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  I don't think its weird, it'll probably happen to all the characters sooner or later, and I would prefer it that way. It gives the sense that no one, regardless of who it is, is really safe. And in a Zombie Apocalypse thats how it should be. 
Obviously not...   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactation#Lactation_without_pregnancy.2C_induced_lactation.2C_relactation
  You are correct. They do need it, but given the circumstances, breastfeeding doesn't have to come from the birth mother. One of the women can simply wet nurse, at least for the first 4 months of life. Then they can have the pureed canned food after.
I started with a cheapo knock off strat from fender of all things, and got a used amp on the ebay. I wouldn't recommend that route, go to a nearby guitar store and test out all the stuff and see what you like.    Justin Guitar is AWESOME!!!!
Reminds me of something I've seen on Star Trek.   Actually is that Star Trek??
Are you guys retarded?? Babies don't need formula or "baby food" to survive...   Are you forgetting about the prisons massive stockpile of canned food. What you think the recipe in gerber baby food is some magical formula?   Lol crush up some canned peas and carrots and your good to go. And I'm sure one of the ladies will act as a wet nurse   
14? He still looks the same except with longer hair and a ballsy attitude. All part of growing up I guess.
lol that is the exact thing I thought after episode 2
I've actually heard similar things from the guys over at the forums from top law school. com  regarding not being committed to law with the joint degree.   But it really just depends on the reasons the guy has for wanting a joint degree in the first place, and that particular firm he would be applying to. Could always go into patent law with that though if its your fancy.    Take this with a grain of salt though, its mostly word of mouth from what I've read at...
Check out watchuseek and ask around where you might find a new bracelet. The community there is in a category of their own.   While I share your sentiments about titanium watches, can't help but want an auto for my next one.   Either way its pretty awesome that your old Eco still works! I'm not really sure how long the solar cells are supposed to last 10 - 20 years maybe?   What is your budget for the new watch?
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