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Pantina example.About 3 year old Marlows versus brand new pair.Not Alden but they are Horween cordovan.
Maybe just order the Tricker's from STP and if you like 'em, you're done.
They might be made to a lower standard though but for the price (with coupon) they're okay. Hard to say. I've got a pair of the chukkas in the lighter sand color. Mostly I like the Carmina last better for something like a chukka.
I assume those are STP Tricker's. I'd tend towards the Carminas if you know your sizing. You can figure about 8.5% customs/duty + some Fedex fee of $7-20. Maybe less if you can get Carmina to declare them as "goodyear welted footwear" since that's around 5%. The Tricker's have the advantage of easy return to STP. Dunno about NY, but STP has started to charge WA state sales tax.
Blue suede Indy.
Whiskey LHS.
Suede wingtips.
Black cordovan on modified.
Whiskey PTB
New Posts  All Forums: