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Thanks moosic. I got them from superdenim.com I also picked up a pair in mogano which should be here soon. They've still got a couple pairs of black cordo for 335gbp shipped.
Navy Tricker's.
Just got some slip-ons today. I sized down from my Achilles size. They're a bit snug, mostly in width. But I know if I got my Achilles size they'd be too loose.
Navy cordovan on the feet.
Third bullet.http://goglobal.dhl-usa.com/blog/shipping/what-the-customs-reauthorization-bill-means-for-u-s-businesses/
The 9-2x was purchased by bargain seekers looking for a cheap WRX. I don't think they were purchased by the "normal SAAB buyer" (whatever that is).https://www.fatwallet.com/forums/arcmessageview.php?catid=24&threadid=463298
Navy cordovan from Superdenim.
Whiskey Wednesday.
Second gen RL has hydraulic power steering. Slipping belt could cause PS issue. Schedule for RL timing belt is 105K.
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