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You guys need black Stows.
I bought a pair of black calf stows with natural welt from Tricker's ebay shop a little while ago.They had a pretty full size run of them and they weren't seconds.Also had navy and some other colors.They're on easter break or something and have pulled everything from the store right now though.Price with shipping (they refund VAT) was about the same as what LS ones are going for but there's always that risk of UPS fees and duty although I didn't get dinged for anything.I'd...
PSA: Some Tricker's deals at Leather Soul Last Pair sale.
Figure out what your size is in 4497 and 4444 and you've covered about 90% of the desirable Tricker's.
Yeah those Keswicks are full grain. I know Tricker's has done veldtschoen in the past but I don't know if they still do. Your best bet would be to ask the Shoe Healer.
Yeah mine have some of the little welts.
Depends which Keswick you're asking about. But in general they don't use corrected grain. No on the veldtschoen construction.
The last time I used the return form to do an exchange, I got an email when they did the return then a day or so later I got a shipping notification.I seem to recall they credited my card for the return then did another charge for the new item.
Yep, from Shoe Healer.Teak is a pretty versatile color. Kind of similar to Alden Ravello.I try to avoid pants that are too similar in color but wear just about anything else with them.
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