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I'm like the fit of the N&F WeirdGuy. I had a pair of the regular Indigo version but they were impossible to fade. I'm now looking for something in dark/deep indigo that has the propensity to fade over time. It doesn't have to be drastic but a year from now I would like to see a difference. Also I don't want anything super heavy like the Elephants. Thoughts on the left hand twill? Any other recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I just bought this Ashby on Grailed. In the listing it was supposed to be a Medium Olive with tags. When it arrived the tags were not attached and said size Small. The tag on the collar says that it's a Medium. It also fits like the Mediums I've tried on in the stores. The internal tag in the pocket was removed. Not sure what's going on but I am suspicious. Can anyone tell me if this is authentic? Do fake Barbour Ashbys even exist? Thanks!    
Are there two versions of the Bedale? In some pics of the Olive color the snaps are the same color as a jacket and in other pics they are a brass color.     Also, is this a Bedale or Ashby?
Ashby vs. Bedale-- is the Bedale any thicker? I just got the Ashby and it's surprisingly thinner than I expected. Is there Bedale any heavier or the same weight/thickness? I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two beside the sleeve lining (corduroy in Ashby, thicker collar (bedale), and thinner profile (ashby).
I just got an Ashby in Navy and I love it. However. I noticed that the collar is rather flimsy and barely stays up. Is there anyway to remedy this? i've heard the Beadle does not have this problem, is that true? It's too late for me to switch, and I like the fit of the Ashby, but I was just wondering.   Secondly, based on experience, do people recommend the Wax Cotton Hood or the Wax Storm Hood? What are the major differences? Is there one that goes with the Ashby...
Is this the actual Barbour Ashby coat? Nordstrom has it listed as "regular fit," but my understanding is that the Ashby is more of a tailored fit.   Is this simply a mistake on their website?   I just want to make sure that if I order from Nordstrom that I will be getting an actual authentic Barbour Ashby.   (PS- Does anyone know if Nordstrom will price match other online...
I'm thinking about getting some Elephant 3s. How're people liking them so far? What exactly does the "beige" overcast mean? Any fit pics? Have people found that the run larger/smaller than normal WeirdGuys (I usually size up in WGs). Thanks.
What N&F WeirdGuys can I buy that fade pretty easily? I'm looking for a dark indigo color that's not gimmicky. 
  Thanks! What did you mean "keep the color." Also, I'd prefer a pair where I didn't have to work super hard to get them to fade. For example, the 13oz Indigos that I have now have been impossible to fade and I've had them for 11 months. Are the Deep Indigos that hard to fade as well? Also, is the Indigo/Indigo model out of production?
I'm looking for a model of N&F WeirdGuys that are a very dark indigo color. I don't want anything novelty or gimicky, just a pair of dark indigo weirdguys. What are my options? I already have a pair of the r 13oz weirdguys in Indigo. I'd love a pair of the Indigo/Indigo but I don't think they're made anymore, so what are my options? Thanks!
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