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I always have a hard time finding wool trousers in size 28, if anyone has any I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Question: Would seiko skx007 be too big for my small 6" wrist : (   I also just found out about the seiko skx013 but its a bit pricier
Are you size 28 or 29 in epaulet trouser?Been looking for some for awhile.Anyway lurking this thread but nothing for lanky guys like me so far lol
Damn it not my size, but what are the other brands that fit you better? I've been trying to find a fit identical to the old Italians.   Please let me know, thanks.
Anyone know where to I can find wool trousers that fit similar to Howard Yount Old Italian fit?
Damn it why no size 28 ha 
Yeah I guess they do make my skinny legs stand out like a stick even more ha. Thank you very much for the help Ttailor.
^ 36 the length might be too short for you. I'm 5'8" and wear 36. Wishing it was a tad longer.
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