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Yes I would say so.
Hi,   I'm looking for inexpensive, decent quality trousers/pants for work.  I'm a size 28, most I seen are usually 30 are above. Any recommendations on brands, where to look, etc.?   Thanks.
Hi,   I will be going to London, Paris, and Amsterdam from March 20th thru 31st. Its a college trip/tour, so we'll be visiting all the touristy spots.  I'll have a free day in London, along with some free time in the other two countries. Any recommendation on other places to go and eat? I already have breakfast covered and three dinners covered. How much should I be looking at spending per day (gifts, souvenirs, lunch/dinner meals, transportation) - everything else is...
Eh that "not for work shirt" though haha nice
Just one pair of 3sixteen Sl-100x, maybe I should of gotten st-100x though cause I'm lean skinny guy.   Not sure what my next jeans going to be
Anyone interested in some American Optical Aviator Gold/Gray Lens/52
Damn I wish this was a small.
^ american optical?
Looking for a inexpensive navy/white pindot tie   Should I get one from charless tyrwhitt (free with purchase of a shirt - about $50 total) or should I get this pre-owned lands end one for around $6 or ...?  
You're lucky, there's been talks of it being in the works.I still have my navy one. Wish they would bring back the duffle coat, field jacket, or introduce new jackets though =( 
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