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Pulled the trigger on the sunset. It was a toss up between the dove grey. These will be my second pair of epaulet trouser!
@epaulet haha but idk if I can wear blue pants besides denim. too many blue/navy top!
^ I already have a pair of light grey fresco trousers and med-grey tropical wool not sure if I should get the sunset, dove grey, or medium grey hopsack...decisions...
Hmm. whats this? :D   Edit: Found this picture & video    
Will you be bringing back the field jacket? Any chance of a m43? Thanks
Same thing, Im glad I got a size 36 right when it wrnt on sale cause it is now gone. That size was gone during the first run so I knew I had to be swift. Haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet since its been raining in the bay area. I need to get something to protect/clean it
Just got my first pair of Epaulet trouser hemmed - donega tweed in Walt Tempted to get the Pale grape EFF in gable fit. So i should get the same size? Is there an upcharge
Wished those hopsack walt were 28-29 :(
Peeps that teba on IG stories 😊 Also picked up the suede blouson in the sales haha 😁 How should I clean/care for it? Thanks
Got me excited and then realize its a size XL.Btw could anyone recommend a nice m43 that doesnt fit like a tent? Thanks
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