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Latest I've seen was Ruby Sparks, which I liked.
If law is your thing could always go the phd/jd route and go into academia. Or you could do jd/mba and go into business.
Its all I have at the moment unless you lot are willing to share
Go stag and meet up with some bros. Then have a blast doing whatever capricious ill conceived activity is thought up.
water, straight from the gallon = )
5' 10" and 22   Would prefer to be a bit taller as practically all my friends are 6' and above but it is what it is.
Do you use conditioner? It helps quite a bit. Especially combing right outta the shower.   Also try using a bit of argan oil. Its made my hair a but softer in the short time I've used it and a bit more manageable.
I've used American Crew Fiber and didn't really like all that much. Didn't really like the way it spread.   I've since been using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream. I like it, but I don't think its an end be all product. Will have to get a decent hair gel as well.
Hey Sam I don't have a Golf Eco Drive but I do have a similar variant. It is a nice looking watch but beware about a titanium case. It scratches very easily and it is noticeable especially in the polished areas. Aside from that I've had mine for over a year, I've dropped it, banged it against things, its gotten soaked and its still ticking just fine.  Also there is no scratches on the face so sapphire is pretty kickass.
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