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Burnished tan.
325 seem a bit larger than 341 but not enough to get a different size.
Have you even contacted them yet?If the shoes truly are defective and they won't give you a refund, that's what credit card disputes are for.
The RL private sale starts April 23rd. Ask your SA to hold stuff for you. No idea what it includes. It has been a while since Marlowes have been included.
Sale starts the 23rd but SAs will pull stuff for you now.
1. Nope. Teak is in the brown family. Orange is...orange.2. If anything, the orange gets slightly lighter.Orange and teak.
The black zug they use seems fairly supple for that kind of leather. Certainly a lot less plasticey feeling than one pair of brown scotch grain I have.I don't think the grain fades with time. The grain is less pronounced on the parts where the leather is pulled tighter like the toes and heels.
Enjoy. Ignore the US price as the exchange rate they use is wonky. They charge in GBP.http://www.cheaney.co.uk/country-leisure/341/witham-buckshot-brogue-cheaney-boots-in-almond-grain-leatherhttp://www.cheaney.co.uk/country-leisure/332/naughton-buckshot-brogue-cheaney-shoes-in-original-chestnut-leatherhttp://www.cheaney.co.uk/country-leisure/331/naughton-buckshot-brogue-cheaney-shoes-in-conker-brown-leather
Pull the trigger.Got them at Cheaney website. They were the oem for the Gieves & Hawkes ones. About $500 shipped but I'm also expecting a customs bill from FedEx. Sizing is pretty similar to Tricker's 4497. To make this tangentially related to Alden, I take 10.5US in Barrie and got these in 9.5UK.They also have a shoe model in two different colors.
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