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Very nice MSAINT. But I believe that M7309/1 is the style number for longwing boots. According to the Tricker's Instagram, those are on the 4497. Of course they also say they don't use the 4444 on that style boot but I've got two pairs of longwing boots on the 4444 last.
Pretty much. They're on the 365 last which is somewhat generous but not enough to take a smaller size.. I take 9.5UK in most all UK sized shoes. It's when they're marked in US sizes for Barney's or Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers where things get wonky.
Oiled suede Islays from Barney's. The size 10.5US feels like the 9.5UK Purdislays I have. So there's a size 10US on their way back.
Ravello on Leydon
Umm, he took a picture of himself in a mirror.
"Need" is a distant memory that both of us passed a long time ago.
Yes, Barney's are marked US size.
Oh yeah, Barney's C&J sizing is always a crapshoot. The UK/US conversion seems to vary by model and season. I ordered 2 sizes of the Islays.
I'd get same size in 2298 and 4497.
Some C&J on sale at Barney's for under $400 before tax. Only thing interesting to me were the oiled suede Islays. http://www.barneys.com/crockett-jones-islay-wingtip-boots-504067584.html#prefn1=onSale&prefn2=productAccess&prefv3=isPublic&prefv1=Sale&+Jones=undefined&prefv2=isPublic&prefn3=productAccess&start=15
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