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Frans Boone still has some cordo models for 50% off. A buncha questionable multi material models too. And C&J for cheap as well.
Heard from Lauren that Warlows should be done next week.
You know BMW coolant gauges only actually display 3 temps: cold, not cold, and this is going to be expensive.So if your car is running hotter than usual but still within "normal" range the needle will still be close to high noon.Search the interwebs and you should be able to find an up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A type code to display the actual temp on your trip computer.
Curry suede Keswicks from the Bureau.
For rtc (Note: daily drove a NA for 2 years as only car.)
Ocho NST
You mean like this kind of pocket (aka hand warmer pocket)? Look for a Bedale or Beaufort.
Thanks man.Love the shoes but this particular pair is very susceptible to water spots/little bumps. Probably worse than any other pair of Horween cordovan shoes I have. Boning/conditioning/brushing makes them smooth and look good but the water spots/little bumps come right back after a couple wears even when there's no rain.
Alfred Sargent whiskey cordo.
True, it's not the most versatile pair.
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