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PTBs at the dentist. With wrinkled pants.
That's not how that works.It's just a run of the mill f up. You return it and get a refund. You don't get to keep it.
I've got a pair of Mayfair monks on 4537 and they don't feel as voluminous as these Roys.
Front pic looks like it's the Clyde Jaspe.http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=70936596&cp=2943767.53333306&fd=RRL&ab=en_US_SLP_Sale_SLOT_2_MEN&ff=Brand&fv=1000055%2FRRL&s=D-DollarRank&fg=Brand&parentPage=family
Stow and Malton are the same style. They just differ in the stock materials plus I think Malton is available in wide (fitting 6). It's like how the Bourton, Keswick, and Ilkley are the same style and just differ in the stock configurations.
Was there any doubt you need a pair?
Yeah, kinda surprised how generous the fit is given the relative sleekness. Regardless, good call on picking it.
Hey Watchman, Tricker's quality is first rate. The Comipel quality kind of varies. I'd say it ranges from okay to "seems about the same Horween". My oldest pair of Comipel felt thin. It's held up okay but it doesn't have that same bulletproof feel of the Horween shell. Most of it seems pretty good though. Certainly good enough for me. One big advantage of Comipel is the wide range of colors. I've got pairs in orange, green, red, and now navy in addition to the various...
Tricker's navy shell Roy boots.
Navy cordovan Roys showed up today.
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