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That's your problem right there.To a sales person, the best watch for you is whatever they actually have in the case for sale right now.
Kafka appears to have S in stock and at least let me choose USA as ship-to country.Of course they also charge 25gpb shipping and I've always been hit with customs since they use fedex.
The real Jimmy shoes.
For the first Harlech GMTO the process was to play phone tag with Lauren, give her your CC number, have that CC be declined because it's a relatively large overseas charge without card present, so play phone tag with Lauren some more, give her a different CC number, and then be charged the full amount.
I think "dressy" is not the right word.
I vote leather sole. This is going to make me violate my wingtip embargo but it finally scratches that whiskey wingtip boot itch I've had for a long time.
Tricker's chukkas are available on several different lasts. Typically the 4444, 4497 or 2298. 4444 fits big (Bourton is on the 4444). 4497 is not quite as big (Stow is usually on the 4497). 2298 is more or less TTS. There are a bunch of other lasts they use for chukkas but they're not as common but are pretty much TTS. I wouldn't buy a pair of of Tricker's unless I knew what last it was on. For lasts, you generally just need to know 4444 fits big, 4497 fits slightly big,...
I've got 44.5 MMM gats and 44 Butteros. The Butteros are a little big. So 43 sounds about right for you.
Put "green Hermes breast wallet" in the subject.
SA at the Ralph store in the Venetian told me they were going to start carrying RRL but that was like two years ago.There's a new Ralph store opening in Caesar's Palace soon. A different SA told me it was going to be Polo only and that the Venetian store was going to move upmarket with more Purple label.Maybe that means RRL too.
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