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Pleasantly surprised I just got shipping notification from Barney's for all three pairs I ordered.
Damn. Ended up ordering the Navy grain Conistons, brown Tetbury, and brown suede munk boots. Those munk boots used to called the Bagshot. I can understand why they changed the name.
See quoted post above.
Ebay global ship is run by Pitney Bowes. That Kentucky airport is CVG which is the Cincinnati airport. A lot of DHL stuff goes through there.
Just send it to Barbour.It's only $35 plus shipping. http://www.barbour.com/static/cs_repair_reproofing_pageI sent a jacket in for reproofing (similar problem, left it in the sun and it got splotchy) and turnaround was fast. They shipped it back something like two days after receiving it.
Is he the stylish hobo RL guy?
El Primero today.
Got those a long time ago from Shoe Mart. I've got a black calf pair too.
I saw the Mendoza at the Honolulu store a little over a week ago. It wasn't marked down.
Have you considered that if others weren't giving you shit for how you dress that they'd be giving you an equal amount of shit for some other reason? Giving you shit about how you dress might just be the low hanging fruit so to speak.
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