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PTBs in ocho.
Cipresso is dark green. Orange is pretty orange in bright sun but looks sort of tan in other light. (Burgundy on the right.) Mogano. 575GBP goes down to about 479GBP once you take off VAT. YMMV with customs charges. Looks like they ship to US via FedEx so figure 8.5% customs + possible $25ish fees.
Yeah, waxy suede seems very durable.
Waxy suede.
Q: How can you tell if an E46 has ZHP? A: Don't worry, the owner will tell you.
10HP, M body kit, available Imola red paint, and a bewildering sense of superiority over lesser E46.
They're George Cleverly.http://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/kingsman/george-cleverley-leather-lace-up-boots/483071
The many shades of Ravello and Whiskey and #4. Front row: Ravello, Ravello, Ravello, whiskey (C&J), whiskey (C&J), whiskey, whiskey, #4 Back: whiskey (Alfred Sargent), Marlowe (RL), #4 The Ravello PTBs are about 6 months old, the C&J wingtips are brand new.
Ravello chukkas.
#4 PTB
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