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As we ponder the current sale clusterfk, we should consider that it's also what allows things like the recent luxotica leaked code to last as long as it did.
I assume Stevent got the green scotch grain wing tips in 10.5 at the Barneys sale.
LHS de ocho Losin' money at the slots with wifey.
If you guys are into miles whoring I noticed that Levis earns miles at the pre-discount price. At least that's so with Alaska Air Mileage Plan.
I was finally able to check out using iPhone Firefox and PayPal. Shoprunner applied. Every time I tried to login to Ralph account prices reverted to non sale.
Clear all your Ralph cookies. Edit: Nevermind. Sales prices showed in cart but go to checkout and they revert.
Isn't vat in France more like 20%?
It's never *all* items on sale.Someone a few days back said it's going to be all fall collections.
Ocho. Plaza last.
According to a flyer I just received, it'll be online at ralphlauren.com/PrivateSale
New Posts  All Forums: