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Depends upon your definition of TTS, but no need to size up for Wellhouse.
Those End ones are on the 4444 last. It's pretty gigantic so I wouldn't worry about them being too small.
It seems like it's only been in the past year or so that they've regularly been deducting the 5 bucks return shipping fee for me. Before it was hit or miss whether they'd deduct it.And the one time I returned something purchased online to a store, they didn't deduct the 5 bucks either. It did take a long time to get the refund that time though.
I love the lollipop color.Search this thread for posts by user MSAINT. He had some lollipop boots he turned into a more oxblood color. I think he used black and brown polishes.I've got a few pairs in the lollipop leather. The shade varies a fair amount from pair to pair. I got a pair of those cap toes pictured above from the Bureau fairly recently and they're quite a bit darker than my older pairs.I would not wear any pair of Tricker's country shoe with a suit. They're...
It's legit.I've got a similar jacket in khaki. Similar labels. It's from several seasons ago. There's a dedicated RRL thread BTW.
Code doesn't apply.
What does this question even mean?
That's been going on for a while now.
Yes. One time I bought a pair of Tricker's and they wrote "Men's Brogues" as the description. Fedex dude had no idea WTF that meant so package was delayed a day or two.A couple orders also passed through with no charge.All were via Fedex.
Looks like the CA delay to 2020 passed.http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201320140AB2075In general, when you're importing exotic skins stuffs from overseas you better make sure you have the proper CITES forms. Fish and Wildlife guys will inspect your shipment. I've had stuff shipped to me be delayed because it had to make a side trip to Alaska for Fish and Wildlife inspection.
New Posts  All Forums: