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There's a strap that wraps around your ankle and buckles. Your pant legs cover the top when you're standing so they pretty much look the same as chelseas.
How about a jodhpur in lizard instead of the Chelsea?
I would definitely be up for a Bordeaux or brown Chelsea.Are there additional hoops to jump through importing lizard?I know there are with croc or Python.
Nope, the only pair of UK sized C&J I have are Harlechs on the 341 in 9.5UK.
Maybe you should buy from Mr Porter. http://www.styleforum.net/t/444860/two-horrible-experiences-with-mr-porter
I bought Barney's Tetbury in calf earlier this year. A few weeks ago I bought some Hallams and some suede Tetbury when the sale started. I got 10.5US in all of them and they all fit how I expected. The weird thing though was earlier this year I also bought those dark brown suede George boot style (can't remember the C&J name) on the 348. They felt quite a bit bigger than the Tetbury so I exchanged for a 10US. The 10 felt slightly snugger than the Tetbury 10.5 but not a...
T Selleck = Magnum PI? Pretty sure J Roberts isn't Pretty Woman. Pic from retrickers shop closure notice on ebay.
No idea what you mean by CM or LM. But if you look at the bill from fedex there will be a tariff code listed. It'll be something like 64xx.xx.xx.xx where the x's are digits. Look it up in chapter 64. http://www.usitc.gov/tata/hts/bychapter/index.htm If the description is wildly different, you can try and fight fedex for a refund. I usually figure on about 8.5% so $84 sounds high for Meermin. But ask yourself how much your time is worth to get it corrected.
Umm,http://www.paulstuart.com/faqs.cfm#ReturnPolicy"Reduced price merchandise purchased online or by telephone is not refundableand will only be considered for a Merchandise Credit if returned within 21 days."Still a good deal and worth the fit gamble.
New Posts  All Forums: