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Yeah, no image. He used a link to his email or something (url host is mail.google.com).
Tourneau is a terrible place to buy a watch. It's like they have a bunch of reject used car salesmen hawking watches. I wouldn't expect a good deal from them.I'm not surprised the Cartier boutique doesn't discount either.I've had good experiences at Roman Times across from Tourneau. I don't know if they carry Cartier though.
Tricker's X Engineered Garments
The pents are these 'uns. Extra 30% off right now. They're cut with reasonably slim legs.http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=33788406&cp=2943767.1766319&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_pants&view=99&parentPage=family
Daylight today.
Unlined snuff.
Them Langstons are okay. They're worth it with a 35% off coupon. Though, I proxied a pair for a buddy but ended up returning them because the leather was really veiny on one of them.
Yeah, it's a decent representation of the color.
Navy Conistons.
What is "full grain suede"?
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