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 Beautiful.. can't wait to see them roughed up.Rob I remember you saying there was a DB waistcoat design underway? 
Looks good but don't slouch!
 Wow, I also saw the rest of the photo set on tumblr - the fit looks spot on. Love the gorge.What kind of weave is that - sharkskin? I'm definitely going to book an appointment sooner rather than later
 Interesting. Foxy, I remember you saying that the suits were made in China. Is that still the case?
Exactly. If everyone thought like you, millions of chinese workers won't be working under sweatshop conditions, they just won't be working, period #whilewearetalkingaboutsimplisticanalogies
 Do you ever research, google or just make stuff up?http://www.google.com.au/search?q=made+in+italy#q=made+in+italy+chinese+workers
 Why say anything at all? These people sound very young / immature
 That would be a problem only if everyone you hang out with are men(swear) enthusiasts?
 Do you think it will be a good place to have a family dinner of 7? Looking for something that isn't (too) loud. Hope there will be another Syd catch-up in the near future so I can attend :)
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