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Not a Rolex.
Inca. They're from Epaulet.
I wear a 10.5US Barrie. I can comfortably wear thick socks. They're a bit on the loose side with thin dress socks. I've got a pair of 2298 in 9.5UK. They're a bit snug but work okay with thin socks. Everyone's feet are different tho so YMMV. You say you've got a high instep. Mine is sort of low but then it's kind of wide across the ball.
9.5UK sounds big if you can wear 9US Barrie.
Where to find cordovan dopp kits?
Yep, Aria.
Dubmunks before a night out.
There have been a few LWBs on Leydon too.
Ubiquitous watches. No BFBM today. Apparently there are only tiny and Big Gulp sizes.
I'll wear my SD or YM with SC and tie but would go with something else if I were to suit up. I think the YM is "dressier" relative to the sub or SD.
New Posts  All Forums: