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BBBF dubmunks.
Check your order to make sure it actually took off 40%.It only took off 30% when I ordered this morning.
Pic from last summer. Tricker's cipresso cordovan. Not too surprising, but I find a green casual boot a lot easier to wear than a shoe. I've also got a pair of Carmina wingtip shoes in green cordovan that I just don't wear much.
Stows that started green and are still green. From End.
I ended up with that same Polo sweater. For the price (on sale for $140 in Summer 2015), it's a nice alternative to the RRL.
Someone earlier in this thread said to use facebook.
In order to get the patron discount at Kafka, you have to have bought some amount of stuffs from them before. I'm not sure what the amount of stuffs are, but they trigger different discounts. Currently I'm getting 15%. I've heard others say they get 10%. It's tied to your account and just shows up in your basket. Sometimes they send out codes which stack on the patron discount. Sometimes the code replaces the patron discount. I think that PATRON code is dead.
I think it'll take years before the natural shell and whiskey are approaching the same shade. By that time you'll be so deep into the shoe game that you'll appreciate the subtle differences that can only be discerned by a spectrometer.
Brixton refers to the district in London. Epaulet even says so in the product description. I've always thought it a somewhat strange name for an American boot since I associate it with British race riots in the 80s.The boots are still awesome.
Mr Porter has been charging WA state sales tax for about a year.
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