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Some C&J on sale at Barney's for under $400 before tax. Only thing interesting to me were the oiled suede Islays. http://www.barneys.com/crockett-jones-islay-wingtip-boots-504067584.html#prefn1=onSale&prefn2=productAccess&prefv3=isPublic&prefv1=Sale&+Jones=undefined&prefv2=isPublic&prefn3=productAccess&start=15
ralphlauren.com/privatesale Starts the 24th. "Up to 40% off" for purple label, rrl, footwear. The above url may or may not work due to styfo referral that gets inserted so copy and paste it into your browser.
Lanvin 50% off spring-summer collection starting tomorrow. LANVINSS16AM
One last wearing of my Purdislays before I store them for the summer.
I've bought Trickers from LS. They're marked in UK size. Also, they write a 9.5 as 9 1/2. If it looks like 9.5 it might actually be size 9, fitting 5 ((medium width).
Volvo Cars is a separate company from Volvo Trucks, marine, everything else.The car company is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Geely.
Whiskey LHS again.
Based solely on recent rental car experiences with base V-6 Challenger, Camaro, and Mustang, I thought the Challenger was the closest thing to "fun". It's a horrible pg and you can't see shit to the sides or back but for some reason it was sort of entertaining.. The Camaro was just as bad visibility wise if not worse. I think the new Camaro is the lightest of the bunch now. The Mustang drove like the rental car special that it was. The Challenger trunk is actually big...
Ravello NST
The card said both in-store and online.
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