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Thorogood makes something virtually identical for well under $200 on Amazon. I think they're the OEM for the Brunels.
For USAns, it all depends on the courier used.With postal service there's little chance of having to pay anything.Fedex/DHL/UPS you'll usually get hit with 8.5% assuming the sender filled out the forms correctly plus the courier's own fees which range from $0 to $30.Local state taxes are on the honor system.I think Canadians almost always get hit with customs plus local taxes.
Actually more like 400GBP once you take off VAT for non EU people.Still quite a bit of a premium over the standard model.
That's because all the shoe wrangling is kind of a PITA.Old pics.
A reminder/warning about those Junya Tricker's. In the past they've been sized 1/2 size smaller than the marked size. So a Junya Stow might be marked 10UK but actually be a 9.5UK.
Like this one? http://instagram.com/thatjcrewginghamshirt
Different ID now.qlux2014
Yeah, for whatever reason, these things run big.They first did those back in 2010. They were supposed to be longwings but Alden f'd up and sent PTBs.
Roll tab or something similar.
In other words, pure bullshit.
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