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C&J retail is run by Turnbull and Asser. At least that's what has shown up on cc statement before. I think lately it shows as C&J.
C&J version of online ordering is is email with Pernilla in London. Just use the mail order email address on website.
Yeah, aimed at Japanese market. Kafka had some earlier this year. They still shipped Barbour to USA as of last spring.
There's a hooded Bedale SL model available.
Hmm, love the gold buttons myself. Kind of odd the side adjuster have regular buttons though. I assume that's a detail from the Lee it's based on.
I remember thinking "sweet, free yachtmaster". But I was already wearing my yachtmaster.I just wear my watch through security. I've never had security do more than give a quick look at my wrist.
Earlier this year, I saw a guy peeling the protective stickers off his new steel sub in the security line at Maui airport.Then on the flight to SEA I saw a couple gold steel datejusts and a blue dial gold steel sub.A month or so ago the guy in front of me in security line at SeaTac had a Yachtmaster II that he just tossed in one of those bowls along with his wallet and phone.
Warlows with one day of wear. Whiskey shell on 325. Pristine and unworn. With Pembroke. With Ralph Marlow.
Black cordo captoes on modified. Jeans Levi's Made & Crafted.
Thanks man.Jeans are Levi's Made and Crafted Tack something or others.
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