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Commanders for $399 at End. Ashby $200 Pantones $115. Bunch of other stuffs too.
Ground ship orders take at least a week to get to WA from the east coast.It's a crapshoot as to how long it takes for them to ship but it's usually next day.
FFS, quit asking sizing questions in this thread.
7FTG speaks the truth.Snuff varies a lot.
Since he's in Mexico City I assume that's 20000 pesos or about $1550 USD.
My natural CXL Brixtons are also wrinkly although perhaps not as bad as yours.No amount of brushing and conditioning is going to make it smooth. I think it's just shitty leather.Mine are at the border between "character" and "ugly". They're enough towards the "character" end of the spectrum that I kept them.I've got three other pairs natural CXL shoes which have no where near as much wrinklyness.
Ha ha. I remember that guy.Site was shady as all hell but I got the pair I ordered eventually.No way would I order from a site like that today.
Yep. All three are dainite.
The Barney's shoe fairy arrived a day earlier than scheduled. The suede Burnhams are a bit shop worn but not terrible. They also feel ever so slightly larger than the Tetbury although on the same 348 last. I've got a pair of suede Lowndes that fit like the Tetbury. All are stamped 10 1/2 over 4 which is the US size. Navy Conistons. Tetbury Burnham
New Posts  All Forums: