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Congrats on the Dundees. They do look stellar...Ive gradually become a big fan of the pebble grain.
Hmmmm...ok...thanks for that info smfdoc. Based on that website's information, blake stitching isnt necessarily inferior or less durable than a goodyear welt, but it may be more difficult to get it resoled when needed; something I'd have to seriously consider if I ever choose to make the switch over to Paul Evans.
I remember someone here saying that Paul Evans shoes are as good as AE...but I noticed on their website that their shoes are blake stitched..isnt that usually (not always, obviously) worse than the goodyear welt AE claims to use?
I love Loden
Have. Mercy.
Dont these have 2 eyelets vs the 3 eyelets on the Dundee. If so, that may be a contributing factor to the long appearance of this shoe.
Oh interesting...and youre saying that shelton was offered in a red/green suede colorway?...if so, I might try to find some pics of it...I'd like to see how that turned out.
Ive come to the conclusion that Loden is my absolute favorite suede color, barr none...I do wonder why A E doesnt offer more maroon/red/burgundy suede shoes though
I thought they discontinued regular chili...Do you mean you are complimented on your Dark Chili Daltons?...if so, I was told by a sales associate that the Dark Chili Dalton is also on closeout right now and will no longer be made.
They really do need to bring back the 333 last...one of the best/most modern looking lasts to me
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