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That cambridge is beautiful though
Those mcallisters look beautiful to me...not sure if there is a more overall perfect AE shoe than the Merlot Mcallister
I kind of agree with this. I like the red, and the grey, and even the orange (which is really just walnut, visually speaking), but the light welt thing is getting a little over done at this point.
Its so crazy ...if you hang around here long enough, styleforum will have you believing that allen edmonds shoes are the lowliest, cheapest dress shoes on the market. But when you go into the real world, AE is leagues above most other mens' shoes. And I dont just mean they are above the oft maligned "black, square toe, bicycle toe monstrocity" either. Thanks to this damn thread, I now gaze at men's dress shoes in public to compare them to mine. But I noticed a...
So glad I was able to get some flatirons before they became completely extinct
Wow...you know what? I was disgracefully juggling work while "barnweaseling" here, and mistakenly thought your HM's were bar laced...i just knew I liked what I saw during the short, hurried glimpse I was able to give your pics...in looking at them closer now, theyre clearly cross laced, and thats what I meant to say that I liked. I think the fact that theyre cross laced so neatly may have thrown me off too....but yeah, point being: I like whatever lacing you have there...
These look excellent. ..surprisingly, I think I prefer the bar/straight lacing on these
Im a fan of the tan-ish on tan-ish look myself
Lol...yes..I suppose youre right...there are much more costly vices or "thing"s that we could be consumed by. Plus, shoes (good shoes) are really a necessity...Now, obviously I dont need THIS many good shoes, but in buying a different shoe for each purpose, it is important that each shoe be a good shoe, no matter the occasion (funeral, wedding, interview, work, casual, formal, leisure, airport/flying, winter/snow/spring/rain, seasonal etc.) And to that point, lets face...
New Posts  All Forums: