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I wouldn't wear with a suit but they'd look good with more casual pents like tweeds or cords.$300 for them would be a good price.
If you're 10.5US brannock, I'd expect 10US in barrie.sjmin209 is probably right about the 9.5UK.
Don't think of Tricker's in US sizes, the conversion is just going to fuck you up. Some use 1 full size to convert; others only 1/2 size.The sizes of shoes you list don't help since they seem out of whack.If Norse means US9.5=UK9, just as a semi-wild ass guess, that sounds too small for you.
Frans Boone has some cordo longwing boots.
Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Tricker's and probably other English companies make women's shoes. Of course they all look like men's shoes in women's sizes. I seem to recall Alden offered women's size in some models, like LHS, too.
Get a corporate discount card for 15% off. It's not difficult to find out how.Or wait for one of the 30% off events.
I was at LS Waikiki in May. Alden selection was slim. Slimmest I've ever seen there. They had tons of Lobbs and EG though. Downtown store is a PITA to get to if you're staying in Waikiki.
To be honest, I haven't worn those more than a handful of times so they pretty much look exactly the same. They're kind of a PITA to get on and off with that extra strap thing but they're as comfortable as Stows.
There's a whole bunch of discussion about the Gianni in the C&J for Ralph thread on the Classic Menswear forum. The Indy is 10.5US and the Gianni is 10US. Allegedly the Gianni is on the 325 but it fits larger than other 325 last shoes I have (Lindrick, Marlow, Connistons, etc). I take 10.5US in those other 325 last shoes.
Indy versus Gianni
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