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Yep, RL Tartan jeans. Picked up a pair for super cheap a few weeks ago.
That's about regular price if you could still buy Barbour from the UK for delivery in the US.But since the UK retailers who ship Barbour to the US has pretty much dried up, that's not a bad price.
I've ordered many times from the Bureau with delivery by Fedex and have never had any extra fees or duty.
I remember seeing something very similar to those sold with the Prada label.
Don't think of acquiring black oxfords as a task you must accomplish. Think of it as an opportunity to go shoe shopping.
Oh and don't be surprised if UPS driver makes you write a check at delivery. I've picked up an international package from a UPS store and was billed a week later but their usual thing is to collect at delivery.
My rule of thumb (rule of toe?) is 8.5% plus brokerage fees.Most stuff I've purchased gets classified as 6403.51.60.http://www.usitc.gov/publications/docs/tata/hts/bychapter/1401c64.pdfMy last order from C&J was "customs friendly".
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