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You know, once you factor in state sales tax, the Barney's sales price of $449 makes them about the same price as ordering from the uk (440GBP less VAT so about 367GBP plus another 20 or so for shipping).
That's next level rationalization. I approve.
Saw some on sale in store at Barneys.
Styfo adds referral links which can mess up embedded Ralph links. Just type the link into your browser. I had no problem ordering earlier today.
Burgundy Arrans
Trust your feet rather than randos on the interweb who diagnose fit via picture.
Ravello LWB on crepe.
NFC dude. I had to fill it out once almost 10 years ago.
It's for an importer of record customs form.
I don't know how many times I've been wearing Aldens and taken them off in PRE lane and had the TSA guy yell at me I don't have to take them off. Never had one tell me to put them back on.
New Posts  All Forums: