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Red cordovan Keswicks from the Bureau.
Suede V-tips
Try the CJ Cavendish on the 325. It's the only tassel that fits me. Toebox on 325 is fairly generous. The pair I have has single leather sole so no heel slip for me.The Polo Marlow tassel (on 314 I think) is pretty horrible fit for me. Tight in the toebox but low vamp and double leather sole so they wear like flip-flops.
Tricker's Allan. Not quite as susceptible to water welts as the other pair.
Allan in cordovan.
ThanksYes, RL jeans.
Thanks, I missed that one too. I think I did a search for "popover" and it didn't show in the results.Just ordered.
Marlow tassels.
Tricker's teak cordovan. Super susceptible to water welts.
Odd BMW M-Coupe press photos.
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