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Not to sound like a male groupie or anything, but it really just doesnt get much better than this.
such a stylish makeup...I'd give anything to see these with some Tan, Cream or Orange colored laces.
Uh huh.....well im digging the natural (toasted?) edging too...gives it a more youthful casual feel..they wont stand out as such a mature stodgy shoe in casual settings...it looks more like a conscientious wardrobe piece and a style statement rather than just safe shoe color...good job, in my opinion
Yeah..btw, forgot to tell you a couple pages back, those are sick. Some of the "coolest" looking (in the hip sense of the word) shells ive seen really...Do you find that the navy shell is more distinguishable from black than i have seen it look in some pics? (Not these, but in other pics it seems like the navy and green are hard to even distinguish from black shell)..and if it does appear similar in real life, is that something you expect will change as the shell...
Gorgeous color on that boot there...waiting on the call to go pick mine up in Dark Chili...hoping mine look as good as your's
Yes...too much to tell the truth...and fit issues also...it seems that since AE carries a million different sizes, you wind up having 3/4's of the convo being about the millions of possible sizing/last combinations instead of just showing the shoes and discussing the advantages or disadvantages of the style and how you can wear them...it seems like so much of this thread gets bogged down in discussing the micrometrics of fits and sizing and shoebank sales vs. Dept store...
Lol....Thought i was the only one who noticed this minor oxymoron: the very fact that literally every other post in an appreciation thread is about a defect or how to get seconds/how to avoid (virtually ever) paying full retail prices for any of the products begs the question: what are we really appreciating?...discounts or the shoes?...and if we are just appreciating discounted shoes (with the understanding that they will often be riddled with defects and flaws) then...
They should create a separate thread solely for people who are completely happy with their AE's and want to show them off...this one has basically turned into a sizing issues/complaints/seconds thread
You can tell those would be part of the orthodic line just by looking at them....or at least I could..they dont look anywhere near as elegant as some of the more mainstay shoes.
They finally managed to break my will...the bob's chili Dalton was the straw that broke the harlequin's pockets... Fyi, i was told by my AE SA that the full slate of new releases in expanded color options will be available after the clearance sale is over and they have cleared out last year's stock...so that oxblood warwick should be available soon, if this is true.
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