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I tried to get a bottle of the game of thrones beer but the store I was at was sold out, have to check another out tomorrow.
just got my flyknits in today, probably one of the comfiest shoes I've worn
just picked up a couple of beers to try;   Goose Island: Matilda Goose Island: Sofie Blue Mountain Barrel House: Dark Hollow
didn't get any kbs this year, not sure if any of stores I usually go to will have it, oh well.   Bright side is, I'll be getting Doom in two weeks
I couldn't imagine what the guy wants for it either, I offered him $30 and he never responded.   Oh well hopefully Founders brews some more
I need to get a white pair of those lunar force 1s.   Waiting for my pair of flyknit lunar1+ to get here though
I'd be buying, I couldn't really justify spending over $40 on it
Got my ticket for Founders Doom release, now I just need to check into a couple local stores for KBS when it releases   On the topic of CBS from a few pages back, what do you guys think a 750ml is worth?
reminds me of I Am Legend for some odd reason. The CGI is very apparent here, but the zombie action looks very intense.
not this bigfoot?  
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