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Not Alden, but C&J for Whiskey Wednesday.
Whiskey Wednesday.
Those Bourtons look like the red ones they've been offering for a while at the London store. http://www.trickers.com/collections/mens/jermyn_street_shop_collection/jermyn_st_country/country_shoes/shop_country_shoe_collection.htm
Cigar Brixtons.
I've walked into factory hangars on rainy days wearing plantation crepe sole and they're death slippery. Granted wet smooth concrete surfaces are going to be slippery no matter what you're wearing but I was surprised at how bad the plantation crepe was.
Do it! Cipresso is dark enough that it's not really too green.
Sure. Those are Levi's Made & Crafted Spoke (I think) chinos.
J Crew black shell.
There was a non M version of the Z3 coupe.
New Posts  All Forums: