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Hey Nick, can you please comment on the fabrics for the 2 shirt jackets (the grey and army green) available on the Bloomingdales web-site? I was thinking of purchasing one that I could wear in Spring or a cool Summer's day.. or am I better off waiting for the summer collection? :)
I'm having trouble accessing the site from various networks (Australian).. has anyone else experienced an issue? Note: Apologies, kept going to the .co.uk domain
 I don't think so but the sharper taper gives it that appearance.
Probably the implication that the person values appearance over substance, narcissistic, excessive, etc.And I would imagine most (Australians?) would not want to be seen that way, hence the overbearing discussion about the virtues of wearing pocket hankies
 I think having a pocket square (usu. a flimsy white thing that could pass as toilet paper) is a way for guys to tell people "I'm a stylish guy and I want you to know it". When IMO most guys if they actually wanted to dress better they should just buy / wear better shoes Edit: (Only referring to my observations of the aforementioned Chifley area)
 Is the code still active? Thanks!
Nice ties Jason, looking through the catalogue now :) Does the Blue melange w/dots have a bit of grey in it? Its coming up very grey on my work PC and mobile
Many of the new arrivals are completely sold out in all sizes?!
PSA: Size 48 Eidos field coat back in stock, now if only someone would return the 46 
 No worries, I agree... it certainly wasn't meant to be an endorsement! But I do feel sorry for the guy, maybe I'm just soft. 
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