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Nice.Argh. Yesterday, mine were showing scheduled delivery today but when I tracked this morning, they had just left Stanstead.Tuesday for me.And still waiting on my Dundees and Warlows.
Ravello Brixtons today.
Saw something from C&J on my UPS App then got the Camberly email too. Still waiting on my Warlow/Dundees.
They changed terms for US customers some time last year. April last year, I ordered from Cheaney and was charged in GBP. They took off VAT and delivered via FedEx. I had to pay 8.5% customs. This was before they raised the duty free amount to $800. December last year I ordered and was charged in USD. They shipped DDP via FedEx so no additional taxes.
Calf and suede LWB from LS.
Sorry, did not mean to imply you sounded snobbish at all. It just struck me as amusing as to having too many whiskey shell shoes.
I hate it when people say "first world problems" but damn, that really is the definition of a first world problem.(Note, I've felt the same way.)
Looks like mine shipped. Totally forgot I even ordered.
I think what would make the most sense would be to learn to drive the car without trying to start in 3rd or stalling it while starting on a hill.
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