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Of those listed, I like the Sarb (aka Cocktail Time), especially for a cleaner, more simple dress watch. I'm partial to guiloche of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic, but it has some things that you're not looking for (date, a few numbers).
 What's the shoe on the far right?
 There were a few posts in the last couple of pages recommending the Kenilworth. Out of curiosity, why is the Kenilworth recommended more frequently than the Flatiron? I would have thought the medallion on the Flatiron would make it more appealing... then again, what do I know?
 I think that's my biggest issue with the Mora. I'm not a fan of the buckles, so I don't think I can pull it off confidently. I'm curious what others see in monk straps... maybe there's something I don't "see" or appreciate? ​ ​For the longest time, I've been really wanting the Larchmonts. I like the chisel toe of the 3 last, and like you said I don't have a LWB, but I think I realized I prefer to have a brogued bal or a relative plain-toe derby in bourbon before getting a...
I'm looking for some advice on my next AE purchase. I want to add some Bourbon into my lineup. My current list is:   Black Flatirons Brown Fifth Streets Merlot McAllisters Walnut Players Walnut Strands   I really like the AE Bourbon, so I hope to have use these next pair of shoes as my go-to shoes for suits (I only wear suits a handful of times throughout the year), but also a little more versatile for business casual use with slacks and a button down.I like the clean...
 Do you know how much they're going for?
  Seriously! I noticed most E widths are either standard priced or unavailable.
Not affiliated with BlackLapel, but saw their post about free giveaway stuff. Basically, you just have to retweet their Black Friday message, and you get a free gift.      More info here:
  Yeah, I could use a plain cap toe, but I guess if I were to get one it would be in a darker, more conservative color in dark brown or black. The thing with the Rutledge is that I'm still on the fence on the perforations. I prefer the typical broguing, but I'm waiting to see if they'll grow on me.
I'm looking for suggestions on my next AE purchase. I already have:   Black Flatirons Brown Fifth Streets Merlot McAllisters Walnut Strands   While I plan on getting a brown shell Strand at some point, that may have to wait until next year as a birthday gift for myself. In the meantime, I'm debating between the Walnut burnished calf Jeffersons or the Bourbon Larchmonts.    Any thoughts?
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