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Yeah, it's a decent representation of the color.
Navy Conistons.
What is "full grain suede"?
MSAINT did some nice work on his lolipop Stows.The Allans I just got are a bit darker and less red than my Stows from a while ago.
Yay! Got my Frankenstitches today.
True.What makes it such a PITA in pre-check is you start taking them off because you know they'll set off the alarm but they remind you you're in the pre-check line and to not take them off. But then they set off the alarm and you have to take them off.And it's not like Aldens are the only shoes that have metal shanks.
Take a look at chapter 62. There are a bunch of different rates depending upon what the jacket is made of. http://hts.usitc.gov/ Plus I think a lot of times they just pull a code out of their ass or are just plain wrong.
The percentage you get charged is based on what you buy.Different items are charged at different rates. There is no flat percentage.
Not trying to mock you or anything but my first thought was that's some next level pickiness.
DPD is yet another courier. http://www.dpd.com/
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