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Damn, told myself I wasn't going to get anything this season other than a shirt or two. Ended up ordering the leather biker jacket, the A2 flight jacket, and the engineer boots.
Mobile site still shows old price. Add to cart and new prices are shown.
Look in the need supply thread.There's a monthly code for 10 or 15%.
Alpine grain NST. From Unionmade.
Red cordovan Tricker's. From the Bureau.
Red cordovan Keswicks from the Bureau.
Suede V-tips
Try the CJ Cavendish on the 325. It's the only tassel that fits me. Toebox on 325 is fairly generous. The pair I have has single leather sole so no heel slip for me.The Polo Marlow tassel (on 314 I think) is pretty horrible fit for me. Tight in the toebox but low vamp and double leather sole so they wear like flip-flops.
Tricker's Allan. Not quite as susceptible to water welts as the other pair.
Allan in cordovan.
New Posts  All Forums: