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Not British, but grafford.se has several versions.
Red cordovan.
VIPSALE code at End works on Tricker's including sale items. Picked up some green Stows for $239 shipped.
I just got two backorder notification emails for the same shirt which are the 3rd and 4th backorder emails for that shirt. I got one backorder email for the other 4 with an expected ship date of 11/23. Honestly I only halfway expect to receive any of these. Several years ago I ordered some BBBF OCBDs at the post Christmas sale. Two arrived in a normal time frame but one was back ordered. I forgot all about it until it randomly showed up in March. No email, no shipment...
They're already on sale for Kafka "Patrons".I'm seeing 236GBP shipped to the USA.Of course that's minus VAT too.
El piloto grande.
Yesterday's cigar Indys were from TSM. Black cordovan Indy from LS.
Cigar Indy on commando.
Buckshot boots.
Cheney buckshot boots.
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