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Just picked up a bottle of Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot
Where can I get Black Note? I've been wanting to try it. I'm not too disappointed about not getting KBS since I've heard that they'll have that and CBS on tap at this years black party.
This is what I've always done also, worked fine.
I tried to get a bottle of the game of thrones beer but the store I was at was sold out, have to check another out tomorrow.
just got my flyknits in today, probably one of the comfiest shoes I've worn
just picked up a couple of beers to try;   Goose Island: Matilda Goose Island: Sofie Blue Mountain Barrel House: Dark Hollow
didn't get any kbs this year, not sure if any of stores I usually go to will have it, oh well.   Bright side is, I'll be getting Doom in two weeks
I couldn't imagine what the guy wants for it either, I offered him $30 and he never responded.   Oh well hopefully Founders brews some more
I need to get a white pair of those lunar force 1s.   Waiting for my pair of flyknit lunar1+ to get here though
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