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I don't know the specifics of where they came from but I know the SA said they had to be made in the factory (which is not atypical for me, due to my shoesize), and so I waited exactly 4 weeks for these to be shipped from the factory. (Again, that's what the sales associate said. - I personally think they just forgot to enter my order into the system, and then when I called to check my order status at week 4, they hurry up and tracked down a pair and overnighted them in...
I agree with you both...I dont think trying them on and rejecting them, alone, makes them seconds. I DO however think that someone trying them on and seemingly not using a shoehorn and thereby leaving obvious wrinkles and crevices in the shaft, along with the original paint splotches on the upper DOES lower the value of the shoe for the next customer who is purchasing them at full price as firsts.
Yes. They were sold as firsts...I received them after exchanging the original pair of firsts that I bought in a different color, for these.Just to clarify, I don't do the Shoebank or seconds. At least not yet. Here lately a Ive begun to contemplate using it to obtain my less important/less desirable shoe styles that know I'll need (beaters for work). Seems like it would be a good option to get a decent pair of shoes that I may need, but not want, relatively cheaply.
Not implying anything...its more like Im clearly saying I believe I received a pair of shoes that had likely been tried on and rejected by someone else.
Yeah...im glad I read this post which prompted me to double check my shoes..I missed it upon first inspection, but I can now see that these are DEFINITELY rejects/recycled, due to unsightly splotches of paint on the uppers clearly stemming from sloppy finishing...along with what I already suspected was premature wrinkling of the boots shaft (showing wrinkles before I even tried them on), likely due to someone trying them on and rejecting them before they attempted to...
Really wish you hadn't posted this...because I just received a pair of supposedly "firsts" oxbloods and really could not be more disappointed.I already had my suspicions that these may have been recycled from a previously rejected sale and was seriously thinking about returning them, but I had concluded that I was just being paranoid...but now I see that I am not the only one who has cause for this concern. Im almost positive we are receiving recycled/rejected shoes, that...
I wish to God this were true....sadly, it's too late for my bourbon shoes as I messed up and used the conditioner/cleaner on them a couple of years ago, and stripped the burnishing off them. They still look good to me, but they clearly lost the burnishing. I had gotten over it, until this thread re-opened an old wound.I just stick to neutral wax/polish now.
Beautiful shoe
Thanks a ton for the pics...especially for the first one with the natural HM and golden brown LB side by side...makes me realize that I can finally pull the trigger on the Golden Brown LB without my natural HM getting jealous. And more importantly, without me duplicating colors in my boot lineup!
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