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That's the claim.I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually D.E is the UK equivalent of D.
The PATRONPRE 30% code seems to work on Aldens at kafka.co.uk. They have a couple sizes of #8 longwings. Code takes them down to 310gbp shipped to US. #8 PTB are about 300gbp. Note that you have to be a "patron" but I think all that means is that you sign up for an account. Last time I ordered from Kafka they used Fedex. You should NOT owe any duty for US made goods (8.5% for shoes; 4 or 5% for welted footwear) but there's always a chance that something will get messed...
Sweet. Seems like we've been waiting forever for these.
Those look like the ones I saw in store. They're made in Italy. Still a decent buy at $359.
I bought and returned a pair of those.The pics on the Barney's site are a reasonably accurate rendition.
Why you have to defend your dickish comments with more dickish comments?
Nope. Just using an ifone 6.
Lizard from GF.
Funky ass Barney's Crockett & Jones sizing strikes again.Received Severns in 10US 359 last.. They fit way tighter than some 348 size 10US I got previous sale season.(Which in turn felt about the same as some 348 size 10.5US I got a couple years ago.)
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