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 Thanks mate! We must have a similar waist. I get 32 trousers OTR but have a 30 APC New Standard.. it was pretty taxing to wear in.  Saw your tennis posts earlier... I want an All-Swiss Final but Federer has been a bit shaky
 How's the sizing?
  I want a striped suit just like this (maybe less wide lapels) but will most likely get more conservative stripes first :)
 Maybe save your knit ties for Friday... nothing wrong with brown shoes, but perhaps rotate them with your black ones.Probably wouldn't wear a knit tie to see a client... think of what you would wear to an interview. 
They stand out, especially in city areas. I wear them only sometimes with blue suits, or a light grey (I only have one of those). I would say the lighter the blue the more harmonious the outfit. Usually on a sunny day. My work doesn't have a very strict dress code, so I have worn them to work but find that they stand out quite a bit and get a few looks (no one has said ever anything though) But they always look great with denim
 Give it a go.. leather may mould to the shape of your foot / heel after a bit of use
 Electrical tape (not sure if it comes in camo though) also works wonders.. #sprezzHonestly, I do use it for blisters from sport
  Where did you get yours from Nabil, if you don't mind me asking?
 Maybe, its pretty close. Love how tall the collars are when they flip them up
 I'm sure Rob will correct me if I am wrong but I believe: PJ classic = (fully) canvassedPJ Roma = no canvas, unstructured Both are made in their Rome workshop which somewhat adds to the confusion?
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