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 Thanks for that, lazy Thursday  His parents must have told him how special he was every day
Wow! Great colour, but I can't see the green on my (crap) work monitor
Thanks mate, no cigar unfortunately, looks like I'll have to use those personal shopper services
Trying to buy some things in the States but the online store requires a US credit card (US address)... would any of you gents have access to one and would be willing to help? Thanks!
Where did you source the Lupo shirt jacket? I too have gone a bit Eidos crazy lately... @NickPollica I remember you mentioning that the shirt jacket was an once-off, but can it be bought MTO?
 Mate, I'll take any excuse to wear an overcoat... and a Henry Carter scarf :pEmbrace our narcissism!
Just for you guys... https://www.haymakersandco.com/products/dickie/eidos-napoli//4513050____   Any thoughts on what shorts / trousers one can wear this with besides white?
May the better team win!Martin Crowe wearing a nice 3 piece glen paid suit. 3 roll 2 jacket as well.
 I recall that the short size is an inch off the length of the back and the sleeve? Decisions decision!
 You can use the code MADNESS to get 25% off a single item :D
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