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Some relatively cheap (for 'murricans) mushroom suede Skyes here. About US$407 plus shipping. I believe they'll ship via postal service on request which greatly increases your odds of not having to pay anything for customs/fees. http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/crockett-and-jones/products/crockett-and-jones-fransboonestore-skye-mushroom-suede-boot (oops, meant to post this in the regular C&J thread)
^ Your email address is in that url.
They're all pretty closely ranked in my mind. Close enough so as not to make much difference at least.
TBS = Tres Bien Store. In Sweden.
This was the week of relatively cheap Stows (or Stowlike). Each pair was a bit over $400 shipped. Mogano cordovan Stows from the Tricker's ebay shop. Black Junya Stowlike boots from TBS. No idea what last the Junya ones are on. Based on prior experience with Junya Tricker's, they run about 1/2 size smaller than marked. The cordo ones are standard 4497 in 9.5UK. The Junya ones are marked 10UK but feel snugger than the 4497's. They feel snugger than a pair of Eatonlike...
Like these ones I assume. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trickers-size-8-Marmelade-Cordovan-Stow-Country-Brogue-boot-dainite-sole-/161553534466 They're different than the ones I got from the Bureau which have orange pull tab and commando sole.
They ended up being $415 shipped after VAT refund.
Some cheapish Mogano cordovan Stows available from retrickers. Sizes going fast.
^ Nope. That dude's not Asian.
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