a way for guys to tell people "I'm a stylish guy and I want you to know it". When IMO most guys if they actually wanted to dress better they should just buy / wear better shoes Edit: (Only referring to my observations of the aforementioned Chifley area)
Nice ties Jason, looking through the catalogue now :) Does the Blue melange w/dots have a bit of grey in it? Its coming up very grey on my work PC and mobile
PSA: Size 48 Eidos field coat back in stock, now if only someone would return the 46 
 No worries, I agree... it certainly wasn't meant to be an endorsement! But I do feel sorry for the guy, maybe I'm just soft. 
   Reminds me, I recently received 2 PG ties and Gianni asked me to post something on Styleforum.I haven't until now because I thought to let sleeping dogs lie, but I really don't think he is a fraud / scammer, well at least he wasn't towards me. FYI, the ties were beautiful - exactly to spec except that they both have tie keeper loops, despite my requesting otherwise. No idea if they are made of "vintage" fabrics but they certainly seem old, and don't appear to be inkjet...
How do the Merz b.Schwanen t-shirts fit? Are they quite regular fitting due to the lack of side seams?
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