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My natural CXL Brixtons are also wrinkly although perhaps not as bad as yours.No amount of brushing and conditioning is going to make it smooth. I think it's just shitty leather.Mine are at the border between "character" and "ugly". They're enough towards the "character" end of the spectrum that I kept them.I've got three other pairs natural CXL shoes which have no where near as much wrinklyness.
Ha ha. I remember that guy.Site was shady as all hell but I got the pair I ordered eventually.No way would I order from a site like that today.
Yep. All three are dainite.
The Barney's shoe fairy arrived a day earlier than scheduled. The suede Burnhams are a bit shop worn but not terrible. They also feel ever so slightly larger than the Tetbury although on the same 348 last. I've got a pair of suede Lowndes that fit like the Tetbury. All are stamped 10 1/2 over 4 which is the US size. Navy Conistons. Tetbury Burnham
Asked my buddy who snapped that pic about the lopsided boobage.He said she was leaning over and actual boobs were not lopsided. He also said she was mid 50s.Jorts woman was talking to dogs in irritating high pitched baby voice.
Carmina cognac has massive variation from batch to batch. In general it's probably more Ravello-ish.
Damn dude.I at least try them on when I get them.I will admit though that I've got two pairs of Lobbs I haven't worn beyond trying on.
I've only got one pair of UK purchased C&J. They're stamped 9 1/2 over 5 and printed 9 1/2 E.I've got about 10 pairs of C&J from Barney's.For the most part they're stamped the same size (10 1/2 over 4) as printed (10 1/2 D).A couple pairs were stamped 10 over 4 and printed 10 1/2D and one pair didn't have anything stamped.I checked a pair of BBBF boots and there was no stamp.
People of Walmart (Sam's Club in this case).
The ones I bought from them are on Barrie.
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