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Its weird, it seems like whenever other shoemakers do the chisel toe thing, its considered so fashion forward and contemporary and sleek etc...and then allen edmonds who is widely reputed to have unsleek lasts, does something very similar in the 333 last and suddenly that last shape is now said to be to be wholly unattractive...lol Im not crazy about chisel toes in general, but I think the 333 last is a pretty good attempt by allen edmonds
Ill just come on out with it...ever since i found out that the Franciscan wont be on sale during the anniversary sale the rest of the selection just seems EXTREMELY underwhelming to me, save for maybe the Boca Raton or the Mora, which I already have...I dont know, but it just seems like its more of a clearance sale than any kind of celebratory anniversary sale...seems like a bunch of styles that are either seasonal, quirky or in low demand...oh well, maybe theyll surprise...
Well, know the struggle...for I too, faced a similar quandary in trying to decide between the Walnut Franciscan and the Bourbon Mora 2.0...for me, a few things went into my decision to go with the M2. For one, i have come to accept the fact that im apparently a bourbon whore, as i love the color. 2) i already have a walnut shoe, and if you're not careful the waalnut can get a bit too flashy for a wardrobe like mine. im already a tall person so i command enough...
correct...according to her, since i liked the 333 last, the only other shoe that she shows as being on that last in the sale, is the University, which im not too fond of since i already own a short wingtip in the mcalister. She DID also say that they usually throw one of the woven styles in the sale, so im hoping it will be the Boca Raton, but it hasnt been added yet according to the preliminary list...im keeping my fingers crossed though
Stoim unwilling to disclose my exact source as I have a pretty good relationship with my local allen edmondsband I dont wish to jeopardize anyones job nor my rapport with my retailer...I can only say that a store associate told me that its not going to be in the sale, based on her "preliminary" sale list....however she did also say that a couple more styles could be added the list as the sale date approaches, but I wouldnt hang my hat on that being one of the styles
Ive been trying my best to wait till april for the anniversary sale to purchase the Franciscan, but alas, today my hopes were shattered as I learned that the Franciscan wont be included in the anniversary sale...just shattered
This shoe has never gotten the credit it deserves to me...very nice shoe...ive always wanted a pair...specifically in the dublin cognac leather..very ruggedly handsome combo...the color seems virtually indistinguishable from AE chili to my eye. Seems like it could really augment a casual/business casual outfit quite well
IMHO..bourbon > walnut...ergo bourbon strands > walnut strands
same here.. I too considered buckled shoes/monk straps (particularly double monk straps) to be super lame and thought that only effeminate goofsters wore double monks....that is, until I ordered the bourbon Mora 2.0...everyone ive worn the M2 around when I went on a dinner date or going out drinking has commented on how good they look...I thought it was just me who was awestruck by their appearance in person since theyre easily some of the classiest, most handsome shoes...
Great thread, and Great question.  Its a question that I recently have posed to myself after noticing just how little effort men really put into shoes nowdays, including dress shoes.  My most expensive pair so far is in the $600 (Allen Edmonds shell) range and quite frankly, I dont see myself buying another pair in that price range; or even close to it.  I dont mind plunking down $250 - $350 for a really decent pair of shoes, but beyond that is just excessive in my...
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