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Yabut they'll promise to send your stuff and never will.
You're new to this whole internet shopping thing, right?
mdubs hates teh dainite.
Are you sure what you tried on at Barney's was actually a 10.5UK?Every pair of C&J I have from Barney's is marked in US sizes with no indication of UK size inside the shoe or on the box.
You may as well just give in now rather than waste all that time acting like you're not going to get it.
Yep, I'd prefer flat welt but it's not a deal breaker.
Also how about flat welt?
I'm in.I got same size in 2298 as in 4497.The 2298 fits a bit snugger. I can wear 4497 with heavy socks but dress socks with the 2298.
Glad it worked out for you in the end. Where did they split?
Sleeping on a mattress on top of a shipping pallet, trying to decide on a leather jacket. I like your priorities.
New Posts  All Forums: