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  Just as I thought. I found these two coats and they are low priced because of some defects in lining.   I'm guessing the one without sleeve linings would be costly to...
  Thanks. As I'm in need of a coat immediately, I'll take a safe bet and purchase from VT.    I have one question though; is it possible to replace a coat lining?  
I asked the same question a few days ago and Peacoat thoroughly explained the difference between the two. As it is large text I'm not going to quote it here. Refer back to the post #4439. 
  I bought a suit a couple of years ago and ended up getting a 40L jacket. I just tired it on and it's definitely roomy around chest and waist, though, I can't remember why I had to move up a size. I'm guessing it was because my shoulders were too wide for 38. My sleeve length is 34/35; I'm not sure that's proportionate to my height.  
  Thank you for a such detailed reply. It really did clear a lot of things, and I'm now even more determined to buy a vintage coat!   I'm 6', 38" chest, and 31" waist . As much as I want the coat to be fitted, this will be my only coat, I'd like some room for a sweater. Would you still recommend getting a size 38 coat? 
Hello!   Just a quick question.   From what I've learned, in simple words, vintage pea coats are superior to civilian counterparts because of their trimmer fit and kersey wool. Will anyone explain to me that how kersey wool is better than melton wool? If there are other reasons to buy vintage pea coats then I would like to hear them as well. Thanks!
The both shirts are directly imported from Japanese Uniqlo online store.   Brand new, never been worn   If I remember correctly, these particular colors are not available in the U.S.   $30 for each including shipping. Paypal must be as gift or add 4%     Measurements:   Shirt Length: 30.7" Neck: 16.5" Shoulder: 18.5" Pit to pit: 22.8" Neck to cuff: 33.7"
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