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I would disagree that this is a recent phenomenon. People have been doing this since forever. I recall many years ago a guy at work asked me to review his design doc. We're SW Engineers. I made comments and also corrected his misuses of apostrophes. He addressed my comments in the contents of the document but also reverted all the apostrophe corrections. I've hated him ever since.Relevant Bob the Angry Flower.
I take the same size in Rain and 348.
Unless you're ordering more than $800, you don't have to worry about customs.
Cordovan is a tougher/stronger material. It's scarcer and more expensive. There's little if any practical advantage to it and for me it's about the aesthetics. I like the smoothness. It does wear harder than normal calf/cow. Small scuffs or scratches can typically be brushed, rubbed out to look as good as new. Tricker's mostly uses Comipel cordovan from Italy. The jury is still out as to how tough it is as compared to the benchmark Horween cordovan. But it has served me...
Tricker's navy cordovan cap toes. From Super Denim.
Superdenim navy cordovan captoes.
Nope.End charges US orders in US$. They have a separate US price for everything which is higher than the UK prices without VAT.For CP, End prices are about the same as US retailers.Tres-Bien, Kafka, etc are going to be cheaper for US customers.I've bolded some of that for you.
It was actually sort of sunny today. They're a bit darker in normal light.
Brown cordovan Dundees.
You'll get better results if you throw "peacoat" into the mix. RRL has done canvas peacoats. Dunno about the metal buttons though. Maybe look for a canvas peacoat and replace the buttons.
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