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Why you have to defend your dickish comments with more dickish comments?
Nope. Just using an ifone 6.
Lizard from GF.
Funky ass Barney's Crockett & Jones sizing strikes again.Received Severns in 10US 359 last.. They fit way tighter than some 348 size 10US I got previous sale season.(Which in turn felt about the same as some 348 size 10.5US I got a couple years ago.)
I'd go same size in 4497 as 7WK
Brand new from Leffot. I just received them the other day.
Leffot LWB in ocho with spurty whale pants.
Free shipping and free return made me throw the dice on the 10us hoping they're actually 9.5uk.I don't *need* them either but I left need in the rear view mirror a long time ago.
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