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Just wear them. Learn the art of DGAF. If you get welts, bone them.-signed, Seattle guy who wears shell in the rain and doesn't do anything special to them
Whiskey LHS.
Thanks man, but they're PTBs, not chukkas.
Ravello PTB. Leydon last from LS.
Didn't we all try to blame Leffot when Alfred Sargent stopped allowing internet sales to the US and it turned out to be some one else?
selvedge8tweed PM'ed me about measurements and here's what I replied.I measured with a cloth tape measure like Fred G.
$50 sounds about right if they weren't made in USA.Looks like the only choices I have are refuse the package and they send it back or to pay it and then file a protest.https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/919/~/getting-a-refund-of-duty-paid-by-a-courier-%28fed-ex,-dhl,-ups,-etc.%29-service
Alden of Carmel dude posted this drawing.
Whiskey Skye GMTO
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