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How does one purchase the 3-shirt grab bag?
Has anyone been able to order online using a Canadian credit card? Please let me know what you enter as the billing address.
Can anyone compare the Cotton single breasted coat (070876) to the Soutain collar coat (073162)? The price is the same and they look very similar online. I'm looking for something that I can wear with a suit.
Judging from the waist suppression and your description of the sizing, the Ferre is probably a women's coat. Glad you like it.
Does it come with the McCain/Palin bumper sticker shown in the photos?
I am trying to figure out if Uniqlo still sells its "regular bootcut" jeans (the B-002 cut) in raw denim or a dark wash. They certainly did a few years ago, as evidenced by this thread: However, all the Uniqlo website has now in the B-002 cut is pretty heavily washed. Has anyone seen raw or dark-wash B-002 jeans in-store?
I got Crazy Glue on a pair of Tom Ford 5012 frames while trying to do a small repair. Then, to make matters much worse, I managed to remove the finish from the acetate while trying to remove the Crazy Glue. Will plastic polish restore the finish? If not, where is the cheapest place to buy a replacement pair of identical frames? I assume I can reuse the lenses.
Another major price drop on jacket.
Another major price drop.
Major price drop on jacket. Make me an offer if you think I'm being unreasonable.
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