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GBR and RRL CLOTHING really should get together.
My Pool Dweller.
Sales dude acted like having the new SD was no big deal. He was knowledgeable enough to point out the differences between it and the previous version. I was wearing mine. No question the one in the case was up for grabs.He said they had a couple BNLRs waiting for owner pickup. Said the list of prepaid ones was down to five.
Surprised to see Sea Dweller in case at Wynn. Very nice. Dude said they just got it today. Said they've sold over 30 BNLRs since they came out.
That's happening with mine too. I haven't tried to do anything yet. There's green oxidation too.
Commanders for $399 at End. Ashby $200 Pantones $115. Bunch of other stuffs too.
Ground ship orders take at least a week to get to WA from the east coast.It's a crapshoot as to how long it takes for them to ship but it's usually next day.
FFS, quit asking sizing questions in this thread.
7FTG speaks the truth.Snuff varies a lot.
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