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Look up Dandy Shoe Care. I think that pic is from their tumblr. There's a thread about DIY. Looks like people have used Otter Wax. http://www.styleforum.net/t/308795/oiling-down-suede-is-it-possible-how-benefits https://www.otterwax.com/blogs/journal/54409669-the-ultimate-waxed-suede-tutorial
Snuff suede plaza boots.
Didn't need another denim jacket but $308 + tax and shoprunner 2nd day shipping was too good to pass up.
PTBs again for WW
Those pents are awesome.
Other than some trucks and wranglers, are there even any new vehicles that come with a full size spare nowadays let alone a full size spare with alloy wheel?Nowadays you're lucky to even get a spare.The 2002 E46 was the last vehicle I owned that came with a full sized spare. It was even on a 5th alloy.
It solves the matching top and bottom problem but introduces problems when pooping.
Suede Cavendish.
Yoda boots in cipresso cordovan.
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