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The two best looking shoes in the AE lineup on sale. Smh..It breaks my heart that I can't scrounge up the money to participate
This is the first time I've ever been in awe of the Warwick...they look incredible
Two words...beautiful shoe
So true about the tan strandmok...these things look awesome with jeans...might just be the perfect daytime lace up casual shoe.
I like the warwick, but if I could only get one, it would be the Mora.
Chili 5th in my opinion
Yeah...those dark chili Carlyles were sick...
I love this guy's photography style. Multiple angles, with consistently good lighting...well done, and nice shoes.
I'm getting them...they're a much better casual shoe than the Elgin or Rush Street from what I've seen of them at the store. The AE rep at my local store said that in her experience, it was one of the most liked styles compared to their other casual offerings. The suede versions are super soft, but can tend to look like a tennis shoe from certain angles to me.
New Posts  All Forums: