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White shoe bags, bro?
Is no one else put off by the fact that the Maritime and Kirkwood are the lesser AE brand, manufactured in the Dominican Republic?....Im particularly fond of the Maritime...but I just couldnt bring myself to purchase the budget brand, of an already budget brand shoe.
Can someone explain to me why the Fort Collins doesnt get more love here?...that Bourbon model looks like one beautiful alternative to the Kenilworth
I dont have any pictures to compare, but Ive examined both in person up close and extensively. To me, Oxblood is way redder. Its like a light cherry red, that gradates into a dark cherry red. Bob's chilli is literally a medium brown with dark orange highlights and slight red undertones. They WILL look different. Not only because of the leather color, but because of the color SCHEME. The Bob's Chili Dalton comes with tone on tone laces, and welt and brass eyelets. ...
To be honest, you are nitpicking at this point and people are indulging you in it, I suspect because theyve quickly picked up on how paranoid you seem to about purchasing AE seconds, for what amounts to a steal of a deal, on a pair of shoes that look better than 98% of whatever other garbage most men wear...even with their supposed flaws...suit yourself...but if whatever defects those are supposed to have are unacceptable to you, I'd strongly suggest looking at some of the...
Im no shoe expert here, but Ive been shopping with AE for long enough now to know that youre playing russian roulette if you think youre going to find, even a pair of firsts that look noticeably better than that. I dont bother with the shoebank or seconds, but if those are considered flaws, then pretty much every pair of my firsts would need to be returned..Good luck though. Hope you find the pair youre looking for.
Its not just you, buddy
I wonder why the welt on the Dark Chili balmorals is always a shade darker than it is on Dark Chili bluchers and boots?...is it because balmorals (even brogues) are supposed to be considered more formal /conservative than bluchers and boots, and darker = more formal/conservative?...idk...just something Ive always wondered.
Beautiful shoe...will most likely be my next purchase.
[[SPOILER]] My apologies for the atrocious cell phone pics...as you can see, this is before any conditioner, polish or product has been applied to the shoes.I might try to get more pics outside in natural light soon.
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