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Black scotch grain on lugged sole. http://grahamefowler.com/shop/item/men-s-tricker-s-black-zug-grain-super-boot/
I seem to recall Cartier trying to get similar import protections as well. I don't know if anything came of that.
I'd commit to jodphurs or chelseas in brown or jodphurs in black.
There's a strap that wraps around your ankle and buckles. Your pant legs cover the top when you're standing so they pretty much look the same as chelseas.
How about a jodhpur in lizard instead of the Chelsea?
I would definitely be up for a Bordeaux or brown Chelsea.Are there additional hoops to jump through importing lizard?I know there are with croc or Python.
Nope, the only pair of UK sized C&J I have are Harlechs on the 341 in 9.5UK.
Maybe you should buy from Mr Porter. http://www.styleforum.net/t/444860/two-horrible-experiences-with-mr-porter
I bought Barney's Tetbury in calf earlier this year. A few weeks ago I bought some Hallams and some suede Tetbury when the sale started. I got 10.5US in all of them and they all fit how I expected. The weird thing though was earlier this year I also bought those dark brown suede George boot style (can't remember the C&J name) on the 348. They felt quite a bit bigger than the Tetbury so I exchanged for a 10US. The 10 felt slightly snugger than the Tetbury 10.5 but not a...
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