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I think that would be more potential for financial disaster than an M3.Source - own an E39 540 6-speed.
Ask yourself how financially disastrous it would be to own a 12 year old E46 and add about 50% for an M3. Source - own an M Coupe.
More snuff suede. Plaza on commando.
Snuff suede LWBs. On Leydon.
Cigar Indy.
Marlow PTBs.
Yeah, champagne waxy is super low maintenance. I'd be more concerned about how the light edge trim holds up than the waxy leather.
Thanks man.No special procedure. Strange as it may seem, all I do is just put them on and wear them.They're about 7 or 8 years old. From LS. TBH, I don't wear them a whole lot. Maybe a few dozen times over the years.Most of the time I wear these to work which is a short walk in the parking garage and then all day in a carpeted office building.
Black cordovan on whiskey day.
New Posts  All Forums: