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Thanks, I missed that one too. I think I did a search for "popover" and it didn't show in the results.Just ordered.
Marlow tassels.
Tricker's teak cordovan. Super susceptible to water welts.
Odd BMW M-Coupe press photos.
Teak cordovan. This pair is really susceptible to the little welts.
Taupe suede Chelsea 5 from Barney's showed up today. I gambled that a US10 would work since 335 last, suede, and Chelsea style. They're snug with a thin sock but I can feel them loosening up after just a few minutes of wear. They should be good. They're definitely snugger than my shell Skyes in UK9.5.
Keswick is a separate model but very similar to the Coniston. Also on the 325. Keswick has the scoopy stitch around the ankle. The two pairs I have are smooth calf with suede upper. Both pairs were from Barney's. Interesting that the cordovan pair pictured above is size E width.
I bought a pair of those from Shoe Mart January 2008 for $310. They were like the 3rd or 4th pair of Aldens I ever bought.
The thing about dat shank and PRE is when you start to take them off you get yelled at that you DON'T need to take your shoes off. But of course they almost inevitably set off the detector so I always take them off. For that matter, a few week ago the buckle on my wife's sandals set off the detector.
Very nice MSAINT. But I believe that M7309/1 is the style number for longwing boots. According to the Tricker's Instagram, those are on the 4497. Of course they also say they don't use the 4444 on that style boot but I've got two pairs of longwing boots on the 4444 last.
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