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Note that Black Fleece stuff doesn't seem to be eligible for ShopRunner.
Like this? It reminded me more of Chewbacca.
I got some C&J Harlechs in whiskey cordovan which have kind of taken their place.
Wore my cipresso 2298 boots today. They fit but they still seem really stiff. They're breaking in really slowly as contrasted with some calf chukkas I have on 2298 which felt fine right away.
BTW, J Crew AS are listed as US sizes using a 1/2 size conversion. So US10.5 = UK10.
Friend of mine was ranting recently about the Apple watch not fitting in the scanner. He had to dig out his phone and pull up the boarding pass from passport.He also has a Seamaster chrono though.
The good thing about Bellevue Square Nordstroms selling EG is that no one will buy it and there will be a good selection come markdown season.The bad thing about Nordstroms selling EG is that no one will buy it and they'll only carry it for a couple seasons.
Froswick is on the 4444. There's plenty of advice on the 4444 in this thread.
Those are great.They remind me of the Alfred Sargents that Leffot did a while ago.
Yep. They're pretty close in color to a pair of teak I've got.Teak but the flash makes them look lighter.Mogano
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