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Sorry, did not mean to imply you sounded snobbish at all. It just struck me as amusing as to having too many whiskey shell shoes.
I hate it when people say "first world problems" but damn, that really is the definition of a first world problem.(Note, I've felt the same way.)
Looks like mine shipped. Totally forgot I even ordered.
I think what would make the most sense would be to learn to drive the car without trying to start in 3rd or stalling it while starting on a hill.
Whiskey cordovan Skye.
Awesome for you but no word on mine yet.
Stop on hill.Clutch in and foot on brake.Put car in first.Pull parking brake AND KEEP THUMB ON BRAKE RELEASE.Ease off parking brake as you start off.The big problem with starting on a hill is the panic you feel when you roll back. But you're actually not rolling very far.There are a few lights on hills in Seattle where I'll still use the parking brake when starting out and I've been driving stick shifts forever.Parallel parking on a hill can be a real bitch too.
You're waiting for Warlows and Dundees too?
You should be able to find the Linton from a UK retailer for a lot less than that. I think Barbour has stopped with the preventing shipments out of the EU.
The problem with that scenery workshirt is buddies will be asking if you've been shopping at Cabelas.
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