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No Size 36 for the suede blouson!?
Old Italian I believe.
These are much slimmer.
Item: Howard Yount Super 100s Winter Flannel (NEW ITALIAN FIT) Color: Brown Size: 28 Price: $100 + shipping or better offer Shipping to: CONUS only or Meetup (Bay Area)     Description: 340g Fabric by VBC (Vitale Barberis Canonico) and tailored in the new Italian fit, these are profoundly comfortable and stylish pants. Very slim fit.   Measurements: Waist: 14.5" (2" extra to let out) Hem: 7.5" Thigh: 11" Knee: 8.5" Inseam: 31" (2" to let out)   I brought these...
West coast the best coast Now I don't have to fly across the country anymore. Still have to drive down from the bay area though but worth!!
^ that would be nice, most definitely going to get the suede one Sorry Mike i cropped out your face On another hand My nickname is Fish so....
Thanks@Markboots The classic usa fit is too big on me, had to get it tailored. The Italian fit is too slim in the same size, so yeah im thinking of sizing up. Didnt know about the slimmer usa fit thanks for the info
Too bad they don't offer the old italian fit anymore.. Size up in the newer fit? And anyway to contact Jamison?
+1 for the suede blouson and that color is exactly what i'm looking for. Been looking at valstar... Here is a fit pic from yesterday. My first epaulet product/ and first sport coat purchase through a forum member. 23 young : D. I'll will try to get a more pic(s) later so you guys can critique the fitting
@JUAN MANUEL What size did you get in thos, you didnt mention that ha
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