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Orange cordovan Stows. Compared to a few year old cap toe.
Crepe sole is death slippery on any wet smooth surface like a garage floor or factory floor.I think it's worse than a standard leather sole.It holds up well.
That $400 limit is only for the Priority International flat rate boxes.
There's a banner on that product page which shows the 20% code.x201dec14
Worked for me on New Balance.The .com site was having problems when I ordered so I used the .co.uk site.
Headed to Kauai in a couple weeks. I'll probably take the shirt but leave the shoes home.Didn't route through Honolulu this time so no LS visit this trip.
Things to be thankful for today: got upgraded for flight home.
You make a valid point.
Nope, Leffot. Don't know why I wrote cigar since they're #8.
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