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 Ooo a windowpane suit on his first day on the job. The man is bold!
Does Enzo Bonafe have any lasts with an extended chisel toe? Or is the only extended last the 804?
 Thanks man... not a cheap mistake to make so better hold off. Wish I was back in NY
 Has any New Yorkers tried on the coat or parka and can comment on fit? Would it still work sized up? 
 Would you know if that includes international? Cali is actually my forwarding address 
 Woah - will Marc ship to Cali? 
Hey @NickPollica   Is anyone else stocking this cardigan? So beautiful http://www.scoopnyc.com/catalog/product/view/id/526513/s/thompson-belted-shawl-collar-cardigan
 That looks great man.. I just received my MTO pair of Eidos Sal trousers but I thought it looked a little off. Seeing yours I realise that the waistband on mine are significantly narrower. Mine are quite narrow, as in its pretty much the same width as the side strap. ... @gdl203 have you noticed this on other MTO Sal trouser orders? Will take photos when I have time
 Any 'swept-back' monks like the Oundle though? 
 I don't think so, because they are allowed to set different prices for different countries. Only illegal if they doing some dodgy accounting and claiming a tax deduction on the purchase.
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