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That's ex-F1 driver Mark Webber and Maria Sharapova.This is his wife. [[SPOILER]] -edit- EFV beat me to it.
You're lucky I wore it to work today and there's no one around. Wellhouse XL is about 23.5 pit to pit and 23.5 base of collar to bottom.
The Ross in L seems just slightly bigger than the Wellhouse XL. Same with length; the Ross L is a hair longer.
Got the Wellhouse leather jacket and Ross varsity jacket today. Wellhouse size XL fits pretty much the same as the Ross in L.
From that link I posted, "The Rolex watches were confiscated and were later auctioned off for export only." I remember a long time ago reading someone's personal experience with this issue talking about how he was at least able to get them to return the watch to the dealer who sent it. This was in the late 90's. I also recall some one describing how they bought a Rolex while on a cruise and being hassled on entry to the US because they were also wearing one they already...
Sorry, the sense of outrage comment wasn't aimed at you.
This sense of outrage over Rolex and US Customs seems to come up periodically on every watch forum I've ever frequented for as long as I can remember.From http://www.crownandcaliber.com/watches/rolex/how-do-you-import-a-rolex-watch-into-the-united-states/Why is Rolex allowed to place these restrictions? According to the US Customs regulation, restrictions on imported goods do not apply when: (1) Both the foreign and the U.S. trademark or trade name are owned by the same...
Black scotch grain on lugged sole. http://grahamefowler.com/shop/item/men-s-tricker-s-black-zug-grain-super-boot/
I seem to recall Cartier trying to get similar import protections as well. I don't know if anything came of that.
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