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 Sounds great! Fully canvassed? Also, did they have an actual fishtail back option? I love how they look, but I don't wear braces
Any clues on when the Eidos field jacket will drop? :) Need to warm up that credit card
 Maybe he just likes the look of them? We can fault his 'expertise' in evening wear and also coffee, but certainly not his taste in women!
All the 46 eidos Db coats are out of stock already? :-(
 I tend to have my odd jackets 0.5 - 1 inch shorter but not a big deal for me... just looks less sporty
 Great fit! Could anyone please provide some sizing advice for these jackets? I normally wear US36 jackets.. should I get a small?
 Interesting indeed, coincidentally have been looking into this recently.How / do you guys clean your scalp? Or is that part of the once a week shampoo routine?
Would I also be able to come in store and quote the SF code?
I'm in NY for a couple of weeks end of August / early September.. save some Eidos stuff for me! When are the Autumn drops going to arrive?
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