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So has everyone contacted Lauren with size and payment info?
The filter doesn't support regular expressions?
Why don't you just risk the $9.50 return shipping fee and try it? Measurements for the cotton version are on Mr Porter site. http://cache.mrporter.com/intl/sizechart.mrp?productID=440781&exclude=true&cm_sp=Size_Help-_-SH_Prod_Measurements-_-440781
Both almost 5 years old.
They usually have an extra percentage off sale stuff for Black Friday. It's usually available in store a few days before Thanksgiving. The "designer" sale is usually the following week. Designer=Black Label, Purple Label, RRL.
Picked up the Davis suede jacket. Jacket is cool. Very heavy suede. Kind of funky but not unpleasant leather smell. Measurements for it on the JP site are messed up. I ordered an XL since I had recently got the Knowles in that size. Next day someone mentioned that JP site has measurements for some things so I checked it. Based on what they had listed, I should have ordered an L so I ordered an L too. Today the XL shows and it fits fine. I checked the measurements and...
FedEx asking for SSN for overseas packages is nothing new. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/314/~/importers---social-security-number-%2F-tax-identification-number-%2F-irs-number-%2F If the supplier hires a carrier that provides door to door service, the carrier service usually has brokers in their supply chain to clear the goods on behalf of the ultimate importer. If a formal entry is required, CBP regulations require the broker to put the ultimate importer's...
Yep. It's that shady Importer of Record form. Form 5106.
Awesome shoes.BTW, the shoe racks are $10.50/free ship at JAB too.You'll need the extenders to fit boots though.
If the labor is so cheap can't huddler hire some Bangladeshi dudes for despanination duty?
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