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I agree with what you say. I never said it had a significant impact on perception of height :P Overall, having fitted clothing will make a man appear taller. Certain stylistic things like gorge, where the trousers sit, and turn ups play a factor too, but to much smaller degrees.
Others may disagree, but I feel that the taller your turnups, the taller you appear overall(I don't mean your legs specifically)
It depends how tall you are. I get them 1.75"-2" in height and I am 6'1". As for the difficulty of them: I'd say any tailor can do it because it is relatively simple. Whether he or she will do it to your specifications is a different story. Some will do other than what you've told them. If you want a slanted line like I do so that it drops lower in the back to cover more of the shoe, it may require more skill - I don't konw.
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Hi fellas, I have these boots and the crepe sole is beginning to wear down; I want to replace it with a double leather sole or a vibram sole. Which one do you guys think is better? I wear these boots year-round.   On a side-note: I know that the boots are supposedly stitched, but is it actually constructed in such a way that would allow for the soles to be replaced? I've called J Crew CS 3x about it, but they can't give a definitive "yes/no" answer.
How were they made of "regular" leather? They're all made of calfskin. I'm also assuming he tried on a PA or wholecut so they should certainly be made of calfskin.
I did call a few locations but they couldn't tell me sales prices. Guess I'll find out on Friday as the Half-yearly sale is the day after Christmas. So you think if I go to the AE store in SF(1h north but could be worth it), they'll price match for me provided AE is lower? Should I call in advance of coming in?
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Should I wait til the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (or maybe the Half-yearly sale on Dec 26) to buy 2 pairs of 1st qual 5th Avenues(black & bourbon) or should I buy two 2nd qual pairs from the Shoebank when the 5th Avenues drop to $200(which should happen sooner)?   I want to get them at their least expensive but also am curious about buying 1sts as I own only 2nds.
AnyoneAnyone know of anything else? I'm wary of buying from Nordies because there have been several testimonies that the "1st quality shoes" are actually 2nds being sold at full retail price.
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