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I still have my 2001 540i 6-speed which I purchased new. It's been reasonably trouble free.I had to have a new radiator put in a couple years ago but pretty much everyone has to do that on all BMWs at some point.I had a bad camshaft position sensor earlier this year but that was a simple $100 fix I did myself. Also a common failure on the V8.There were bad pixels on the MID and audio/trip computer displays which is a common failure too. Replacement costs are insane but...
Before you get your hopes up, note that End doesn't ship Barbour outside the EU anymore.They'll let you select your country and add your address but when you get to final checkout you'll get this:You appear to have Barbour products in your shopping basket.These products are not available for shipment to an address outside the EU. FWIW, the End measurements for the XL are pretty close to the one I got at least in the chest.Sleeves are relatively short given the size. I...
I've had good experiences with P&F.They shipped via postal service so no customs/duty.
Higher power, not higher volts. They're both 5 volts. iPhone is 5 watts and iPad is 10 watts. Computer usb is something like 2.5.
Foo, just get the Panerai and quit trying to convince people who have different tastes that they're wrong.
Yes. SF is almost unreadable using ipad.I ended up spending the $1.99 for the weblock app.Seems to work.
Does the green match the breast wallet?
Both Mr Porter and Nordstrom collect duty and taxes up front.
Back of the Knowles is totally different. Knowles has a center back vent. But I'd guess that the Owens does fit similar to the Knowles.
This bastard keeps opening the App Store.
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