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The wingtip boots are definitely something to look forward to!
Thank you for the follow-up but the jacket is too big for me, unfortunately. It's a damn shame. Grab this while it lasts people! It really doesn't get better than this one.
Hi! Can you provide measurements?
I am looking for the Special Edition 6oz and/or Gray Caste RK trousers by Rogue Territory. The price is definitely negotiable depending on the condition of the pair. Please send me a PM if you have one for sale!
Any update on this? I am definitely down for a dark navy in size 31.
The Prince of Wales one looks fantastic. I bought a couple of solid coloured wool+angora scarves from them this winter and I am more than happy with the beautiful, deep colours and the solid fabric. I wish there were more boutiques that carry them in North America!
Still looking!
Thank you for this!
I would recommend a naval peacoat such as the offerings by Schott or Fidelity. They are very well priced and almost as warm as down-filled parkas. 
Tried one on and while it's incredibly warm and fantastically crafted, I just couldn't justify paying that much for this particular design. But by all means go for it if you have the $$
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