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Whiskey Skyes
That suede monk is the Mayfair on the 4537.
I'm wearing my whiskey Skyes today.To my foot, the main difference seems to be with the 335 there's more vertical room in the toe area than the 325.Otherwise they feel pretty similar..I don't think the 341 feels similar to the 325 or 335 although I take the same size.Oh, and I vote for having the medallion.
I was surprised to see that reaoem does in fact show different left/right parts for e46 front sensors. Rear sensors are the same part left/right. E46 M3 doesn't have sensors for tire pressure. It just uses the abs sensors to make a WAG that a tire is low/flat.
If you're feeling ambitious and curious, you can swap existing left and right sensors and see if that sensor code follows to the other side.If it follows, it's probably just the sensor. Otherwise it might be the module. Or you f'd it up when you swapped them.
Man up and be a bad ass! (Actually I lace them looser when new and stiff. On the one hand, lacing them looser will mean it'll take longer to break in. On the other hand, you won't feel like you've got splints on your ankles.)
You'd think he'd be an expert at jacking things.
Jeebus, just replace it. They're about $125. Don't cheap out and get the non-OEM ones. You're driving a 10+ year old car in the north east, it's going to be crudded up. Those sensors aren't known for their longevity. Try not to kill yourself and use jack stands and block the wheels.I'd look into those DME fan codes too. http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showpost.php?p=3320166&postcount=13
Burgundy cordovan.
Yeah, you need the specialty readers to talk to the brake modules and others.
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