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The past several Black Fridays they've just done some additional percentage off sale stuff. Also, the Black Friday deal has been available in store starting Tuesday or something like that.
The 15% kicker is in store too. You might have to ask for it. Also the total discount is 40.5%, not 45%
Just start from ralphlauren.com/presale
I agree. I like the blatant asymmetry of that RDM.But just a 6 or 12 hanging there bugs me.
Private sale pre-sale starts 10/21 at ralphlauren.com/presale. Mailer said "up to 30% off". Additional 15% kicker when you present the card in store. No mention of online kicker. No mention of RLPL or BL being on sale.
How about the 9 and 12 on the rdm?
I thought that too but there does seem to be some period of time that adding something to the cart makes it not available.I added something that said "only one left" to my cart. Then I used a different browser and went to that item. It said "only one left" but I got an error when I tried to add it to my cart. I went to the first browser and emptied my cart. After a few seconds I was able to add it in my second browser.I'd be amazed if adding something to your cart makes...
Look in the clearance section.
Not really referring to just this thread's response so much as the long history of the dick responses to newbies.It's fairly creepy the way he jumps at the chance to put down the newbies.
What does your armchair psychology say about longtime forum members who seem to have a hobby of being a total dick and ass-raping newbie first posts?
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