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I like the shifty logo change on the Eidos page ;)
 Yes.. what kind of winter weather would the shearling HJ be suitable for? 
 Yes would be good to know if we can also specify a Regular or Short length :)
 Have been thinking of replacing my barbour for a while now, this will do nicely!I'm wondering if we can organise a preorder if there is 'enough' interest...
Hi Antonio, how are the SS16 sportshirts sized this season - did they run small again? (Saw them in Saks)
What cut is this Eidos tux from Bloomingdales? Looks like Lorenzo - wanted to know a bit more about it before I pull the trigger :)
 Not really, it will crease depending on how you walk. I think it looks great, personally. 
Did anyone go to the Saint Crispin / Double Monk trunk show?   I'm glad I convinced myself not to go, but curious to know how it went.
Which is the fabric code for this? Is it available? Thanks!
 You can shorten it from the top of the jacket and also the bottom to maintain some balance but its a much bigger job, competent tailor required though, not just a typical alterations person
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