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For sale is a Sz.50 Robert Geller Charcoal Hooded Bomber Jacket.    Pit to pit: 23.25 inches Shoulder to shoulder: 19.5 inches Length: 27 inches   PM me for more pics     Shipping from Toronto, Canada Paypal + 4% accepted
sizing measurements? or pics please?
Does anyone have a pair of Stow Brouges w/ Commando sole? Like this   Message me if anyone has them in a US 10-11
Probably asked a million times but what is the main difference between the Indy 403 and 405?    I am looking in purchasing boots this winter and having a hard time distinguishing the difference between the two. And how to size.   Also to anyone who owns these boots would you recommend black or brown?
^ I wonder if he got those tapered.      So my PNS came in today, and i could button all the way to the top with some struggle.    I've been wearing them for an hour now and im already noticing knee bulges. What the best way to prevent this? For example when i sit down should i pull up the jeans?
I would try getting some Petit New Standards, it has the skinniness of the PS but the looser thighs of New Standards..   Im a 32 W and got a 30 in PNS and they fit great
I know they arent DB but how would you recommend sizing on Clarks Wallabees boots?   i sized down .5 on my Clarks Jinks ..
This is why i got PNS, even though my PS are too big for me the rise is still way too low
Thanks, i went ahead and got a 30 PNS. Ill post pics and how they fit when i get them
^ Thanks, would you recommend sizing down to a 30 if my 32 PS are too big due to stretch? Im about to order a pair from TBS
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