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That's okay. I just set my watch to 31. It's going to bug me that it's not right for the rest of the evening. But that'll bug me less than if I forget to do it tomorrow morning.
I think the important thing for people to remember is to advance their date tonight. It's been 92 days since that's last been required. Perpetual owners please ignore.
Every fuckwit I know has pointed at my 6 and asked "have you bent it yet?" followed by maniacal dick mode laughter.
I'd try them on first, but yeah.
Those Gucci 1953 loafers run sort of big. I sized down 1/2 size plus I tend to wear them without socks. I wouldn't buy loafers without trying them on first.
You may have been joking around, but you sounded like a dick.But that's just my opinion.
OP6834 is the case style number. There are likely several specific PAM models which share that case.
Yes, they fixed Safari file upload.
One random reboot crash using 8.0.2 while sending email today.
Tricker's scotch grain varies. I've got a pair of the brown Grasmeres and the leather is kind of meh. Stiff and kind of plastic. I think it's actually zug. But I've also got some tan scotch grain Stows and some burgundy scotch grain stubby Stows where the leather feels so much nicer. Not plastic at all. Given your choices, I'd pony up the extra and get the shell Aldens.
New Posts  All Forums: