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 It doesn't look deliberate... but isn't that what sprezz is?? I thought he looked the best and most relaxed out of all of them there
 Would you (or anyone else for that matter) be able to comment on the construction of his shoes nabil? What is the price point? 
 Does anyone know the difference between the shirt fits Aldo vs Marcus?That looks great btw :)
 Thanks for the clarification Antonio, your description certainly improves the value proposition :) I wish they did buy them in long sleeve. 
 http://cdn.styleforum.net/e/e2/200x400px-LL-e2a73854_IMG_0698.jpeg I didn't buy it, but the jacket is incredible. It was a tad long for me unfortunately - I wish I could have it MTO in a short size. Stanley Korshak have more of their Eidos collection online, but there's a t-shirt that costs $250 :(
 The non-lupo polos certain seem more lightweight. They also have some sort of horizontal pattern which I quite like
Hello @NickPollica   I have a 36/46R Tipo from last season which was a great fit in the shoulders & chest, but I had to take in the waist - what size Tenero do you think I should try?    Aware that you have mentioned in the past that the Tenero actually has a narrower waist, and others have mentioned that it is slimmer overall, but it would be great if you could elaborate a little more. I think the Tenero would be too tight for me in the same size if the shoulders &...
 I have a couple of pairs of Septieme and would definitely rate them above my Linea Maestro Meermins, in leather quality and style. Construction wise, the Septieme are lighter and more elegant imho.  This is a couple of years ago however.
 Thanks for that, lazy Thursday  His parents must have told him how special he was every day
Wow! Great colour, but I can't see the green on my (crap) work monitor
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