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Dubmunks before a night out.
There have been a few LWBs on Leydon too.
Ubiquitous watches. No BFBM today. Apparently there are only tiny and Big Gulp sizes.
I'll wear my SD or YM with SC and tie but would go with something else if I were to suit up. I think the YM is "dressier" relative to the sub or SD.
BFBM for breakfast.
Quite often someone is called a troll when they're actually just a dick.
DB wear.
Repost of a pile of Roli. From before I got my GMT IIC.
They've been pretty quick when I've returned stuff.I just now got a "refund being processed" email for something they received today.I pretty much always use a CC there.Using the pre-paid mailing label can take forever to get there from the west coast.
New Posts  All Forums: