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I got my Roys in the same size as I do for 4497. Although I was surprised how roomy they are, I would not size down from 4497 size.
Have you been to Tourneau before? If ever you wondered what it would be like to buy a wristwatch from a used car salesman, then Tourneau is the answer.I'd put Moulded Shoe, the Modified last guys, on your list too. And maybe Wempe instead of Tourneau.
Ocho PTBs.
I take 10.5US in Barrie and Tru-Balance and 9.5UK in 4497 and 9UK or 9.5UK in 4444 depending on model. I think a 9.5UK 4444 is going to be too big for someone who says a 10.5US Tru-Balance is too big.
Shoes are usually 8.5-10%.
Different goods have different rates. Knowing that your shipment was worth $256 isn't enough to determine the amount you should be charged. Look for the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule. It's a nightmare to read but you should be able to find a couple chapters for clothing. I think one for woven versus knit. Depending upon what you ordered, and more importantly how the retailer declared it, 20% for clothing doesn't sound out of line.
We need some pics of your 635.
Yeah I think my Ashby from End was one that didn't have any country info.
I have a few Barbours I've purchased from UK retailers that don't have any country of origin markings anywhere. Finding the country of origin tag has become one of the OCD things I do when I get a new Barbour so I look pretty closely. I do remember one the country of origin tag was paper and was with the other tags you remove before wearing. Another had the tag sewn inside the bottom of an outer pocket.
Tricker's stubby Stows in Walnut cordovan.
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