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Are these any good? I normally get the Nordies Rack ones for $12 each.
Any one?
A couple times I bought seconds from a member here for $200. Park & Strand. How did they sell them at that price? Does anyone else still sell 'em?
Sounds good. When would be the best time to buy shoes at their lowest in normal calf-leather?(referring to my Park Ave's in Chili and a McAllister/Park Ave in Merlot)
@mdubs Thanks, man. @rostov Thanks! @random-adam Thanks as well   Is there a discernable difference between seconds & firsts? I have a few seconds and don't notice anything myself.   I have actually called the Shoe bank before - it's where I got my Quinton's   If I'm just looking for serviceable AE shoes, do you think I should go the Shoebank route for all of them? I don't know if I have enough to buy all those either.
Hey y'all, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong thread, but can you tell me when the best time of the year is to buy Park Ave's & McAllister's? and from who? I'd like to get another pair of Park Ave's in black & Chili and a McAllister in Merlot. I JUST noticed they recently kicked up the price. I don't mind getting second quality shoes if you fellas know where to get them.
@Gerry Nelson  Thanks. Apart from the colors I mentioned and ones that have been mentioned (because most were in the thread I already found), does anyone have any new input or pictures to share for ideas?
Yes, hence the buyer's remorse. I can't very well sell it at this point though. Fortunately, the place I work at is quite lax. So I'm asking for advice on tie colors that would make it look as conservative as possible. Any more suggestions? I haven't seen any examples of Strawberries, coffee, cream colored ties done well so if you have any good ones, please share.
Hey all,   I have a chocolate brown herringbone suit of nearly this exact color: I'm trying to come up with tie colors to wear with it as a brown suit doesn't seam all that versatile(buyer's remorse & too late to return). I found this thread which has been helpful. I basically understand that navy and pink are good to go as well as a dark burgundy, which I like less. Does anyone else have suggestions as to what to wear with a brown suit of this color? I only have...
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