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just made vote # 251
I'm probably in the minority but I'd rather have a matte black Aventador than any Ferrari out
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Anyone have this? Worth 2 bills? i'll pay 2 bills for a large...anyone have one for sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 then she can buy larger titties. much rather her stay natural
[quote=whatever123;4423079]she needs a stripper pole. QUOTE] She just turned 17....has a year to go before she can make it rich on the pole
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle anyone know how expensive a G25/G36 is to maintain? I had an 05 from new for 4 years and I never had to do anything other than routine maintenance. I drove right at 90K miles with basically zero problems. Only thing I noticed was that the paint seemed shitty but I waxed it every 3-5 months and did some other things to maintain the paint and it ended up holding up pretty well considering it was parked out...
I made a trip to the Apple store on my old campus to buy an iPad but left with a new Air. Didn't really like the iPad as much as I thought I would
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit ^^^Now with Range Rovers it is a remarkable achievement I've had 3 and never had a problem other than routine maintenance and a sunroof leak they fixed under warranty. I've put over 100K on the three combined. I have 9K on my new 2011 and I love it so far. Land Rovers require a lot of routine maintenance compared to the normal car but if you do all of that you are usually ok.
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