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Islay has 9 pairs of eyelets/hooks so has a higher shaft than the 7 eyelet pair Stows or Hannovers. I personally slightly prefer the Islay because of the higher shaft but any of the three would be a good choice.
The sliding tongue is a common problem amongst many brands. The solution is to take them to a cobbler who can put a small stitch in to keep the tongue from sliding. Some boots come with the anti tongue slide stitch already in place. Many of my C&J boots have it.
By specific makeup, I mean the materials used. A suede stow on leather sole isn't going to be as rugged as one in zug grain on a commando sole.
I have all three styles you're asking about. I think they're all close enough in durability to be equal. There'd be more difference due to the specific makeup.
Luxswap/SpooPoker has an insanely cool plaid Barbour SL for sale in a bunch of sizes. http://www.styleforum.net/t/307841/luxeswap-official-affiliate-thread/14940#post_8714077 Lining is not your usual Barbour plaid. More pics http://wear.jp/item/10926513/
Ashby sleeves are slightly short relative to other jackets. Probably not enough to worry about unless you have ape arms. The problem is pit to cuff is a terrible measurement since it's affected so much by armhole size.I just ordered the Spoo plaid Barbour. Lining is insane.More pics here. http://wear.jp/item/10941658/
LS 4x4
Thanks for the heads up regarding the 30/40%.I guess two out of three ain't bad to quote meatloaf.Order 3 items, one got cancelled but the other two have shipped.Getting the officer shorts and the eli light indigo shirt.
BBBF dubmunks.
Check your order to make sure it actually took off 40%.It only took off 30% when I ordered this morning.
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