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My goodness Rapunzel
Discontinuing bourbon, only to begin shifting the entire walnut hue to a more medium brown, bourbon-lite color?...hmmm
I think the Leiden is a gorgeous shoe...but I'm not sure why they would discontinue the Boca Raton, only to release basically the same shoe in the woven Leiden (albeit on a different last)
I agree with this...there seems to be a trend at AE of playing up stripped down features..and hoping people perceive them as a versatile business casual shoe.
Thanks a ton for sharing these pics...I was on the fence about getting the grey suedes, but I had tentatively made the decision to get them...but I still had my reservations about them...but these look great on foot...good choice!
Beautiful shoe.
That's what I've deduced it to, as well..it's pretty obvious once you add all the signs together. People can claim that Dark Chili or Oxblood are burnished all they want. But the reality is that you rarely hear (and I personally have never heard) of "tiger striping" on Dark Chili or Oxblood shoes. I've had a couple of different AE sales associates tell me that Dark Chili isn't a burnished color at all. And Oxblood doesn't have a reputation for being streaky or uneven. ...
Got my eyes on the Brisbane...I need a casual sneaker
Unfortunately, I'm one of these sad chaps who dresses for the adoration of the ladyfolk. Once I started receiving a noticeable uptick in compliments on my shoes when wearing monkstraps, I knew then that apparently there is a place for prissy looking shoes in my wardrobe.
I was never a fan of monks until I tried them. I always considered them effeminate and prissy looking. But then I decided to try them myself and that was all she wrote. Now, the mora are among my most complimented shoes. They instantly give a bit of panache to any ensemble with khakis or jeans, and now I'm constantly scouring for an opportunity to add more monkstraps to my collection. So I guess the Mora ☺ of the story is: don't knock em till you try em.
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