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 YES.Purple and dark grey doesn't sound that bad, however hard to imagine it could top this
 Nomanwalksalone has some good formal ones. I actually like some of the ones from Oroton, for a local option, but they aren't double sided. Pictures on website look crap though. 
 Interesting, where are they made?
 Then to that I say he's just like Tony Bilson (Sydney chef), great overpriced food, woeful businessman
Been trying to think of a good comparison for this topic of 1300+ trousers, the best I can come up with is that its like fine dining. It's just not for everyone and individual experiences differ because of its artisanal nature and expectations set depending on where you are on the wealth / income spectrum. Also,social hierarchy - persons of influence / wealth will get better service even though the cost is the same to all, by virtue of future benefits (real or perceived)...
More navy.. depends on your complexion but I love a good dark english navy
 Will anyone be stocking that suede(?) and shearling-like jacket? It looks...perfect
 Thanks, that is what I guessed but I have never seen it before
Just received the indigo cotton pea-coat from Gentry and I just have a question about the purpose of a hook and a clasp on each side of the jacket. It is situated inside around the waist. Does anyone else have one? Will take a photo when I get a chance. Thanks!
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