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Horween Aberdeen Muskeg aka Zug. http://www.aacrack.co.uk/tannery/horween/horween-aberdeen-muskeg-zug-oxblood-20-22.html The pair of black Zug grain Tricker's I have is definitely thicker and more pliable leather than the scotchgrain pairs I have. No idea how waterproof it is.
Thanks. I don't do much to them. A few weeks ago I hit them with some conditioner and some cognac saphir paste wax to cover a few scuffs. I do that them and my Pembrokes maybe once a year.Sorry dude. If it makes you feel better, I feel your pain whenever I wear them now.
Tricker's use a different shape rubber heel thing and the size/style info is hand written.
Grain Lindricks on Ridgeway sole on what passes for a snow day in Seattle.
Effective 20% off Aldens (and everything else) at Union Made. GIFTCARD20 gives 20% off gift cards. Site seems to be crashed right now though.
Ocho NSTs.
Waxed suede Islays.
Every day is dress-down day in my office, but I still get "you look like a logger".
There was a Ralph Lauren version a number of years ago.
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