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Its not just you, buddy
I wonder why the welt on the Dark Chili balmorals is always a shade darker than it is on Dark Chili bluchers and boots?...is it because balmorals (even brogues) are supposed to be considered more formal /conservative than bluchers and boots, and darker = more formal/conservative?...idk...just something Ive always wondered.
Beautiful shoe...will most likely be my next purchase.
[[SPOILER]] My apologies for the atrocious cell phone pics...as you can see, this is before any conditioner, polish or product has been applied to the shoes.I might try to get more pics outside in natural light soon.
Definitely the most versatile color other than maybe merlot. I stopped by the AE store again few minutes ago, and came to the conclusion that Oxblood, while stunningly beautiful, actually seems kind of gimmicky. Almost like a one trick pony, strictly appropriate for the most playful and leisurely of outfits...I cant see it being paired that well with anything other than the darkest of blue denims, black and maybe tan pants...but not khaki, tweeds or stone color pants. ...
Same here...im not one of these Mac Method guys or someone who does 55 different stages of cleaning and polishing for my shoes either..I have respect for those who have the money, patience and discipline to do that with all their shoes, but for the most part I just bought the leather conditioner and whichever corresponding shoe polish color the allen edmonds associate suggested for the shoes I had bought.I had never even heard of 95% of these products I read about people...
Im seriously considering getting the Oxblood Daltons, but since it is only a burnished color, and not a leather color, Im really concerned that they will lose that color depth after polishing/cleanings, and just wind up a kind of flat shade of the base color, like my Bourbon Mora 2.0's have..
Thanks a bunch man..never even knew they carried cherry calfskin.
Ok...so it seems to be fairly common knowledge that colors like Bourbon and Oxblood are merely existing lighter colors with a strategic black burnish applied. And I know that Bourbon is just walnut leather with black burnishing on top..but what is the base color for Oxblood?..like, is it just a muted merlot? Or a generic burgundy or red with black burnish? Just curious. Does anyone know?
Yeah...I concluded that I had my first, last and only experience with AE recrafting, all at once, after receiving a pair of McAllisters back that had been essentially butchered and slopped back together (by my standards, at least) during recrafting. Im sure they do a fine job of recrafting for most other people, but for me, it was nowhere NEAR worth it. Ive heard all of the success stories about AE recrafting. And more power to those for whom the recrafting experience...
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