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I really like how you have your trousers made. Particularly the last one. It looks to have the largest opening but the silhouette of the trou look fitted in the most proper way. We just need to hike your trousers up higher   Nah, they all look great. The brown suit looks great, blue one being my favorite. Maybe cause the shoes(they look like Carmina). I tried looking up SuSu, waht is that? A NY tailoring firm?
Truthfully, I think anyone with big feet and pants on the tighter side look like they have clown feet. For that matter, anyone that wears pants of any kind, be it formal or casual, that taper too aggressively at the ankles will look like he/she has clown feet no matter the shoe size. It's not a look/aesthetic I shoot for, but to each his own. 
I have a question. As I just realized pics I've seen on this forum are yours(for I rarely look at the poster), do your button stances sit pretty high? You sit with your jacket buttoned often and I am curious.
Whatever makes you happy, Clags. What we say/posit/think has no bearing on that. It is quite good. I thought someone sketched you while you sat on a chair for 2h :3
Didn't see this til now. Definitely true. I believe that will change to an extent as those cultural elements will gradually disappear throughout the generations that succeed them. To an extent and for some and not for others, depending on the cultural landscape, etc. etc. But it's just a thinking and mindset at the heart of it all. I was raised nor accustomed to thinking as I do now, and slowly realized the potential to have more control of my time and life as I decided...
I fear for NickP's life...and his underwear.
Well, I wear everything with cuffs if I can because it adds more weight and just makes things drape better. But my leg opening is 8"+ for casual wear(jeans & chinos) and 9"+ for formal wear since I wear size 12's. Cuffs will be better 95% of the time in my opinion. I did not mean for this to be offensive in any manner. I just don't understand the current trend for tight clothing and the revealing of socks. Tight pants with small leg openings in general make...
Hehehe, that's good. We make time for what is most important to us, indeed.
1st: No, I actually got that. I never interpreted what you said as I dont' care about mine either. Yes, I did say I'd rather pay someone because the energy and time that go into it for me isn't worth whatever benefits come from doing it myself(same for everything else). 2nd: Yes, I did, but I think you read too far into it and made assumptions(understandably) that what I said was an asinine blanket statement. What I'm saying is this(and then we can get back to enjoying fit...
Now that would be interesting to witness 
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