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Whiskey Wednesday Skyes.
Remember when Levi's was suing everyone including Ralph? RRL had to change their pocket stitching and dumped a bunch of stock at TJ Max type stores.
Oiled suede nubuck stuff.
Red cordovan Tricker's.
Red cordovan Bourtons from the Bureau.
Orange cordovan from the Bureau.
Regarding tongue twist, I find it (sort of) interesting that most, but not all, of my C&J for Ralph Lauren and Brooks Bros have the tongue stitched. Also some of my C&J for Barney's boots. But none of my C&J from C&J have it.
Love this jacket. I need to wear mine.Remember the dude in NY who shot two cops and then suicided wearing this jacket? That was a real WTF moment when I saw pics of him wearing it.
They haven't in the past. YMMV.I imagine if you made a habit of it, loss prevention might want a word with you.
Black cordovan on modified.
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