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This Higgins Mill in natural is perfect..one of my best purchases
Dayom...cant help you with your question...but Im liking that nat so far...stellar looking boot
Amazing isnt it?...Ive wondered the same thing before...it seems like a new shoe is introduced on the website, and within mere hours hes posting pics of it sitting in his home..lol
Hilarious how everyone is waffling back and forth about which color to get, and of course Tex has gone and gotten both already...this guy is on a rampage
Didnt have my size in store. (they rarely do)...apparently I ordered the last one in my size as well....usually does take at least a couple weeks for them to receive my shipment.
Higgins Mill = done, and done...thanks for the heads up on the sale...should be here in a couple weeks
I was so pissed when i missed pulling the trigger on these when they were on clearance. Thanks for rubbing it in.
These are the only pics I have. (Which I took of them in the store as I was lusting for them the other day.)
I wish they made the Washington Square in Merlot...or at least Dark Brown
This is true...the Acheson is awesome in person...and im not even a loafer guy....but its the one loafer I actually want. (In olive suede)..incredible looking shoe.
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