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Whiskey Wednesday.
Second gen RL has hydraulic power steering. Slipping belt could cause PS issue. Schedule for RL timing belt is 105K.
The Dundee went through about the same time as the original Warlow.
I bought that off the US site about a month ago.It's a really great shirt.
I have UK sourced Islays in 9.5UK and Barney's sourced ones in 10.5US.Fit is the same.
He's talking about how if you buy something for say $100 but it's worth $10,000, the IRS is going to want their cut.You're talking about state use tax which is akin to sales tax.I actually know a dude who has sent in state use tax.Moral of his story: If you're at a party talking about how you make shopping trips to Oregon (no state sales tax), make sure that person you just met isn't an auditor for the Washington State Dept of Revenue.
Whiskey LHS and a delicious sammich.
I don't always use trees in my unlined suede (LHS and chukkas) but that's mostly due to laziness. They don't really seem to suffer from no trees.
Cordo boots on sale at superdenim.
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