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Your refund will be at the current exchange rate.
I think the non-linear clutch engagement is due to the clutch delay valve.I know E36 M3s had them. Not sure about the non E36.Had an E36 M3 and clutch did not bother me.Had an E46 330xi and clutch was irritatingly non-linear. Considered having the CDV removed.E39 540 sort of non-linear but not too bad.Z3 M not a problem.I see people who say E36 parts are cheap. They forget to add "...for a BMW".SAABs are cool but I can imagine few things more foolish than buying one.
Beware. Ordered the engineer boots. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=100507336&cp=2943767.2018030&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_shoes&s=D-DollarRank&parentPage=family I assume somewhere in the Ralph system there's a box labeled size 8.5 with a size 10 right and 8.5 left boot because I just received a size 10 box with a size 8.5 right and 10 left. Good thing I also ordered the 10.5 which ended up fitting, and as a bonus both left and right were size 10.5.
Nat-Nast. Just snapped this.
I had that policy too. Decided it was nonsense and now I can wear my 4444 lasted shoes and boots in the summer with thin socks.
Damn, told myself I wasn't going to get anything this season other than a shirt or two. Ended up ordering the leather biker jacket, the A2 flight jacket, and the engineer boots.
Mobile site still shows old price. Add to cart and new prices are shown.
Look in the need supply thread.There's a monthly code for 10 or 15%.
Alpine grain NST. From Unionmade.
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