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Yoda boots in cipresso cordovan.
Whiskey Indy. Yesterday a dude at work said I should get some boots like Indiana Jones wore. So I wore these today. I told him they're Indy boots. He said "no no no, the boots Indy wore were a lot higher". He turned to his computer to prove I was wrong (that's one of the things we like to do at work). A little google image searching and he let out a disappointed "oh...".
None since they raised the duty free limit for shipments to $800 earlier this year.
And it definitely wouldn't have an auxiliary jack.
Bowery boots are made by Cheaney.
I went with US10 on suede Chelsea 5s from Barneys as compared to 10.5US in Lindrick and most other Barney's C&Js.As with you, the Linkdricks are roomy but work well, especially with thick socks.The Chelseas were borderline too snug when I first got them but they've broken in and I only wear them with thin socks.I don't think I'd want to wear them for a day of traveling.
Mogano cordovan from Frans Boone.
Navy cordovan.
I'd get the same size in 325 as 365.
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