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Whats the lapel width on the telegraph jacket?
First time posting in this thread, but have been lurking... Mostly interested in the wool trousers. No size 28 for the skinny guy? =(
Pm sent
Can't decide between the merlot or brown for mcallister
I'm a skinny guy so I just go with 36 for everything haha
@mildundklar  I also picked up the persol 9649 in 52mm as well after I sold my 649 (54mm) which were too big. Glad I found out about the slimmer version.   Got a pair of Shuron Escapades as well off massdrop last month...
I would like to know as well
Which blazer are you talking about? And, could I stack student code?
Excited about the perks and looking forward to new jackets even though summer barely started...
Hi, I'm looking for places I can get some nice wool dresser trousers/flannel pants in size 28 around/under $200 range.  I know of Epaulet and Howard Yount, but I need some alternatives.    J.Crew Ludlow Suit Pants (Classic) in Italian Chino though fits me quite well, but I'm trying to transition away from wearing strictly chinos to work.   Thanks.
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