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Yes, I read that.And I'm saying that I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually D.
Ah jes.Just got UPS tracking from Lauren.
The 2 initials are for countries. Stuff from certain countries have different rates than others.8.5% is kind of the catch all rate for most dress type footwear. Sneakers are at a higher rate than 8.5%.5% is for welt footwear but I've only ever had one pair charged at that rate and that was because the shipper messed up the customs form and the fedex guy called me and I had to tell him what they were and gave him the htc number. Note to retailers: The Fedex guy isn't going...
That's the claim.I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually D.E is the UK equivalent of D.
The PATRONPRE 30% code seems to work on Aldens at kafka.co.uk. They have a couple sizes of #8 longwings. Code takes them down to 310gbp shipped to US. #8 PTB are about 300gbp. Note that you have to be a "patron" but I think all that means is that you sign up for an account. Last time I ordered from Kafka they used Fedex. You should NOT owe any duty for US made goods (8.5% for shoes; 4 or 5% for welted footwear) but there's always a chance that something will get messed...
Sweet. Seems like we've been waiting forever for these.
Those look like the ones I saw in store. They're made in Italy. Still a decent buy at $359.
I bought and returned a pair of those.The pics on the Barney's site are a reasonably accurate rendition.
Why you have to defend your dickish comments with more dickish comments?
Nope. Just using an ifone 6.
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