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Ravello PTB. Leydon last from LS.
Didn't we all try to blame Leffot when Alfred Sargent stopped allowing internet sales to the US and it turned out to be some one else?
selvedge8tweed PM'ed me about measurements and here's what I replied.I measured with a cloth tape measure like Fred G.
$50 sounds about right if they weren't made in USA.Looks like the only choices I have are refuse the package and they send it back or to pay it and then file a protest.https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/919/~/getting-a-refund-of-duty-paid-by-a-courier-%28fed-ex,-dhl,-ups,-etc.%29-service
Alden of Carmel dude posted this drawing.
Whiskey Skye GMTO
Mine showed up today too.
I ordered the unlined PTB from Kafka and a Barbour jacket (300gbp + 138gbp).UPS just tried to deliver and collect $212 duty. I said "um, no" so the driver said to call and try to clear it up and he'd deliver later.Called UPS and they were pretty much worthless. Said the package was $900 and described as "men's clothing".They were absolutely no help trying to get it corrected. They said to contact shipper and try to get a corrected invoice.
Just about every state has a use tax equivalent to state sales tax for goods that enter from out of state. The thing is the consumer has to self report and send in payment of the tax and of course almost no one does. So for me, this is a 9.5% incentive to purchase out of state. But this reasoning is rather moot when it comes to Carminas since there's no retailer in Washington state.Also, welted footwear is supposed to be 5% duty.
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