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I'd go same size in 4497 as 7WK
Brand new from Leffot. I just received them the other day.
Leffot LWB in ocho with spurty whale pants.
Free shipping and free return made me throw the dice on the 10us hoping they're actually 9.5uk.I don't *need* them either but I left need in the rear view mirror a long time ago.
I'm on Maui now. Wear one pair and buy slippahs. You're not going to wear your Aldens once you're here. I also brought a pair of Gucci horsebit loafers, sneakers, and boat shoes. I've worn the loafers once and mostly just worn the boat shoes or slippahs. Hit the Maui swap meet at the college on Saturday for cheap trinkets and local made stuff. Good produce too for if you're staying in a condo. Costco has good price on Mac nuts. I usually just stuff socks in my shoes...
An xl is going to be too big for you.I wear large Liddesdale and xl in the SL.
It's a French thing.http://www.frenchentree.com/living-in-france/shopping/les-soldes-sales-season-in-france/
GMT IIC. Again. G-Shock
Look for a UK retailer at sale time that still ships to USA.
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