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Are you talking about the main Filson store in Seattle or the outlet? You're not going to find discounted stuff at the main store. The outlet is about an hour north of Seattle in Burlington.
Awesome. I gotta wait until next week.
It's been a while since I've ordered from Mr Porter UK, but I believe they ship DDP so the final price will include duty which negates a lot of what gets taken off for VAT.Really, the main reason to order from MPUK is if they have something you want that's not otherwise available.
FWIW, Ashby seems to have relatively shorter sleeves compared to other models.
All his feedback for the past month has been Filson stuff.The Filson Friends and Family sale was first weekend in October so I'd assume he got the stuff from that sale.
They're $24 sneakers. How good do they have to be?
Hopefully soon.
Engineers of a certain age.
Trickers X Engineered Garments Asymmetric derby.
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