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May the man with the fastest connection win :D @gdl203 will it be sold as separates or as a suit? 
Are the sleeve buttons still available? Is it possible to take a photo of the inner pocket tag? Thanks!
 Any current pics please?
 They seem to be winter season polos based on the buttons?
Buy a scooter instead. Get more suits. People may still think you are Lapo.
 The photo and description of that blue glen plaid jacket is a 3 roll 2 however? 
Sadly, shoes in Australia are hideously designed and shockingly overpriced. Most men think that Aquila is the height of fashion and that shoes with twin seams running to a peculiarly shaped toe are elegant and desirable. Yes, I've seen quite a few fellows wearing white shoes with suits. I thought that went out with the 1980s, along with gold chains and wide collared, open-necked shirts but it appears that they are making a comeback...
@gdl203 Hi Greg, would you know or have an opinion as to whether the Shearling HJ will be warmer or around the same warmth as the boiled wool HJ?
@gdl203 Hey Greg, sorry if it was stated but just double checking that we can order say a 46 jacket and a 48 trouser? 
I like the shifty logo change on the Eidos page ;)
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