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 More specifically because it was work that resulted in boredom / tiredness / fatigue
I'm most definitely interested! Please add me to the list :)
 Seems like a very nice and humble bloke. Was he a bit nervous? He kept pulling up his trousers when there was no adjustment required lol
 I don't have anything against them but I suppose its quite an inelegant solution especially if its visible when worn like I think you can on the Herringbone peacoat.Most of the time the lining on a lot of brands seem to be polyester which makes it worse. 
 Everything is 25% off its current price. I just got the brown trench-coat. It has a detachable warmer which I don't care for and I might take up the sleeves 1cm but otherwise very pleased with the fit! I had been looking for one for a while as I didn't want to pay for Burberry. 
 If was to describe the Australian style of clothing in a couple of words it would be casual and also for lack of a better word sporty. Obviously because of our lifestyle and climate. In a way Australians represent the epitome of nonchalance (sprezz?) since we just don't seem to care that much. The problem is that we haven't translated this very well for tailored clothing.  Also thanks to Gianni for starting a good topic - when you come to Australia bring the lightest...
It's all about the sweet price point that no one can talk about..
 I can easily say I do both... and I suppose also in consideration of others' perception of me. 
 The test is for me always... do you still like it / feel comfortable once you are wearing it?
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