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  For me, he's well worth the money. Maybe I'm being nice, but I think I'm the one to blame for issues with the suit. That suit was my first shot at either MTM or bespoke, so I wasn't fully aware of what I was getting myself into, and more importantly, what I wanted (both from him and for myself). I plan on going to Richard again for my wedding suit, and I'll have a much better idea of what I'm asking for.   In general, it was an extremely positive experience. Incredibly...
Hi, as you can tell, I'm relatively new to SF. I'm looking for feedback on this suit. This is pretty much the first time I'm taking a strong look at this suit (and my posture), and it looks like the sleeve length is an issue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.             Link to the rest of the album: PsylentStorm Fit Check
If you're PMing him on why he should pick you vs. AE directly, I'm curious as well (or if it's about the upcoming deals as well). If it's about the Neumoks, then I guess nevermind. I'm in the market for Walnut Strands and Burgundy McAllisters.
Yeah, he confirmed the prices on the original post. They're exactly at retail value.
I was looking to buy a pair of Walnut Strands myself... except the day I asked was the day the prices were raised to retail value :(
Hey, sent you a PM about the Strands. 
I've seen that Indochino is hit and miss, but does anyone have any experience with BlackLapel.com? I've heard the horror stories of Indochino, but it sounds as if BlackLapel has a stronger commitment to quality. For what it's worth, their suits are also half-canvassed.   I know online MTM is far from ideal, but it's going to be a purchase for multiple people (groomsmen), and I think having multiple suits of the same fabric but with different features would be a nice...
PM sent
Coolal, thanks for the reply!   I'm going to get measured and place my order tomorrow. It's good to know that I only need the larger details initially. Since it'll be my first bespoke suit, I'm pretty excited for even this first step. I'll try to post my experience as well (from a newbie standpoint, of course).   I have a general idea of what style best suits me. Despite that, I'm sure there are lots of details I'm going to have to call on the fly or base it on...
Thanks for the reply!   I'm really new to the forums, and even more new to the idea of custom made suits. Are there any resources you recommend in finding a rough idea about which of the more intricate details of suits would be best suited for my body? For example, I pretty much know the larger details: lapel type, fit, vents, pockets, etc... the typical details MTM outlets ask for. The details I haven't fully thought out would be exactly the things you mentioned -...
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