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Yeah the mogano ones I have are more like Horween #8 burgundy color.Speaking of Horween, I wonder where Comipel got the idea for this stamp?
I get 2298 in same size as 4497 but the 2298 is a snugger fit.
Just trying to help.
Seems like the older snuff suede was more brown with copper tones and the more recent stuff is the more taupe shade.I'm basing this on a sample space of about 5 pairs.
Retricker1829 ebay shop has a bunch of Mogano plain toe boots on 2298. Not seconds. They end up being under $450 shipped to US once they subtract VAT. (During checkout full amount (325gbp) is charged then VAT is refunded later.)
Snuff on Leydon.
That's right, you had a pair of them crotch seam splitting Gilded Age pents too.Nope, those are from Unis.
I am.
Ocho Leffot LWB
Ocho on Plaza.
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