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Hey @NickPollica   Is anyone else stocking this cardigan? So beautiful
 That looks great man.. I just received my MTO pair of Eidos Sal trousers but I thought it looked a little off. Seeing yours I realise that the waistband on mine are significantly narrower. Mine are quite narrow, as in its pretty much the same width as the side strap. ... @gdl203 have you noticed this on other MTO Sal trouser orders? Will take photos when I have time
 Any 'swept-back' monks like the Oundle though? 
 I don't think so, because they are allowed to set different prices for different countries. Only illegal if they doing some dodgy accounting and claiming a tax deduction on the purchase.
 Sad.. I have something incoming to Sydney too :(The only time I have been slugged by customs for shoes was from Edward Green directly, using DHL
 They will not give a toss about your shoes so long as they are leather dress shoes. Unless the interviewer is a regular on styleforum
Does anyone know if you can pick a G&G Deco model and put it on a non-Deco last? Does that still incur the full Deco price? 
 What model is this?! Google holds no answers :(
 Standard width please - E
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