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Yeah mine have some of the little welts.
Depends which Keswick you're asking about. But in general they don't use corrected grain. No on the veldtschoen construction.
The last time I used the return form to do an exchange, I got an email when they did the return then a day or so later I got a shipping notification.I seem to recall they credited my card for the return then did another charge for the new item.
Yep, from Shoe Healer.Teak is a pretty versatile color. Kind of similar to Alden Ravello.I try to avoid pants that are too similar in color but wear just about anything else with them.
Not as much shell? That's just crazy talk.You haven't received your teak Tricker's yet?
Oh yeah, for fragrances I've just bought from Amazon, not the 3rd party sellers.
MH is more or less just Amazon without the Prime.Regular Amazon site has 4oz Silver Mtn Water for $138.That's close to the 6 month low though (check camelcamelcamel.com).I've had decent experiences buying fragrances from Amazon. Even with prime fragrances have to ship ground though.
Comfort is very subjective.Toe box is wider on the TB versus the 4497 but it's really about how each works with your feet.For cordovan, I'll take Alden Horween over Tricker's Comipel 10 out of 10 times but that's not to say the Comipel is filth. I have a few pairs and they're okay.I'm pretty sure Alden and Tricker's use a lot of the same suppliers of cow (both smooth and suede).I prefer the Tricker's Cavalier over the Chromexcel that Alden uses although they're both cxl...
I'm surprised this hasn't been reposted yet. (Whatever happened to him?)
Sorry, I didn't read your comment as you intended.I got that tifosi was joking..
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