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Not trying to mock you or anything but my first thought was that's some next level pickiness.
DPD is yet another courier. http://www.dpd.com/
Why don't we just wait until the US team is eliminated and we can go back to not giving a fuck about soccer.
I've had stuff be stuck in customs for over a week.
Yusho in the Monte Carlo (of all places) was pretty good a couple weeks ago. Plus the chef looks like Wolverine. http://www.eatinglv.com/2014/04/you-should-go-to-yusho/ It's causal but not what you'd call cheap. I think we spent about $260 for Omakase x 2 and drinks not including tax/tip. Pizza at Five50 in the Aria was good. They also do slices and are open late so a good stop on the drunken stumble back to the room if you're staying at the Aria. Happy Hour (most of the...
That's about as cheap as I've seen.
US$400 at End right now.
Okay, those are very similar (and very cool looking). I think you could still justify the golden tan if you try.
C'mon man, how do you let a pesky little detail like "have something very similar" stop you? How do you expect to fill your spare bedroom with shoes?
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