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Unionmadegoods has measurements but not sure how accurate they are (in particular the waist size)
 Hey Antonio, those black apertures or boots.. did they ever make it to production? 
 I'm 5'9", I got my tailor to take it up from the shoulders.. expensive alteration but worth it!
Hey Greg, are the side adjusters for the Eidos trousers placed in the "normal" direction this season?
 Similar advice for the Ambro trousers?MrPorter also recommends sizing down although their measurements seems to indicate it would be a tight fit
 What sweater are you wearing @gdl203? 
 Hey Greg, what is the close date for the preorder?
@gdl203 Will the shawl dinner jacket have lower patch pockets too? (surely not) 
Purchased this sweater from Martin Patrick online before the photos came up, and when received realised it was the wrong one, selling because now I have 2 of the same sweater.   Open to offers   Shipping price to USA included - please ask for overseas shipping
 I just got mine in medium (usually small) and yes it is a bit short, won't be possible to wear it tucked even if I wanted to. I'm only 5'8This seems to be common with all the sports shirts. Antonio I know you have already explained about the lack of pre-washing in ITA but um, have you ever thought to just make shirts for some of these fabrics a bit larger / longer to begin with? Seems obvious sorry.Not complaining, this was a frikkin' awesome shirt
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