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I actually like dresser chinos and the J.crew ludlow suit pants (classic fit) fits me better than the Bowery Classic Trousers. I'm skinny size 28 btw Any recommendations in terms of other brands/lines?
Short recap:   I got to the sample sale around 1:40ish. Took about 20mins wait to get in. Shirts - $40 Polo/Tees - $20? Socks - $10 Project Jackets - $60? Not sure about the rest (caps, sweaters, pants, shorts)...   Things were pretty much all over the place by that time. Once in awhile you might find a gem. I came across a Yosemite and Hype Shirt (not in my size though).   I left with 3 pair of socks for $20 lol actually I was planning on buying those on the...
Yep I would go with the ST-100x.   I have the Sl-100x but I should of went with the former. Next time...   Looking for a salt & pepper m-65 field jacket in small still....
Condition: Brand New Color: 24/51 Size: 54/20/140 Made in Italy Shipping: Free CONUS or Meet up in the Bay Area
where you get that skx009?   I'm looking for a skx007. Anyone know where I can find it for the lowest price?
Damn who stole that Maritime shirt 36 on ebay from me? Enjoy that shit haha Lucky bastard
Yeah its the jacket with the leather patch on the inside.Unfortunately, I got it on Ebay.Guess I'm have to put it up on sale.
Are the sleeves designed to be short on the chore coat?
Hi there can I get some feedback on the fit of these two pants. Sorry the pictures aren't that great. Thanks.   J.Crew Ludlow Suit Pants in Italian Chino       J.Crew Bowery Pants in Cotton Twill    
wondering if there will be the "3sixteen salt & pepper field jacket" ..been on a mission since forever.
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