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Ravello boots.
More Stows.
I had that happen too recently.Got my shoes no problem and then almost a month later received an envelope with the external paperwork. No attached letter or anything.
Yeah I thought cotto is darker and redder than those.
I haven't bought a pair of Paul Smiths in years but I do continue to wear (most of) the ones I have. Probably my most worn pair of Tricker's are my teak Cordovan Allan boots. Either that or lollipop Stows. I've had a bit of comfort problem with my cipresso cordo boots on 2298. There's a spot on the heel counter seam which is really stiff on one shoe and rubbed a blister on my foot. Other shoe is fine. I'm sure the shoe will wear in but that's the only pair of Tricker's...
PTBs in ocho.
Cipresso is dark green. Orange is pretty orange in bright sun but looks sort of tan in other light. (Burgundy on the right.) Mogano. 575GBP goes down to about 479GBP once you take off VAT. YMMV with customs charges. Looks like they ship to US via FedEx so figure 8.5% customs + possible $25ish fees.
Yeah, waxy suede seems very durable.
Waxy suede.
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