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I never saw those grain Lindricks on the Ralph site. Got them from DSW of all places for a fairly decent price.
Ralph did a tan scotch grain Lindrick on Ridgeway sole a few years ago.
Sand suede Not Stows. I think on 2298.
Speaking of Breitlings.
Ravello LWB on crepe.
Got a similar problem wearing bib cycling shorts.
Ocho on Plaza.
No idea but I'm guessing some brushing or scotchbrite pad would bring the nap back.
Look up Dandy Shoe Care. I think that pic is from their tumblr. There's a thread about DIY. Looks like people have used Otter Wax. http://www.styleforum.net/t/308795/oiling-down-suede-is-it-possible-how-benefits https://www.otterwax.com/blogs/journal/54409669-the-ultimate-waxed-suede-tutorial
New Posts  All Forums: