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If you sign up for UPS MyChoice and the Fedex equivalent, you can set them to email you before deliveries.The basic services are free.I often get the fedex notifications before shipment email from retailers.
Kind of funny how the box has the 1829 date too.
Honestly I have no experience with the Italian made Tricker's. The shadiness aspect comes from people and companies (I'm looking at you Yoox) trying to pass them off as made in England.
Those are those shady made in Italy Tricker's.They're not the Tricker's you want.
Who bought the chandelier? http://www.buzzfeed.com/sapna/ralph-lauren-will-honor-most-customer-orders-after-65-off-em
But GBR is being a dick. He's always a dick. He deserves to be told to STFU.
Kind of stretching the definition of "some".
Charges should be about 8.5% plus $12 to $30 or so fees depending on courier.That's assuming the sender fills out the customs form correctly and the courier's agent enters in the right tariff code.
That's quite confusing.
Barney's Warehouse still has one of these in tan, XL for $309.I picked one up several weeks ago and have been quite pleased.
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