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It's kind of a funky surface finish. Obviously printed. I tried scratching it with my fingernail and it didn't really do anything.According to that irritating shoe material sticker, it is leather. It feels kind of synthetic not too surprisingly.
I think you'll be okay.
Dinan mods haven't been covered by BMW factory warranty for quite some time now. Dinan however offers a warranty.
I've got 5402R in same size as 4497 and they work for me. I don't think the style number written on the side will 100% identify the last. If you still have the box, look there. They often write the last on the box.
5402R is more or less true to size. Get your normal UK sizing if you know it.
From End.
US Import duty on shoes is about 8.5%. Maybe a little bit less if they know what welting is. Maybe a little more if they're lazy and just mark other (10%). Fedex may charge you about $20 fees when importing. UPS charges a similar amount. DHL is slightly less. UPS usually collects on delivery. Fedex and DHL will bill you. USPS collects duty on delivery but no fee. The chances of actually being hit with customs/duty is slim with USPS; almost certain with UPS; highly likely...
I think it was the same 30gbp or so.
The last C&J GMTO they shipped via UPS. No import duties due. They were declared in a customer friendly manner (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). The duty free limit is going up to $800 in a little over a week. March 10 I think. https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/1907 (Sec. 601) The general de minimis aggregate fair retail value in the country of shipment of duty-free articles imported by one person on one day increases from $200 to $800.
It doesn't matter what you do, she's going to find out.
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