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I think that would be pushing it.I wear a 9.5 in 4497 and 9 in 4444.
I could have finished whiskey week but would have had to switch to non-Alden shoes..
LS Anniversary Ravello first wear.
Whiskey LWB
Don't sweat it if it's at the USPS ISC. Stuffs can take far longer than one would expect to make it through customs and sorting.Your chances of having to pay anything with USPS delivery is very low.
One time I got a pair of Tricker's via FedEx. The FedEx customs dude contacted me to ask wtf they were since the shipper labeled them as "Men's brogues".I emailed him back and even included the hts code for welted footwear at 5%. Bastard still classed them at the 8.5% rate but at least he didn't charge me the brokerage fee.
Whiskey PTB
I went 1/2 size down from Marlow wings for Gianni.
Whiskey Indy.
Exp and half eaten bagel.
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