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I got the A-2 and the motorcycle jacket. I was close to keeping the motorcycle jacket but ended up sending it back. It just didn't quite do it for me. Kept the A-2. It feels lest boxy than most others that style I've tried. But an A-2 is supposed to be boxy. Color is awesome.
Why not just get the cordovan Cardigan?http://crockettandjones.com/product/cardiogan-4-darkbrown-cordovan
The Ocho. LHS.
Dude, just man the f up, get something with a stick shift and drive it.It's not that hard especially if you're used to the clutch/shifter concept on a bike.
Check the box if you still have it.
What are all the GMTOs currently in production/waiting for production? I know of Warlow Dundee in brown cordo. Camberly in navy cordo.
Went off and checked the insides of the pair I just bought. Stitching is fine. I mentioned that I received a mismatched pair a week ago. One boot size 8.5 and the other 10. The mismatched pair were also covered with that light colored fuzzy dusty stuff you can kind of see in @Fenderplyr's pic. The pair I kept were in nicer condition. No fuzzy stuff.
The Warlow is a whiskey shell Marlow wingtop GMTO currently in process.There was an initial flurry of people who wanted in so they were shooting for 24 but it got stalled when people flaked because they don't understand commitment.It eventually went through with 16.
I'd say C&J is better than Alden.See http://www.crockettandjones.com/retailservices#mailorderor email mailorder@crockettandjones.co.ukI think Pernilla from the mail order department will reply.You can probably also just email an individual store. See the C&J site for the addresses.Right now is sale season too.Prices for C&J buying from the UK are cheaper in general than buying from the NYC store.Divide the UK price by 1.2 to get the non VAT price.Remember you shouldn't...
New Posts  All Forums: