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 Well at the trunk show there is no MTO surcharge for changing the leather (within limits), size, width, soles, so its a 'discount' from that perspective.Pretty simple process, pick an existing model, get sized by George, pick details, pay 50% and then wait. Mine took about 5-6 months. Maybe write down any specific details that you want so you don't forget on the day of ordering, like flush metal toe taps or nailed initials on the sole. 
 Yes, they can, although I guess it depends on how worn out they are currently. The sole does lose some of its flexibility as you can imagine, but it eases up after a few wears
Hi Antonio, which Bloomingdales in Manhattan (e59th or Soho) has the bigger Eidos range? Thanks!
 I bought a pair from Leathersoul via e-mail just last year, its a shame you don't see them regularly releasing new models and posting it online like they used to. 
 Thanks. Are you saying that Iris Tailor are proponents of the Florentine style? I understand though. I like short skirts too. 
 Is the shirt being made by B&Tailor or SteadyState (http://www.steadystate.co.kr)? Did you get a jacket as well Nabil? Hopefully they come for a trunkshow at the end of the year!
 Ascot Chang is coming in August... I find they fit better than PJ plus they do Chinese monograms although to be fair I've never asked PJ if they also can. PJ shirts do have nicer buttons though! 
 He looks good, would be funny if that was a Herringbone suit
Is it just me or is there something wrong with the Sales section? The page has the marked down price but when I click the link to go to the actual item, the original price shows up?
 I too would like to know. I bought 3 shoes from them in 2012 and thought they were the bees knees (for the price). Those are still going strong and I expect them to have many years on its shoulder. Then received a MTO early 2013 - the heel cracked (I think it was a fairly well documented issue) and the leather bubbled up after one or two wears. Haven't gone back since. 
New Posts  All Forums: