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I had no idea the strands came in a wingtip.You know you're due for a de-weaseling when you're just rolling out of bed blindly throwing AE'S on your feet without even noticing what style they are.
I dont like natural shell when it's looks pale and fleshy in ny opinion...but its beautiful after patina has taken effect.
You swapped the laces on this pair?
Walnut/bourbon may wind up like the merlot/oxblood duplicity if AE isnt careful.
Hmmm...I didnt know that AE's are sold at Macys...slightly disappointed
I 100% absolutely second this..there also needs to be a thread specifically dedicated to AE Ebay buyers...there is enough of this demographic that they need to form their own would prevent this thread from getting mired in these awkward discussions about Dobando (?) and other ebayers that many people have no knowledge of. be fair Rich, AE did an impeccable job on the finish of these...I just don't quite like the color of the finish itself. I like the oxblood that I've seen in everyone else's pics, including your's. I just think they might have dialed the intensity of the red back a little and amped up the black a little too much...i sure hope they havent changed the oxblood recipe. As for me, I guess now I begin the long, arduous task of lightening them...🙁
These are oxblood daltons...I had a pair of Merlot Mcallister, and they were actually a little lighter than these...these are nearly black.
I must say, I'm extremely underwhelmed with oxblood now that I have a pair in person...after all the hype, I was expecting a much more vibrant, sexy glowing type red...instead what I got is just kind of a flat eggplant purple that really should've just been called Merlot 2.0. I see why they discontinued merlot. It's effectively just oxblood. I'd take dark chili any day over this.
My AE'S from Zappos are scheduled to arrive today...I can tell you one thing: they definitely get your order out the door in a hurry.
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