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A Marlow day.
That's what I get for believing the post card they sent..
Barney's sale starts the 28th. They're doing pre-sale now. No idea what's going on sale. I got Hallams and Tetburys last November sale for about $340-350 per pair.
The DESIGNER15 code is for the designer pre-sale stuff in case the ralphlauren.com/earlyaccess link doesn't work. Some browsers/ad-block combos seem to have trouble showing the discounted price. The RLMEM15 code is for the limited number of things already on sale that say to use the code. There's a handful of RRL stuff.
Yeah. Click on the sizing tab and they show the conversation.
End clothing has a few style on sale. Not a great discount but the tan suede and the blue suede longwings look good. You shouldn't have to pay customs as they're US made but YMMV.
Anniversary dinner with a heap of crab on top of a steak.
Got some Carmina jods from Skoak delivered today. Glad I was home when the postal guy showed up so I don't have to wait until Tuesday to get them. Wifey was amazed they were only about $400.
Enzo Bonafe.http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/enzo-bonafe/products/enzo-bonafe-monkey-boot
New Posts  All Forums: