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Thinking about getting this. Yes or No? Thanks!    
Is there any way that they will drop down to 75% sale? Or should I just buy now?
Just watched it. Everything felt a bit out of place and sorta random. To me it didn't really have much flow in the first half, but things picked up towards the end. Can't say I liked it, and can't say I disliked it. Did enjoy when they brought back the DB5, that was awesome. Overall though mixed would be my sentiments.
Don't really care about the scowling. Just figured shes not gonna pretend to be something shes not.Either way I agree with the rest. She acts way too mysterious.
I use to play but due to the massive amounts of rage I quit. Solo que is terrible, especially at low ELO. So unless your really good, ranked isn't an option if you like wining. Playing with friends is usually the best way to go.
Don't really get the Michonne hate, if anyone is going to survive its her. She knows well enough that no one is to be trusted, and that living in that refuge gives you a false sense of security, and hope. Either way season 3 has been phenomenal so far, and the scenes with Rick have been intense. Teflon coated clothing? LOL looked like duct tape to me...
  Thanks for all the info!
  How narrow? I have a 11 D Strand that fits perfect, but that is my only experience with AE
Hey guys, what do you think about the Lubbock? Was looking to buy something that would go good with jeans/chinos.   Since its on sale and the price seems right, should I pull the trigger?
Why not just just exchange them out for a pair that fits? Don't they run long and narrow?
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