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Useful guide to slim-shirt measurements:    
Have your rinsed neppy's stretched at all since you bought them? How's the waist holding up?
Do you consider the "neppy" wash a strictly casual wash (i.e. goes with a t-shirt and sneakers) or is it versatile enough to wear with an oxford and blazer? I've yet to see it in person, but I'm considering ordering a pair from Levi's website. I'm hesitant to pull the trigger out of concern for whether or not it can be used in a smart casual outfit. Thoughts?
Thanks, found 'em. Will the measurements change dramatically for a 29/30 waist? That's more in line with my size. If anyone out there has a pair 513s in a 29 waist, I'd be incredibly grateful if they could post measurements/pics!
Does anyone have dimensions for a 513? I'm particularly curious to know what the leg opening is. 
How do you find the fit relative to 514s? 
i.e. the wash Levi's uses on it's own website when describing the 513 fit.
+1   This fit is on point, but all of the current washes are terrible. 
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