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I remember seeing something very similar to those sold with the Prada label.
Don't think of acquiring black oxfords as a task you must accomplish. Think of it as an opportunity to go shoe shopping.
Oh and don't be surprised if UPS driver makes you write a check at delivery. I've picked up an international package from a UPS store and was billed a week later but their usual thing is to collect at delivery.
My rule of thumb (rule of toe?) is 8.5% plus brokerage fees.Most stuff I've purchased gets classified as 6403.51.60.http://www.usitc.gov/publications/docs/tata/hts/bychapter/1401c64.pdfMy last order from C&J was "customs friendly".
Is there such a thing as the 352 last?Might be a typo.
I did something like that to a pair in cigar.I glued the little flappy bit down with some super glue. Used polish to blend in. It's okay now.
BTW, I've had UPS deliver and bill me later for customs.In my experience, their fees are about on par with Fedex.
Honestly I don't think you have to worry too much about the metal tips on your shoes messing up your wood floors. I think rocks getting caught in commando sole lugs is a bigger worry.
Welcome.I've got both the Ross and Wellhouse.Go down one size from the Wellhouse for the Ross.
The first Harlech GMTO took about 3 months from factory accepting the order to shoes on the feet. That also included Christmas/New Years.
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