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BTW, I've had UPS deliver and bill me later for customs.In my experience, their fees are about on par with Fedex.
Honestly I don't think you have to worry too much about the metal tips on your shoes messing up your wood floors. I think rocks getting caught in commando sole lugs is a bigger worry.
Welcome.I've got both the Ross and Wellhouse.Go down one size from the Wellhouse for the Ross.
The first Harlech GMTO took about 3 months from factory accepting the order to shoes on the feet. That also included Christmas/New Years.
I think Robert Old ends up being cheaper than the other mentioned retailers.http://www.robertold.co.uk/shoes.html?designers=crockett_jonesThey've got free world wide delivery via Royal Mail so very low chances of having to pay duty/brokerage fees.Looked like Upper Shoe wants 60eur for DHL to USA which mean high chances of having to pay another 8.5% plus fees.
Style is called "Westbourne" from circa 2007/2008.I've got a pair in brown calf. I think they were also available in black calf.
I think the model name "Richard" usually means 2298 last.
I haven't found the calf longwing boots to fit any different than other styles on the same last. That's based on a sample size of 2 calf longwing boots.Regarding those End longwing boots, I'm guessing 4444.I've seen longwing boots on 2298 last but most have been on 4444.
And did they ever make a steel-gold Day Date?
Keep telling yourself that.
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