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Bizrate has been dead for a few weeks.
JLC today.
I'd go the same size as the Iron Rangers.
Shady banner ad opened the App Store.
Did you get that last XL that was available online? That might be the one I returned. Don't worry, I didn't do anything weird to it.I returned and reordered because the price dropped and I wanted to use the 10% bizrate coupon on the re-buy.It's darker than this IRL but not a whole lot. Really heavy.
AS are higher quality. They definitely don't have as many QC issues as Alden.I still prefer my Aldens.
I don't think I've seen black C&J for Polo that weren't calf.
Isn't Lauren Ralph Lauren the nasty men's tailored line they sell at outlets and places like Macy's and STP?
Thorogood makes something virtually identical for well under $200 on Amazon. I think they're the OEM for the Brunels.
For USAns, it all depends on the courier used.With postal service there's little chance of having to pay anything.Fedex/DHL/UPS you'll usually get hit with 8.5% assuming the sender filled out the forms correctly plus the courier's own fees which range from $0 to $30.Local state taxes are on the honor system.I think Canadians almost always get hit with customs plus local taxes.
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