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Got it. I thought you were saying they were making specials for the outlet although it wouldn't surprise me if they did.
The fact those monkey boots have a sole liner marked with Nitty Gritty, a Swedish retailer, would imply they weren't made special for the outlet.I'd expect the reason the vibram sole version of a shoe shows up at the outlet is because no one wants the vibram sole version of the shoe rather than any nefarious cost cutting measures.It's been about a year since I've bought anything off the old ebay site (rip retricker1829) but I honestly have never noticed any difference...
Cordovan low boots.
Grain Stows from the Bureau.
Spilled some olive oil on snuff suede shoes.I used corn starch rather than baby powder which got soaked up some.Then I tried some Saphir suede soap which didn't do anything.I tried Dawn dish soap which got the rest of the oil out.Spot is no longer visible after suede brush usage.
A while ago I wanted to send something priority international to Canada with tracking. Postal person said I had to use express mail to get tracking. Then I found out you can just use the customs form number to track.
Actually, you can track with Priority International.You'll have to fill out a customs form. You can do it online before you go to the post office. Beware, the web form is hellishly finicky and it'll randomly reset and make you start over.Tricker's will probably want you to declare it "returned goods, 0 value" or something like that so they avoid duty.But once you're successful, there's a unique ID which is 2 letters, a bunch of numbers, and then 2 letters.You can track it...
Lollipop cap toes.
Priority Mail should be about $70.
Unless you're dead set on shoe rather than boot, those espresso stows on dainite with natural welt are worth considering.'ll want to consider going up 1/2 size from 4444 to 4497.
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