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Brown cordovan Dundee from GMTO (they really should make this model in crocodile). And an old pic of Harrogates since someone asked.
The dude would not abide a plastic can.
Those prices are in euros, not gbp so about $397.That's less than I paid for mine on sale at Barneys a couple years ago.
Plain toe Marlows.
Grain Burfords.
Burgundy grain from the Bureau.
Mogano cordovan plain toe boots.
"Strides"? Pants are Levi's Made and Crafted from a few years ago.
Stubby Stows in walnut cordovan.
"Shouldn't" as in the shipper or customs agent/broker can fck things up. Personal experience having received a bill for $250 or so when actual rate should have called for about $50. That was a real PITA to deal with.But most of the time they get it right.Current rules (updated earlier this year) say under $800 and you don't have to pay anything. There are exceptions of course like sunglasses which apparently are considered medical supplies so you have to pay a fairly hefty...
New Posts  All Forums: