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10 G if I read the stamping correctly, which is Church's 'wide' width (as opposed to 'normal/medium') I picked these up here a few weeks back, intending to have them resoled, but they just keep getting pushed to the back burner. So, I'm turning them loose if there's interest. I wear a 10D AE Park Ave, these are more generous in the toe box (as they should be), but very comfortable overall and the length feels good. They're in good used shape, obviously not mint (as...
Is the world of investment banking that sensitive and acute (I'm really asking)? As a young guy in consulting, I think two things when I see someone well put together (that is, considering more than just the tie): 1) They care 2) They're capable of doing something about it There is really no subtle line in my mind between 'well put together' and 'too well put together.' Considering what you can go down to TJ Maxx and grab off the shelf, I just don't see how it's...
Can you comment on the fit of the Church's? I wear a 10D AE PA, I'm wondering how they might compare?
I'll second the request for pictures/measurements.
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