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C'mon man, how do you let a pesky little detail like "have something very similar" stop you? How do you expect to fill your spare bedroom with shoes?
Went a bit overboard ordering from the Bureau. Lollipop. Golden Tan. Red Cordovan.
LAS as in Las Vegas. It's in an upscale shopping mall. The pink one is in Los Angeles.
Paul Smith US sale has been going on for a couple weeks now. Visited the LAS store last week and the sale shoes were pretty bad. Wife picked up a couple t-shirts.
C&J has been "customer friendly" in their declaration in the past and they used Royal Mail.From other DHL shipments I've received, they typically charge about $12 brokerage plus the shoes will be about 8.5% for duty.
That looks gigantic on you. It should fit more like a sport coat than outerwear.
The reason a US 240V charger can charge faster than the 120V one is because of the higher current capacity of the circuit.Remember that Watts = Voltage X Current.
double post
Google Image search is your friend.From Japan apparently.http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/13199-shoes-that-look-better-with-age/page-319#entry1330375
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