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Interesting feedback....it seems like allen edmonds are a decent enough shoe for the retail price, but once you start a comparison/ competition between Allen Edmonds and any other shoe brands aside from kenneth cole and cole haan, Allen Edmonds loses the comparison/competition almost invariably and across the board. So basically, if any other, even half decent, shoe maker begins to produce shoes in multiple widths, Allen Edmonds would likely be staring at bankruptcy....
So it seems like ive heard this a few times, and im wondering if its true...the general consensus seems to be that Allen Edmonds shoes arent a good value at full price ...and that theyre really only a good value if they are discounted or on sale. Doesnt this mean that allen edmonds shoes are of low quality if the only dress shoes they are superior to are Cole Haans/Kenneth Coles? And since this appears to be the case, why do people still seem so excited about getting a...
yeah...I had kinda thought the same thing there for a while...and youre right, it is consistent...and im not sure there is any actual logic behind it. Because even though I probalbly prefer the Kenilworth in terms of looks because I think the lack of a capline and broguing makes it look somewhat sleek for a blucher. BUT I fully acknowledge that its nothing more than a preference....but functionally, I dont see a HUGE difference either....style wise they are similar, but...
just, no...as in, hell no.
And those were precisely the ones I was thinking of...that particular color combination on those shoes is ice cold.
Ive been saying the same thing in here for a year or so now, but it is always interpreted as making excuses for allen edmonds blobby lasts...but I too wear a size 15...and like you said, people come along with these itty bitty feet and are suprised when non italian shoes look blobby on their feet.
yeah, ive seen the shell kenilworths and they look spectacular in the most understated way, and I think theyd go with my style better than the leeds. I noticed these lexingtons, from certain angles can look a bit stodgy and geometric compared to the smooth, seamless contours of the kenilworth.
That has also started creeping in my mind: to exchange the Lexingtons for The Kenilworth. I got these Lexington firsts for around 230 USD during the Anniversary Sale. I now see that the Kenilworth firsts are currently priced at around 290 USD and I kind of wonder why the Kenilworth is priced so low if it is such a nice shoe as it certainly seems to be and whether it would be worth it to risk getting a cheaper shoe of inferior quality (?) if im on a budget and already got...
And this, my friend, is what im banking on...lol
Yeah, and this was really how ive seen it all along..it blows me away that those kilted and tasseled loafers never raise objections...but the bal vs. Blucher thing just instantly sets off sirens. Im sure theres some sort of historical justification for the present day embracing of, or at least the indifference to, kilted/tasseled loafers as opposed to the reaction to improperly paired bals/bluchers. Its just a strange exception that is made to me.
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