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I'll commit to the navy Camberly. I think it definitely needs the cap toe. I've had some problems fitting the Camberly but I think that's mostly due to the funky way Barney's sizes C&J.
"The following brands are excluded from this offer: Ami, A.P.C., Alexander Wang, Canada Goose, Calvin Klein Collection, Filson, Herschel Supply Co., Hunter Boots, Marni, Rag & Bone, To Boot New York, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tumi, WANT LES ESSENTIELS, What Goes Around Comes Around, and Wolverine 1000 Mile."
Freaky 80 degrees today in Seattle area.
You have to be a member for a year to claim the rebate.https://www.bmwcca.org/vehicle_rebateDon't let the dealer know you're a member when negotiating price or they'll try to act like the rebate means anything to their bottom line.
If they're all self driving cars, why would there be an accident to slow down and gawk at?
People are horrible.In the future, GMTOs should be capped at 12.And the list of participants be known to all or at least to other participants so we know who to hate if they flake out.I was semi serious about a GMTO blacklist.The Shoe Healer Tricker's GMTOs are a lot smoother since they only require 6 and he only requires a 100GBP deposit and he can paypal invoice you.
We need a GMTO blacklist.
Lovely LAS carpet.
This guy.
Ravello Brixtons on lovely Seatac carpet.
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