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Here's a burgundy burnished long wing boot that was done a few years ago.
Any update on the Whiskey Sky?
Somehow I knew given mdubs methodical logical strategy to acquire moar rare shell Aldens that he was an engineer.
I know I've seen long wing shoes on the 4444 before. I've got a couple pairs of long wing boots on the 4444.
Not really any different than Horween in the rain. My teak cap toe boots seem a little susceptible to the little blisters but same with some of my cordo Aldens.
The wool SL I just got was made in Bulgaria. Purchased from Nordstroms.The other SL I have was purchased from the UK and has no country of origin label that I could find. I assume not made in the UK.I have many Barbour jackets and TBH, I find no discernible difference in quality based on where they were made.
I have 10.5D Marlow wingtips and 10D tassels.The static fit of the 10D is okay.But the the heels slap almost like flip-flops when walking.Manually flexing the sole helped some.
I just got another Bedale SL. It's the wool windowpane one. The sleeves on that one are longer than the Ashby I have. Both XL.
Yeah. One time they sent me a damaged item and another time they sent the wrong size. They didn't charge the $5 return shipping in either case.
New Posts  All Forums: