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Stubby Stows in walnut cordovan.
"Shouldn't" as in the shipper or customs agent/broker can fck things up. Personal experience having received a bill for $250 or so when actual rate should have called for about $50. That was a real PITA to deal with.But most of the time they get it right.Current rules (updated earlier this year) say under $800 and you don't have to pay anything. There are exceptions of course like sunglasses which apparently are considered medical supplies so you have to pay a fairly hefty...
You shouldn't have to pay anything as long as it's under $800.
That's not the proper DGAF attitude for wearing a Barbour.
A speedy day.
Yep, they're the ones from the Bureau.
Regarding the roughout suede., honestly I don't think you need to do anything. It's a pretty indestructible material and seems to benefit from hard wear at least lookswise.. Purdislays.
My experience is they fill the orders earlier than the back order date.I'm basing that on two Alden orders and one for a j crew branded item.
MSAINT's grain cap toes the other day inspired me to pull on my grain Stows today.
The navy grain Conistons used to be a stock model. I was actually kind of lukewarm on them and got them when they went on sale at Barney's. I've grown quite fond of them.
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