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Wow, glad I didn't apply for the credit card even though I wanted the extra 15% off.  Seems like too much of a hassle and I really didn't want another card.  I did sign up for Shoprunner trial for the free shipping and I'm wondering how hard that will be to cancel. 
   Like I said, I'm new to this, not sure how much some polish can help... The leather on the top brogue seemed messed up. The only AE's I have are new.  These were 10C's.  Might pick them up for a friend if they can be restored.   
Went to 3 stores today.  Pretty new to thrifting.  Didn't have too much luck.  One store had some good items, probably from the same donor, all larger sizes though and I don't feel experienced enough to flip stuff yet.  Bought a Hanover (left).  The Daks on the right had some stains so I left it.      Hardy Amies:  AE McAllisters, not my size and rough shape so I left them:
How long does it take to be able to post pictures on here?   
Didn't have too much luck today.. Zegna shirt: Robert Talbott shirt:  Talbott tie: Paul Fredrick shirt:   Saw this YSL shirt, is it fake?
I'm sorry for getting everyone excited but I think the Oxxford suits I found are all probably 52 like the Brioni suit I found.  All the Oxxford tags say CTJ SPL where the size would be.  Tags also say Stanley Gumberg, which upon Googling was a Pittsburgh real estate developer who died in 2009.  There were also shirts there from Larrimor's in Pittsburgh.  I will try to post pictures of them and my other finds from today if I can.
Found a Brioni suit also. Probably same owner. Size is 52. Price was $45. Believe all this stuff was for a big guy. Some was early 2000s and other early 90s.
I'm at SA. There's a million Oxxford suits with pants. $20. Made for a Stanley Gumberg. They're from Larrimors in Pittsburgh. Think they're size 43. Should I get them to resale? Too big for me.
I'm just new to thrifting and don't know all the brands yet.  It's a good tie for $2.  I saw made in Italy and didn't know it was a Men's Warehouse brand.
Stopped by the local SA today.  Bought a Christian Dior Gavate tie with the tag still on it for $4, a Brooks Brothers Makers tie for $2 but it has a small snag, and a Pronto-Uomo tie for $2 (discovered this is Men's Warehouse's house brand when I got home)  :-(  Found a suit by Ungaro for Saks 41L and an Austin Reed Tailors Row Worsted.  Saw a Christian Dior coat that looked a little rough (tag was coming off), I didn't know if this was worth picking up?  Found a pair of...
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