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I'm in!
Hey Greg, what is the markup for Eidos MTO? You mentioned that you didn't have the S/S books yet, do you know whehn you will receive them? Hard to get up early enough for your drops in Sydney, my sizes are always gone by the time I wake up and check the site
Brutal.. I had the 46 Valstar safari in my cart and about to click purchase, and then I got the out of stock message! So when is the Eidos coming..
 Really? I'm pretty sure when NMWA first started I got an email saying I was in the FC but I didn't get any notification for the drop? :(
 I much prefer the plain ones over the striped - #2, 3, or 4 if I were to buy one!
Some new drops online in Bloomingdales. @NickPollica Iwas just wondering if you knew whether the suit trousers have belt loops or side adjusters? Sounds like side adjusters but I am not 100% sure.   http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-glen-plaid-suit-regular-fit-bloomingdales-exclusive?ID=1203457   Also are the short sizes also shorter in the sleeves? I much prefer unfinished sleeves for obvious reasons, but the new jackets at Bloomingdales all seem to...
 The pocket placement looks a little off to me.. or too close to the bottom buttons. Nice colour. 
Saw this old post on the Enzo thread, would you guys know what model / last this is (and whether it is still in production)? Definitely going to order one or two things!
Thanks Patrick,    I have spent the last hour searching for an Enzo version of a short boot, I guess a height somewhere in between the 3751 and a chukka (6/7 eyelets), and couldn't find anything. Have you ever seen anything in that height? I quite like the height of the button boots, but just want a laced version.   Also, can we have pull tabs added to the 3751?
What is the difference between the Janus and Hidro suedes?
New Posts  All Forums: