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 Do you ever research, google or just make stuff up?http://www.google.com.au/search?q=made+in+italy#q=made+in+italy+chinese+workers
 Why say anything at all? These people sound very young / immature
 That would be a problem only if everyone you hang out with are men(swear) enthusiasts?
 Do you think it will be a good place to have a family dinner of 7? Looking for something that isn't (too) loud. Hope there will be another Syd catch-up in the near future so I can attend :)
 It's working right now :)
 That's multiple PJohnson suits dude.. which you will actually own, and possibly get you further places.   Rob pretty sure you are just ranking by price  
 He's still maintaining that he has no recollection of the wine... you think his wife would have reminded him! 
 Is the short brogued boot on the right made by Vass? I think I have a winner..!
 More specifically because it was work that resulted in boredom / tiredness / fatigue
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