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12345Michael54321's response is a bit more extreme than mine, but his perspective is perfect. I know there are other more senior members that hold the same perspectives on short, over-ly suppressed coats.
Unless you have $$$ to drop on a new coat a few years later, it seems unwise to purchase something that short. Plus, the button stance is too high because of the previous issue. I would take Spurious example any day, shorten it 1.25"(slightly higher than the tip of his thumb), and lower the stance. Better than the SS example.
I like where you wear your pants :]
Huh...that's odd. So are there sticky'd threads for mainline HF/BB 1818 suits/RLBL on SF?  I'm sorry you've gotten so many low ball offers. I usually start the offer process @ 60-65% of the listed price and move up a bit from there. On ebay & here.
Fellas, how did y'all get better at coordinating colors? Lurking/studying the picks on WAYWRN? the HoF?
I don't even have 3 sport coats, but I would definitely lean towards your number. I can think of 5 Navy(solid, herringbone, patterned one like mrjester, subtle pink windowpane, glenn plaid), 4 brown(herringbone, houndstooth, houndstooth w/ windowpane, glen plaid), Brown Cord SC, and a grey one I can't think of at the mo'.  If I had two navy, I'd definitely get this one next:  What pattern is this called? Coincidentally, I would also have several suits in all of those Navy...
Does wearing braces and a bow tie without a coat make one a dandy? Cause I see it around town and it really bothers me. Especially when the trousers are barely above a man's groin area. It looks very "GQ".
I'm surprised that this has continued after I stopped posting because I thought I started it. I can acknowledge that I can be confrontational at times(and it's much easier to be critical when we're all hiding behind our screens&keyboards). But I have read posts from many of these members and I've never read anything very close to criticism from them - they're all quite nice. I read posts from clags when he had the Cigar Smoker avatar, which felt like a long time ago to me,...
Side adjusters are more functional. Belts do not have small increments like side adjusters do. Thus, if your're in between sizes, Side tabs/adjusters are betterPlus, I've never followed the rule that belt color must match with shoe color so I don't need to even think about it the slightest when the belt is completely gone.
Most predominantly red ties are ugly. Wear maroon or darker.  The one on the right is OK at best.
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