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It was the other color of Chepstow. http://www.barneys.com/crockett-jones-chepstow-chukka-boots-504067566.html They're quite a bit darker IRL as compared to those Barney's pics. More like the shade of these http://www.barneys.com/crockett-jones-chelsea-5-boots-103015569.html
Damn those look good.You are the green shoe hoarding master!
Barney's bizarre world C&J US sizing strikes again. I ordered the 348 dub munk chukkas and 325 roughout suede chukkas both in 10. I also ordered the 325 chukkas in 10.5; they didn't have the 348 chukkas in 10.5. The 348 chukkas fit. They're a big snug but good with a thin sock. The 325s fit tighter than some 325 last Cavendish loafers I've got. So now I'm waiting on the 10.5 chukkas to arrive tomorrow. I should mention I've got other Barney's 348 last shoes in 10 and...
Apparently today is cigar Indy day.
Lace blowout after security at LAS.
As we ponder the current sale clusterfk, we should consider that it's also what allows things like the recent luxotica leaked code to last as long as it did.
I assume Stevent got the green scotch grain wing tips in 10.5 at the Barneys sale.
LHS de ocho Losin' money at the slots with wifey.
If you guys are into miles whoring I noticed that Levis earns miles at the pre-discount price. At least that's so with Alaska Air Mileage Plan.
I was finally able to check out using iPhone Firefox and PayPal. Shoprunner applied. Every time I tried to login to Ralph account prices reverted to non sale.
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