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"Need" is a distant memory that both of us passed a long time ago.
Yes, Barney's are marked US size.
Oh yeah, Barney's C&J sizing is always a crapshoot. The UK/US conversion seems to vary by model and season. I ordered 2 sizes of the Islays.
I'd get same size in 2298 and 4497.
Some C&J on sale at Barney's for under $400 before tax. Only thing interesting to me were the oiled suede Islays. http://www.barneys.com/crockett-jones-islay-wingtip-boots-504067584.html#prefn1=onSale&prefn2=productAccess&prefv3=isPublic&prefv1=Sale&+Jones=undefined&prefv2=isPublic&prefn3=productAccess&start=15
ralphlauren.com/privatesale Starts the 24th. "Up to 40% off" for purple label, rrl, footwear. The above url may or may not work due to styfo referral that gets inserted so copy and paste it into your browser.
Lanvin 50% off spring-summer collection starting tomorrow. LANVINSS16AM
One last wearing of my Purdislays before I store them for the summer.
I've bought Trickers from LS. They're marked in UK size. Also, they write a 9.5 as 9 1/2. If it looks like 9.5 it might actually be size 9, fitting 5 ((medium width).
Volvo Cars is a separate company from Volvo Trucks, marine, everything else.The car company is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Geely.
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