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Chelsea 5 in mushroom suede. BTW, I don't think there's any set pattern for how Barney's C&J are sized, especially the ones on 348. I bought a pair of Tetbury in 10.5US (assuming a 9.5UK) and they fit . A year later, bought another pair of Tetbury in 10.5US and they were too large so reordered to get 10US. Ordered a pair of whatever that George boot style is on the 348 in 10US and could barely get my foot in them so reordered in 10.5 which fit. I have some Barney's...
TBH, I think today was only the 4th time I've worn them.
C&J navy shell Camberly
Navy shell Camberly
Cool monkey boots. Re: lacing, I like the look of the straight lacing but it bugs me too much putting them on and off.
Them's were delivered summer 2015.
Whiskey Skye. From the first GMTO.
Whiskey cordovan Skyes.
I think it's a combination of leaning over to take the pic and camera angle/lighting illusion.
I've seen BLNRs pretty regularly in Vegas dealers since not too long after they came out. Same around here in Seattle. Had no idea they're still in short supply anywhere.
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