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 Wow, thanks for all of that great detail Antonio!I bought TTS and at the moment the fit is spot on. So since it has done the rounds it shouldn't shrink (much) further right? Either way, I'm glad I bought it.. I'll just have to roll up the sleeves if it does shrink... Also curious as to whether the one at Lawrence Covell is the same one?
 Thanks! I was more curious than anything - I agree with what you say based on what I saw on the website. But I hope their skills continue to improve, would be great to have more quality local shoemakers
wootten.com.au Any thoughts / experiences? I think all goods are made in Australia although it was only mentioned on the last page of their 'Heritage' section   Site seems pretty cool and seem to say all the right things about construction (to a layman like me anyway) Shoes look nice too.
 Interesting my experience is as follows. Shirts - slim fit around chest - I still have to dart or take in the sides - I couldn't size down further though as the chest would be too tight. Would only wear tucked due to length (or because I am not tall)  Work shirt (sample of 1) - Pre-darted, great fit, but a fair shorter so would look great untucked Lupo polos - A more relaxed (but still slim) fit, looks better untucked 'Normal' placket polos - Very slim fit compared to the...
John Lobb Paris
Just received the chambray work shirt from Gentry NYC. It has has a great weight - heavier than I expected! But I noticed that it is slimmer and quite shorter in body and sleeve than the typical Eidos dress shirts. Are all the work shirts sized like that? Or dependent on retailer.
That's really cool, are shirts / outerwear (non-tailored) included?I was going to just pick a few items from the lookbook :)
 It doesn't look deliberate... but isn't that what sprezz is?? I thought he looked the best and most relaxed out of all of them there
 Would you (or anyone else for that matter) be able to comment on the construction of his shoes nabil? What is the price point? 
 Does anyone know the difference between the shirt fits Aldo vs Marcus?That looks great btw :)
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