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Losing money at the Aria.
It's on Western ave by all the furniture stores. Look for Modern Design Sofas.
Dweller and dessert in the desert. Foie gras burgers.
Sitting on an airplane.
CLEARDECKS takes 20% off sale stuff.
I think ITSHIDE are produced by these guys http://www.daviesodell.co.uk/itshide.asp and Dainite is a different company http://www.dainite.com/flash.html
Cool, glad those worked out for you.
Yeah they're definitely Cheaney.That sausages234 guy on ebay sometimes has them.Last is kind of funky.High volume but also relatively short. Sort of like Tricker's 4444.
Not me. But here's PDX Concourse A carpet.
Those free USPS boxes are only supposed to be used for Priority mail service. They'll refuse the package if you try to use it for a different service like those pre-printed return service labels.
New Posts  All Forums: