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Really appreciate this breakdown. Trying to gather as much insight about brown cxl as I can before September (im a cxl virgin, and this will be my first cxl experience)...this gives me something to chew on...Im thinking that if I just cant get past the perceived redundancy aspect I have with the two, then I may just exchange the dark chili for oxblood, and cop the brown Higgins Mill, and walk away with a win-win.
Dont fret. Admittedly, I dont get it either...i just know they like to use it all the time, and its supposed to represent the enabling nature of AE wearers here...beyond that, I dont quite understand the seemingly intense connection between enablers and barnweasels either. I just roll with it.
Of course!....why didnt I think of that!
Thank you for the comparative analysis. My reason for asking about brown cxl vs. Dark Chili is because I suspect that if theyre as similar in person as they look in online pics, then the only visual people will get when Im walking down the street wearing either color is : "guy wearing simple brown boots"...which means that the visual effect will be the same, no matter which one I wear. Which for me, also means that getting another pair of medium brown boots violates the...
Thats kind of how Im starting to feel about dark chili...a nice, safe color, but nothing special...kind of just a regular, easy-going, medium brown...ive had Merlot Mcallisters for a few years now...really, a lovely color..but im thinking about taking the plunge into Oxblood for a more exciting look. Gotta get my Higgins Mill purchase out of the way first though
No prob...it helps that you at least informed me that you were able to see the model in-store. That lets me know that it shouldnt be a waste of my time to go to the store to get my hands/eyes on them...I saw the pics of the dayton you posted a few weeks ago (i think that was you)...thats exactly what Im looking for..Ill see if I cant swing by the b&m eventually to size them up for myself. Thanks
Thanks for the synopsis ace...would you describe the brown chromexcel as roughly similar to dark chili in color?..only perhaps not quite as red/orange? Im trying to figure out whether its worth it to get the brown cxl boot if i already have a dark chili boot.
Yeah...that 15D was what I was looking for too. The hunt is on now! Now its just a waiting game to see if its part of the sale in September. Truth be told, even if its not, Ill still be getting it.
I must salute AE for their responsiveness to customer demands. Ive noticed that after we bitched about the limited sizing options for the new styles, they have now extended the sizing on virtually all of the new styles....thats just awesome in my opinion..Im super impressed.. welp, thats all it took for me...looks like Im now forced to purchase that Higgins Mill boot after all, now that its available in my size and AE has removed my one excuse I was gonna use to pass...
True...this happened with the Brisbane and the Cheetah as well...whats up with releasing a bunch of new styles and then half-assing on the sizes? Its getting old, in my opinion.
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