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Peeps that teba on IG stories 😊 Also picked up the suede blouson in the sales haha 😁 How should I clean/care for it? Thanks
Got me excited and then realize its a size XL.Btw could anyone recommend a nice m43 that doesnt fit like a tent? Thanks
Ha darn wasn't what I was looking for, but I hope someone picks it up!
When can we expect the 28-30 trousers to go up? Refreshing every few minutes when I really should be working lol
Thanks. I'm thinking about the burgundy as well.im looking at the cardigans tagged 38 (small).
Tempted to get one of those cardigans. I am a 36r in southwick, think those 38s will fit me? Measurements seem snug. Also not sure which color I should pick. Ecru or cinnamon. 🤔 I wear mostly grey pants and brown shoes
Hey look free trousers! $0.00
Anything in small/36 or 28-29 🙏?
Thinking about getting this for my first navy sport coat.   http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jackets/havana-navy-plain/C847I.html   Thougths? Is that hopsack? Horn buttons? thanks!
Wow fucking steal on that coat. Wished it was my size.   I usually lurk and keep quiet around here, but since everyone is asking about it. Can I check on my order #32230 for the EFF Grey Donegal Tweed (Walt)?   Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: