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That hasn't been my experience with the SL. Different models of the SL have different lengths even in the same size. I got the wool window pane SL recently. Sleeves are a bit on the long side. Waxed cotton SL sleeves are shorter than the wool one. Body is shorter than the wool one. Unlined cotton SL sleeves are borderline too short. Body is even shorter than the others. All are in the same size. All fit the same in the shoulders/body.
RIP Bizrate coupon code.
The part where it's on reddit.
Yep, I managed sneak in at the last minute.Sent my deposit this morning.
I would be honored to be robbed by stitchy.
Thanks.I've had some hassles buying exotic skin items from overseas in the past.Just don't want to deal with it again.
Some Sub/SD on MUT three way action.
So has the lizard Chelsea GMTO idea lost steam?
The PAM62 is probably my favorite Panerai.
I'd say my Seadweller and GMT IIC together make up about 50% of my wrist time. The doppelchrono and white Mk XV get a fair amount of time. The Radiomirs get a lot of wrist time too. I tend not to wear the ones without decent lume. I wear a watch all night and check the time if I wake. I'm nearsighted enought that I can't see the bedside clock very well.
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