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I think you just need to break them in. If they fit around your feet, going up a size isn't going to help.Maybe unlace a couple pairs of eyelets until you're comfortable with them.
Let's see them Monkey boots!
Sounds like you need a scotch grain Lindrick. The only time I've been to a dermatologist, he was wearing brown AEs perforated cap toes.He was also wearing a paisley bow tie.The only reason I mention it, he's the only memorably dressed doctor I can remember seeing.(Not counting my eye doctor who was wearing lederhosen. Good thing it was Halloween. BTW, the definition of uncomfortable is sitting in a dark room while a man wearing short lederhosen is leaning over you looking...
This is a reasonably accurate accounting of my cordovan Tricker's. 1. Burgundy stow boot – ebay retricker 2. Burgundy cap toe boot – ebay retricker 3. Burgundy punch cap boot – ebay retricker 4. Burgundy plain toe shoe – Super Denim 5. Orange Allan boot – Bureau Belfast 6. Orange Stow boot – Bureau Belfast 7. Orange split toe shoe – ebay retricker 8. Teak Allan boot – Shoe Healer 9. Teak plain toe shoe – Super Denim 10. Red Bourton shoe – Bureau Belfast 11. Mogano Jimmy...
Autumn/winter and spring/summer.
I had the UO washed leather and the suede at the same time.The washed leather fit slimmer through the body than the suede. It's also slimmer than a 626 I got direct from Schott.The suede had the excessively longer sleeves that I already ranted about.Were it not for the sleeves, I would have kept the suede one. I liked that it doesn't have the belt. has several colors has several shades in a lot of sizes available.Price is kind of high at 695GBP, or 580GBP minus VAT.For that much, I wouldn't mess around with Tricker's Cordovan and I'd be looking at one of the C&J GMTOs.I think the MTO info regarding Cordovan supply is old info and they seem to have gone back to Comipel (or they found another supplier) since they recently restocked the website.Watch the seasonal offerings from the...
That 920 euro price includes French VAT. Take that off and they're about $826 shipped which is high, but in the ballpark for cordo Indy.
Tricker's cordovan punch caps.
Cordovan punch cap toe.
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