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Hi. Does anybody know the age of this Brioni coat? I remember reading somewhere that the logos with red are pretty old, then came logos with the same writing style but in white, and now obviously the completely new Justin O'Shea one... Hope you can help me. Thanks!  
Hey, do you still have them? 
Hi Guys! I have a Brioni suit with a "Vicuna Peru" label in it but nothing specific about the fabric. Does anybody know if Brioni uses these labels also for "simple" wool mixes like 97% S180 3% Vicuna etc.? Thanks a lot!
Hi. I purchased a Marinella tie from this seller and it is very uneven (non-symmetrical) and no 7-fold etc...   Do you think these are authentic items? Or seconds?   Many thanks! Felix
send payment for      White 3a. 6 x 32L and 16 x 24L  White 3c. 6 x 32L and 16 x 24L    shipping to Miami   thank you! felix
  Payment sent for 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 23, 27, 32 (to Switzerland)
  Shirt buttons: White 1b. 16L x 12 White 1c. 14L x 12    Suit buttons:  White 3a. 3 x 32L and 8 x 24L  White 3c. 3 x 32L and 8 x 24L  Light blue 5 (on the right, bottom row). 3 x 32L and 8 x 24L   Shipping to Switzerland. Thank you so much.       UPDATE: Received them very quickly. Thanks a lot. They are wonderful!
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