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Whiskey Fried chicken sammich.
From Leather Soul circa 2008.Hampton last, flex welt.I think they're the first pair of non-boot Aldens I purchased.
Snuff v-tips.
Except the author of the referenced article doesn't understand math.http://jalopnik.com/millennials-arent-buying-more-cars-there-are-just-more-1699514536
Burnished tan.
325 seem a bit larger than 341 but not enough to get a different size.
Have you even contacted them yet?If the shoes truly are defective and they won't give you a refund, that's what credit card disputes are for.
The RL private sale starts April 23rd. Ask your SA to hold stuff for you. No idea what it includes. It has been a while since Marlowes have been included.
Sale starts the 23rd but SAs will pull stuff for you now.
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