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Whiskey Indy.
I haven't tried the rack on the M Coupe.
Well, one of those solutions isn't permanent.TBH, I hate the look of tongue slits.
Depends upon one's definition of TTS, but I'd say yes. Maybe a hair shorter than Common Projects but not as narrow. I got 44 in both, also UK10 Lanvin, US11 New Balance.The Zespas are really comfy. The white with green trim ones I got look like fancy Stan Smiths. One odd thing about the pair I got is they smell very strongly of Shea Butter. Like a L'Occitane store jizzed all over them. There was a lotion residue on the laces after I laced them up.
I bought it a month or so ago. I like it a lot. Buddy was giving me crap about the flower looking snaps but that's one of the details that sold me on it.Have you seen it in person? Color IRL is no where near as yellow as the pic on ralph site.This is closer to reality.
I expected the quinn to be short, but not matador jacket short. The zipper was a surprise. I thought I had tl;dr'ed the description when I received it, so went back and checked and there's no mention of zipper. It would have been okay with the zipper but the jacket is just too short for me.I just ordered the Henderson.
I received the Quinn leather jacket yesterday. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=56444226&parentPage=family Fit is rather odd. It's slim through the body which is good, but it's also really short; like barely reach my waist short. Also not mentioned on the product page is there's a zipper behind those buttons. Back it goes.
Interesting. They recently closed the Las Vegas RL store in the Venetian after opening a POLO store in Cesar's last year. A long time SA told me they had hired a bunch of college age guys at the POLO store rather than transferring any of the old timers. The Venetian store always had really great SA's.
Don't know how I'd feel eating something called "Ralph's Special Sauce".Wifey saw the burger pic on my screen.She just showed me the Bon Appetite it's from.
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