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Did you buy actual made in England Tricker's or those made in Italy ones with the orange insoles?
Contact DHL and try to work with them. Don't just ignore it. It'll eventually go to collections although I question whether they'd be able to validate it as a legit debt.
Reminds me of these guys.And speaking of Paul Smith and cycling...
Since you posted in the watch appreciation and enabling thread, I'm pretty sure you know what the answer is.
That's not a bad price. I got mine at the recent Barney's sale for about $470 after WA state sales tax.
Speedy today.
Yeah, no image. He used a link to his email or something (url host is mail.google.com).
Tourneau is a terrible place to buy a watch. It's like they have a bunch of reject used car salesmen hawking watches. I wouldn't expect a good deal from them.I'm not surprised the Cartier boutique doesn't discount either.I've had good experiences at Roman Times across from Tourneau. I don't know if they carry Cartier though.
Tricker's X Engineered Garments
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