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I sold my black dial XV to a buddy but I still have my white dial and my Spitfire SE.
VAT has already been collected or deducted when you made your purchase.Duty is collected by Customs (or by DHl for them in this case) when your stuff is imported.The rate depends upon what your stuff is.Since your stuff is under $200 you might not owe anything.You might owe DHL a clearance fee ($15 or so).They'll bill you after delivery. Or you can call them.
A few weeks ago I was with my wife who was exchanging a gift at Hermes (perfume, not a green breast wallet).Salesdude said to me: Are those John Lobbs?Me: No, Crockett & Jones.Salesdude did the Ummmmmmm awkward shift.
That Adidas stuff has already come and been through markdown.
I wouldn't have pegged you for a gold/steel blue dial sub guy unless you meant the Seadweller.I have stuff besides Rolex and Panerai.
narcissistic here!
Type RRL in search and then click on "all results".
Interesting.Looks to be on Western Ave.https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Modern+Design+Sofas&ll=47.603954,-122.337092&spn=0.00043,0.000646&hq=Modern+Design+Sofas&t=h&z=21&layer=c&cbll=47.603893,-122.337035&panoid=5tZa4fkUYak_nS-UzLgFrQ&cbp=12,225.59,,0,6.21
I've had that happen before but it's not the usual case.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Regent-Fit-Button-Down-Collar-Dress-Shirt/132Q,default,pd.html?dwvar_132Q_Color=BLUE&contentpos=1&cgid=0203When did they rename the fits?I bought some end of December and they were called slim, extra-slim, etc.Now slim is called Regent, extra-slim is Milano.
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