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Whiskey LWB
Frans Boone has some cordovan shoes for around $500 on sale right now. Cotto and Mogano.
I would agree with Watchman that US11D = UK10E. But I'll add that I was under the impression that the Marlows for Europe were wide width so US11E. I have no actual experience with Euro market Marlows but I read it on the internet several times so it must be true.
Ralph deducts $5 from your refund if you use their prepaid label. It takes almost 2 weeks from the west coast. Shop Runner returns are no change though.
I think the most logical explanation is lots of shitty drivers.
Thanks dubs.They're lined and from Unionmade.
Thanks man.Indeed they are.
Ocho PTBs on commando.
I think you'll be okay. I've got a similar style Junya pair marked 10uk but they feel like 9.5uk. If you're curious, peel off the heel liner and they have the last number and actual size written.
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