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Orange cordovan.
Ravello boots.
More Stows.
I had that happen too recently.Got my shoes no problem and then almost a month later received an envelope with the external paperwork. No attached letter or anything.
Yeah I thought cotto is darker and redder than those.
I haven't bought a pair of Paul Smiths in years but I do continue to wear (most of) the ones I have. Probably my most worn pair of Tricker's are my teak Cordovan Allan boots. Either that or lollipop Stows. I've had a bit of comfort problem with my cipresso cordo boots on 2298. There's a spot on the heel counter seam which is really stiff on one shoe and rubbed a blister on my foot. Other shoe is fine. I'm sure the shoe will wear in but that's the only pair of Tricker's...
PTBs in ocho.
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