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Sold. Thank you.
SOLD. Thank you. Hello. Up for your consideration is the sought-after vintage Tart Optical's Arnel frame, in the glorious New Old Stock condition. I have purchased this rare piece in rarer color option from a reputable vintage frames collector in L.A. and I have been storing it until now.   The color is beautiful and unique. The face of the frame is deep, dark tortoise, but when you look inside the frame, the color has almost an olive tint. It is a detail that you do not...
The wingtip boots are definitely something to look forward to!
Thank you for the follow-up but the jacket is too big for me, unfortunately. It's a damn shame. Grab this while it lasts people! It really doesn't get better than this one.
Hi! Can you provide measurements?
I am looking for the Special Edition 6oz and/or Gray Caste RK trousers by Rogue Territory. The price is definitely negotiable depending on the condition of the pair. Please send me a PM if you have one for sale!
Any update on this? I am definitely down for a dark navy in size 31.
The Prince of Wales one looks fantastic. I bought a couple of solid coloured wool+angora scarves from them this winter and I am more than happy with the beautiful, deep colours and the solid fabric. I wish there were more boutiques that carry them in North America!
Still looking!
Thank you for this!
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