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They've been pretty quick when I've returned stuff.I just now got a "refund being processed" email for something they received today.I pretty much always use a CC there.Using the pre-paid mailing label can take forever to get there from the west coast.
Those captoes might be 4444 but I'm guessing everything else is 4497.
I do appreciate you guys sending via the postal service and that you fill out the forms correctly. Nothing more irritating than having to play phone tag with fedex trade network and know you're going to end up paying $25 or so in fees plus customs charges for a delayed package.I probably have a lifetime total of close to 100 international shipments received via postal service. I've been hit with customs charges twice and both of those were watches.Also, having senders mark...
Interesting to see that Zenith reissued a version of this. Hmmm, my tritium is turning yellow.
Funny, but I'd recommend the Sub which is the one of those three I don't have although I do have a dweller.I know it's kind of DB Blingy but i do still love my YM.
Use EXTRA25 and they're down to $231.
If there were a contest in which every male in America were to choose between an Indy and a horrific bicycle toed monstrosity, the horrific bicycle toed monstrosity would win.I don't think appealing to the least common denominator is the best way to validate your preference.
Allans are on 4497. I went same size in 4497 as 81 so down 1 from US. 81 is tighter than 4497 though.
google "ralph lauren bizrate"
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