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Pediwear doesn't always use postal service so when ordering, be sure to specifically request it.Got a nasty surprise when they used UPS once.@bustert there's a whole thread devoted to customs and duty charges in the SW&D forum I think.Basically, for shoes, duty will be about 8.5% plus possible brokerage fee of around $25 depending upon courier and service.DHL and Fedex will bill after delivery. UPS and USPS collect at delivery.USPS there's no brokerage fee and chances of...
FWIW, I take 9.5UK in 341 and 10.5US Marlow.
I bought a pair of Cordovans from retricker earlier this year which came with the purple bags. Normal blue box though.http://www.styleforum.net/t/198359/offical-trickers-shoes-and-boots-thread/4305#post_6984250
Leather Sole.
iOS 8 upload problem is related to Safari. This was uploaded using chrome.
Thank you for making this go through my head.
Just search for "saks friends and family". Spring one started April 21. Last year Fall was Oct 17. Exclusions are usually everything you might care to get. http://slickdeals.net/f/6341636-saks-fifth-avenue-saks-com-25-off-and-fs-friends-and-family-sale?p=62507586#edit62507586 If you have a friendly SA, they'll do pre-sale For Black Friday, most SAs will do pre-sale the week before then ring up and ship Friday. Well worth any possible shipping charge to avoid the mall...
I personally would keep all 3 but I'm perhaps not the best person to ask.Why is there only one pair of green Carmina boots in the pics?
The brown cxl varies quite a bit from batch to batch and its appearance is affected quite a bit by the light.. Those ones at LS aren't natural cxl although they do look lighter than usual. Natural cxl does darken as it ages and you use more product on it. BTW, Frans Boone is in the Netherlands, not the UK.
Quintuple munks is where it's at.
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