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6 months, 3 washes    
Thank you for the help! If they do indeed run a little larger in the thigh, I may just stay with a 32. Also, read in this thread that the 14.5 weight denim stretches a bit more than prior runs. Compared to 3Sixteen, do these stretch more?   Also, if I can get my SL-100s properly repaired I was thinking about grabbing the Dark Stanton. Any drastic differences in denim here?
Had a question about fit. I currently own a pair of 3Sixteen SL-100x in 32 and found that, while I was able to stretch them to an appropriate fit, they were just a smidgen too tight. I believe this lead to a relatively early blowout in the crotch area.   After looking at the RT Stanton fit, it seems pretty similar to the 3Sixteen SL and I may size up one to a 33.   Any thoughts or insights? Perhaps from someone that has dealt with both jeans.   Thank you!
  I'm looking into getting a new pair of selvedge and TS caught my eye. Normally I would be prone to seek out a brand focused solely on denim, but TS has a good reputation from what I've seen.   I was curious about the fit, as I recently blew out a pair of 3sixteen sl-100's in the rear crotch area. These were a little tighter on me than I would have liked at a 32" waist. From looking at the TS  measurements though, it looks like a 32 would fit me just fine. If I had them...
These still available?
Is pocked moving/resizing a common jean tailoring practice?
I just bought a pair of SL-100x in 32. They we're pretty tight at first and I was admittedly a little worried that they weren't going to work. However, 3 days of wear have gotten them to a wearable state and I'm sure they'll only get better with time. I have to say, these jeans are extremely well made and feel great to the touch. My only gripe, as I believe others have pointed out, are the back pockets placement/size. They run a bit too far down my leg and are much...
I apologize if this has been posted, did a search and saw nothing. Anyone had experience with these?   They make belts similar to Tanner Goods and Corter. $30 for a natural leather belt was a great looking deal so I bought one. I'll let yall know how it is when I get it.
I have a pair of 33 RRL Slim Fits, however I've run into the big thighs-small waste problem that is so common among those looking to get good-fitting jeans. The legs fit perfect and I got them for a sick deal, however the waste is simply too big. Worth the money to get the waste altered properly, or should I move on?
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