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Just getting around to posting on these after a week of wear. Got a slew of the heavy winter weight OTCs in solids. Liking them so far and the colors hold up great after well...two washings. The claret and lilac look fantastic. No slippage, no quality complaints, and they are wearing well in Tampa weather so far. I guess you could get better socks for $20-30 a pair--maybe--but if it ain't broke there's nothing to fix there. If Viccel ever releases more patterned styles...
Was really looking forward to the extinct Ridgeway in 13eee, but unfortunately, this was the last best pair the shoe bank had to offer. I'm quite surprised that these were considered sellable. A quick look would have saved a lot of time and $20+ bucks in restocking and return shipping fees. Had some good shoe bank finds, but damn, caveat emptor indeed.       
Order arrived Friday, was about two weeks in packing and shipping--pretty good.   Socks are a little snug (I was between sizes and went small) but the heavy winter weight is just about right...will toss up some pics when I get time this week.
Ohhh man lol. Just missed it on the timing!
It seems to be an individualized code. The code itself is on the back page (left of the addressee info in a grey box) and then more detailed on p. 17 of the advert.    I.e., gotta have a buddy not spending during the sale who is willing pony it up. 
 I believe this is it: http://www.aexnet.com:89/FactorySecondInventory.php
Been hunting for some new OTCs and based on all the word of mouth, gave these a try. First order of 10 pairs in the heavy winter weight came out to $99. Can't beat that. Will post pics whenever they get in.   Thanks Kemal.
Gotta love these sales, nice way to try a lot of new styles. Snagged Eagle Country, Elgin, Bruce, and Finch. Probably the sale dregs but that's cool. 
  +1 on the Connecticut Avenue store. The service and conversation I had with Brian was impeccable. Perhaps they get so many suits/names/loaded tourists there that the salesmen are fat and happy and relaxed, which reflects on the store atmosphere and service. Whatever the case, it's an excellent little shop.
  Oh I gotcha. It was a surprise to me as well, as it was not advertised or mentioned. The shoe bank rep Shirley tossed in a nice handwritten note too. Just can't beat that.
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