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Of those 3 I'd get the Skye. I don't think the 335 fits that much different than the 325.
Maybe PM this dude and get the contact info for his SA. Sounds like you could save sales tax at least.http://www.styleforum.net/t/38417/official-sales-alert-thread/47865#post_8558747My random Cucinellis story: Almost ran into Steven Tyler exiting the Cucinelli store at Crystals in Las Vegas. He was dressed how you imagine Steven Tyler dresses (like someone's elderly eccentric aunt).
http://www.styleforum.net/t/277279/turnbull-asser-on-my-credit-card-statement One GMTO this year I got a receipt and letter mailed to me using Turnbull and Asser stationary.
I read that the C&J retail is a franchise run by Turnbull but C&J factory is separate and still run by descendants.
C&J retail is run by Turnbull and Asser. At least that's what has shown up on cc statement before. I think lately it shows as C&J.
C&J version of online ordering is is email with Pernilla in London. Just use the mail order email address on website.
Yeah, aimed at Japanese market. Kafka had some earlier this year. They still shipped Barbour to USA as of last spring.
There's a hooded Bedale SL model available.
Hmm, love the gold buttons myself. Kind of odd the side adjuster have regular buttons though. I assume that's a detail from the Lee it's based on.
I remember thinking "sweet, free yachtmaster". But I was already wearing my yachtmaster.I just wear my watch through security. I've never had security do more than give a quick look at my wrist.
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