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LOL. Thanks for helping me spend my money!
They use Comipel cordovan. It's good enough that I've bought multiple pairs of Tricker's cordovan models. The interesting color availability helps too.
Yep, new.From the Bureau.
Creepy self quote here...Ended up getting the Owens jacket today.It fits pretty much the same as the Knowles.Color of Owens is listed as black but with the slight distressing it ends up being almost a dark chocolate.It seems to have gone *poof* from online but it was a bit over $800 so almost 50% off. Probably less in store.I've been very pleased with RRL leathers.
They feel pretty much the same on my feet.
Orange cordovan Stows. Compared to a few year old cap toe.
Crepe sole is death slippery on any wet smooth surface like a garage floor or factory floor.I think it's worse than a standard leather sole.It holds up well.
That $400 limit is only for the Priority International flat rate boxes.
There's a banner on that product page which shows the 20% code.x201dec14
Worked for me on New Balance.The .com site was having problems when I ordered so I used the .co.uk site.
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