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http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/style/the-bulletproof-threepiece-suit-20131112-2xdq2.html   Who needs one?
 That is including VAT... 
 Patrick Johnson et. al
 Hand over your bank account details to the future missus
 What do you need to know? Its roomier around the toe but otherwise fits pretty standard to other Carmina lasts (except Simpson). Do you have something to compare against?
I would personally go with the pinstripe - darker navy (since you mention funerals?)
 I love how 'Australian' this thread is - even though we are on a forum called Styleforum we still try to find ways to hide how stylish we are (or want to be) so we don't give the impression that we are better than others. Maybe hide is not the right word. But let's face it, stylish-ness is relative and not everyone can be. :)
 Yeah wholecuts are so beautiful, I do worry about the creases. But my 'plan' is to get a G&G deco black in a couple of years... 
No I'm suggesting they take it off because they are uncomfortable, because it is ill fitting.Back to work son
 I keep my jacket on, except for the period after the gym or when I'm about to eat something really spicy :) Most people that I've noticed seem to take it off as soon as they get into the office... I guess it is more comfortable, especially if you are wearing an ill fitting suit. Yes. I think shirt and trousers (no tie) can look very smart, adding a tie without the jacket ruins it for some reason
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